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  1. lol, as great as it is there is not even a remote chance of Parasite getting an Oscar for best picture. It's just not an 'Oscar' film at all. My bets for the biggest successes are Marriage Story and Little Women, they are typical Oscar style underdogs
  2. He does actually Are you in the show? You should be on the show, you could be the new
  3. facebook post on the new episode It's great timing for me, nearing the end of his book. I went with the audiobook, one of the oddest parts of that is that Louis does impersonations of his subjects. He's quite good at doing all these different voices! I've not got to the part that K mentions above but I have been surprised with just how skeptical Louis has been about his work (I'm currently up to Michael Jackson's father interview episode) and how unfulfilled he felt.
  4. Capwn

    Demon's Tilt

    Can anyone vouch for it on Switch? Worried it will be too laggy.
  5. Oh, yeah am a fan of the original novel. Always thought this would make an amazing tv show, there was an attempt ages ago that only got as far as a pilot. This looks better BUT I think it really needs to be darker/less glossy. The moment the kid left his body and I saw the CG I became a bit skeptical, everything has to be fully faithful for this to work but the tone in the trailers feels a bit off.
  6. Has it been greenlit now? It seemed only recently Todd was talking about ONLY doing it if they had a strong compelling reason to story-wise, find it hard to imagine he has gone from that to getting it greenlit in such a short space of time? I also really can't see Phoenix doing a sequel, actually has he EVER done a sequel?
  7. Nope. There was a recent DVD extra that cleared that up. Talking of insight that has come out since the film opened. This one by Kevin Smith is really intriguing regarding to how the film originally was intended to finish;
  8. I watched Burning last night, it IS the better made film compared to Parasite but it's a slow burn. Parasite is a lot more 'fun'. I'm in the camp of those who prefer Burning. Both were great in their own ways.
  9. Capwn

    The Last Guardian

    I'm sure 2020 is just going to be the year they announce it, it's really important for Sony to show their hand/plans for the future to promote the PS5 this year. So they may even show a little clip or something. I don't think we'll have the same situation where it comes out 9 years later again, it's a different industry now.
  10. There are essentially just 2 Looooooooooong chapters and 3 is the first. The other is
  11. Posted this in the rate your last movie thread too; Was super snobby about it watching the trailers, it looked like it could be a movie where you just see Hitler doing funny things for 90mins. I imagined skits like Hitler going to a pet store and cuddling kittens or something, like 'Haha, Hitler would have never done that!' but yeah it's mostly well played. The Hitler stuff is justified in the context of the story plot. It's a good film.
  12. JoJo Rabbit Was super snobby about it watching the trailers, it looked like it could be a movie where you just see Hitler doing funny things for 90mins. I imagined skits like Hitler going to a pet store and cuddling kittens or something, like 'Haha, Hitler would have never done that!' but yeah it's mostly well played. The Hitler stuff is justified in the context of the story plot. It's a good film. 3/5
  13. What's the deal with incoming DLC? I can't make sense of it. My basic question is 'Are there to be any more 'storymode' type DLC?
  14. Finished this last night. I've never played a mansion game before and I think I've come to it at the right time. This is clearly a polishing of what worked before, with incredible comedy, audio and animations. What made it so good was playing co-op with the girlfriend. Gooigi really feels like the first time anyone has nailed the balance of co-op SUPPORT play where you may be playing with a child or just someone with less experience of gaming. Just one reason why it works is because Gooigi can't die, so the support can just come back and try again instead of feeling bad/frustrated for losing lives for the other player. This idea has been played around with before in recent Mario games but the 'support' character be it the pointer in SMGalaxy or the cap in SMOdessey never really made much of an impact, they were mostly just helping to collect resources. In LM3 the support player is helping and being active in solving puzzles. As well as distracting enemies or even killing them. I really hope to see more games have such a well balanced support co-op style play as Luigi'sMansion3
  15. I'm still pretty new to whiskies (2-3 years?), I get high quality ones. The good ones taste amazing for the first glasses but after a while I find they become very harsh, almost like burning chemicals or something? Still enjoyable but not as smooth as they were originally. I tend to keep my whiskies for months, isn't that normal? You are not supposed to consume over a week are you? I keep them tightly capped obviously. Am I missing anything?
  16. Actually, my original thread years ago was is xxxx the new 2007 but some people moaned that 2008 was bigger. Can we settle this once and for all, some of the highlights from each year. Which was better? 2007 = COD4, Bioshock, Mario Galaxy, Uncharted, Portal/TeamFortress2/HL2:Episode2, Mass Effect, RockBand, Zelda Phantom Hourglass, Peggle 2008 = Fallout3, GTA4, Left4Dead, DeadSpace, GearsOfWar2, LittleBigPlanet, FarCry2, MGS4, Braid, BurnoutParadise, SuperSmashBros I was totally right in the first instance wasn't I?! 2007 is clearly the better year! I don't know why I listen to some people on this forum sometimes, I'm going to change it back to 2007 and NEVER reverse it to 2008 ever AGAIN!
  17. I should just add all big games, inc Avengers and Ori2 right? I just feel like some titles will taste a bit like lukewarm flat dandelion and burdock but I'll add them and let you all be the judge of that.
  18. I think the time has come, the moment where everything aligns perfectly to create a perfect storm of pure gaming joy. This only happens every 12 years or so (2007 was the new 1996) Final Fantasy 7 Remake WatchDogs3 DOOM Eternal Animal Crossing Half-Life Alyx Resident Evil 3 Cyberpunk 2077 The Last of Us: Part II Halo Infinite Ghost of Tsushima Hollow Knight 2 Ori and the Wisp 2 Avengers Xbox Series X PS5 We also have the potential for Zelda BOTW 2, Bayonetta 3
  19. Ah yeah, Bait. Really need to see that but I'm in Canada so will have to wait, an obscure little artsy film about cornwall will never come out here. When is it out on dvd/streaming?
  20. Show us yer lists. As usual these lists come at a bit of an awkward time where some of the 'oscar' type films came out very late in the year and we may not had an opportunity to see them all but of the films you did manage to see, what were your highlights? Curious to make a note of what I missed. I only saw 16 this year, here they are from 1 (Midsommar - 4stars) to 16 (LegoMovie2 - 1star)
  21. Yeah I gave up on Shenmue3 too, I might just watch a play-through instead. Also looks like I've given up on Outer Wild, just doesn't quite click with me though (can't even fly the ship) with that game in particular I think I'm really missing out on something. Also Katana Zero after 4-5 'levels' , it's 'nice' but there are better versions of that game elsewhere.
  22. Had this the other week. Just tasted of BBQ flavor
  23. What's the general method for setup then? Are you downloading roms outside of the software and putting them in a specific VR Arcade folder or something?
  24. Kinda reminds me of how Breaking Bad waited until the very end to play 'baby blue'. I have to say, I thought season 4 of Mr Robot was easily the best. It was consistently engaging minus the 'walking around in a cold forest episode', it's a real shame the other seasons were not as consistently strong. I also have another issue with it, the main 'reveal' of season 4 seemed to come out of nowhere for me. I've since seen hints of it as early as season 1 but I can't help feel that these were happy mistakes. I feel the true 'concept' wasn't even thought up until AFTER season 3 and it just so happened to connect nicely with some moments in previous seasons. If the creator really had the concept from the start, well that's cool but I can't help think that he missed something along the way to make it feel less jarring and sudden in the last few episodes.
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