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    Borat Movie

    The first 4 minutes have been released (officially) on youtube. Quite annoying because its all the scripted style borat. Can imagine people being put off by that.
  2. Capwn

    Borat Movie

    UH UH Shirley Ghostman memories Borat interviews and press conferences are driving me mad now, its my own fault for being obbsessed with Borat but in his current coverage he is using the same lines again and again. I'm sure every film comedian has to do it but I'm REALLY noticing it since I watch every dam thing he appears on.
  3. Hey, hows this for an idea on how to tell what happened between the end of season 5 and the start of season 6....... 24 TWO : THE GAME
  4. well...just watched it...looks ok doesn't it?...but meeeehhh...not terrorists and bombs again!
  5. yay... seems insane though, a trailer for a tv show that isn't due to start for another 3 months. Almost as insane as the Eddie Izzard casting.
  6. This is the reason why I think so many find it a turn off. They think its JUST trying to be funny by being bad. That it does (insanely well I may add) but its that combined with the idea that the cast really believe its brilliant and has great impact on the world. Its not so funny for being bad as it is tragic. The other reason of course is simply down to taste. I mean, I have the same views as you shows like 'Will and Grace' and 90% of other American sitcoms. I just cannot understand why its popular at all. Taste.
  7. Yep, that was me...I once got TWO letters on digi in the same day..
  8. Just finished watching the last episode with commentry. Thought it would get boring after a while but it works really well. Like it how todd rivers keeps moaning about the interview bits and 'boring bits on the roof'.
  9. Downloaded it this morning. It was ok, some good lines. Quite worrying though how the clips are by far the best bits (and not just the wasps but the book and art clips). I hope they see this sort of feedback and see the potential of making a new series based on another garth merengi book. It really could go on forever and hey, to actually bring out a full feature film could be brilliant (could be promoted with really tacky trailers and posters) but as mentioned it really did have poor ratings when it first aired even though it was getting some good press. I even remember Heat magazine calling it 'The new 'Office'. But for some reason it just doesn't work with the general public. I think the problem is alot of people tune in and sadly they think 'This looks tacky and badly made...oh, thats the point?...and why is that funny?".
  10. Couldn't find a feature to do spoiler text. Anyway I have the word 'spoilers' in my title. Also, Click! is hardly 'Lost' is it?
  11. Just read the ending for click! at moviespoilers.com, "Michael picks up the remote and throws it in the garbage, does a typical Sandler-fied dance, and runs upstairs." So I did at least get it slighty right. Also checked the ending for you,me and dupree and well, looks like I was very wrong with that. Maybe these films deserve more credit then I give them...
  12. I enjoy the game of guessing the endings to bad american comedy films. I would very much appreaciate it if anyone can tell me if I am right in any shape or form with the following.. Me, You and Dupree The main jist of it is the newly wed couple finally crack up and throw dupree out. Then, after some time they actually really miss his crazy antics and find their lives are boring. For bonus points I guess that dupree actually finds a love of his own and that eventually live next door to the couple. Click! Sandler character has lots of fun with the remote but gets to some stage where he realizes he doesn't need it anymore. He then throws it over a bridge. The film ends with a funny character (maybe even an animal) finding it and doing something funny with it. Let me know how right/wrong I am.
  13. Came out here in the netherlands a couple of weeks ago. I really enjoyed it, I can't imagine anyone not finding it entertaining.
  14. The voice overs were so brilliant I thought I would write them down. Tomb raider legend!, The insational Lara Croft returns. Rumours of a electronic enhancement have been strenuously denied. Personally, I'm a bum man. Metroid Prime: Hunters. Take on the role of a female bounty hunter searching for ultimate power. Kind of like trying to buy your girlfreind a birthday gift on Oxford Street. Tom Clancys ghost recond advanced warfighter. Vernon's favourite game. So if you end up playing a 14ft giant who sounds like Peter Kay...its probably him. Shadow of the Colossous! Where you mount huge hairy beast and slay them wih your sword... Just like a Friday night in lips in Essex. We Love Katamari, nothing to do with calamari, that's squid. Katamari is Japanese for sticky ball...which shouldn't be a problem now summer is over. The Elder Scrolls 4, Oblivion. A role playing game but don't start unless you have lots of time on your hands and make sure you look out for me...(puts on funny voice)...I'm a female dwarf called Barbara. Guitar Hero!, air guitar without the air. Don't be shy, huh, you know you wanna! Electroplankton, the modern version of Rolf Harris's xylophone...oh!, ask your parents! LocoRoco, is it a ball?, is it a space hopper? Does it matter?, you control it with 2 buttons! (2 buttons?) Dr Kowa....Dr K....Dr..Kaa?...Oh!, it's written on your screen! Its brain training, its been described as a 10 minute mental workout. Buzz : The big quiz! Featuring the front of all knowledge...Jason Donovan! SingStar Rocks, a bit like karaoke . Well, a lot like karaoke......alone. 2006 fifa world cup. Look at the realism! I love this game... (WTF!!? - wheres the joke? could it be this is 1 of your 6 games you have actually ever played?) Rockstar Games Table Tennis. Some may say Table Tennis and Rock n Roll have nothing in common. Two words, Chris Martin, it's his favourite game! 2006 Football manager. A game for all you budding managers out there. Steve McClaron, your copies in the post! (Imagine THAT!, a football player playing a videogame!) MotoGP 06 Race around the track at neck break speed without losing your skin.....or your life! Fight Night Round 3. Guaranteed a great night. Just don't let prince naseem drive you home... Pro Evolution soccer 2006. Some say the connoisseur's choice. Although probably not the people that made Fifa. Katamari, the most revolutionary game about refuse collection ever invented. Infact...the only one. Electroplankton, interactive musical toy...the 21st century, methinks (??!!!??) Guitar Hero, you can be eric clapton, brian may, jimmy hendrix or that bloke...out of franz ferdinand. Dr Kawashima's brain training. Life imitating art. Chris tarrent upsetting his missus and ended up sleeping on the couch. (???!!!??) Loco rocco, it looks like a blob rolling around in your psychedelic dreams. Thhhaaats becaaause it iiiiis. Shadow of the colossous!! Once you've killed the monsters go for a swim, go for a ride, enjoy the scenery...and then kill some moooore!! Star Wars Lego 2 : The original trilogy. Lego and starwars combined in one game? Thankyou gamesmasters. Black! One of those most intense games I've ever played. Infact (screamish voice) I can't look!, tell me when its finished!! Dr Kaswshima's braintraining. Its working, he's doing well isn't he? Go on Doc! Hitman Blood Money. Nope, you don't play as Pete Waterman but...as an assasin. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. Yes the future of warfare is here, but do it on your console! So no one gets hurt, are you listening Guitar Hero, I bought a copy and felt like a rock n roll staaaar!! Then my mum knocked on the door and told me to keep the noise down... Hope you enjoyed those. I even am thinking of writing up the backstage interviews, those were also great. Imagine this sort of presentation for films... Schindler's list. My mate said this had a great shower scene, not quite what I had in mind though...
  15. I'm in Netherlands so I could not see it. Let us now when there is a torrent for it. Will have to make do with my darkplace dvd in the meantime. I am really into DP!
  16. I want to see this too!, if anyone finds any on youtube or torrents update us. It sounds really painful to watch...but in a funny way.
  17. It just gets worse and worse. I remember before the whole rubber mask phase where he would go to celebrity book signings and be really obbsessive over them. Giving gifts from his dead mother etc. Really worked well but obviously after a while everyone knew him. It was great while it lasted.
  18. Capwn


    What the hell is going on with this game?? Its supposed to be out this month and STILL I have not seen any videos showing any gameplay!
  19. Yeah whats with that?, nobody I knew had BOTH consoles! Yet these days its such a different story. My 12 year old nephew lives in a house that has 3 PS2's, 2 Gamecubes, 1 xbox, 3 DS's...and heres the funny part...a SNES and a Megadrive! Great topic by the way. Yeah there were many expensive game launches. I myself have purchased... PS2 for 300pound SECONDHAND PS1 for 250pound!! and GULP!...Amiga CD32 for 400 pound!!!
  20. The big price tag for the PS3 isn't really an issue is it...they could of sold it for double, maybe even triple and they would of still sold out. Actually, they really should do that for the first 3 months of every launch. Then give the profits to charity.
  21. Capwn

    Extras 2

    Extras, final episode predictions... Millman goes off with a hot babe but realizes that shes not as fun as maggie Millman is about to propose to maggie until she reveals she is pregnant by barry Millman punches mr 'I'm great' extra, either that or he cuss him big time Millman fires agent but realizes he misses him Millman burns his comedy wig and specs while agent and barry are watching the vader funeral scene in star wars. Agent sees a old man and says "Have you ever noticed old men do not eat twixs?" Millman accidently laughing at a disabled baby being raped and tortured. The actress known as 'janine from eastenders' comes in and before killing barry shouts 'REVENGE!!' Johnathon Ross accidently puts Gervais's cat into a microwave. Millman urinates on iain lee and daisy donovan
  22. I'm sorry if I upset you. I hope you are not annoyed with me. That really wasn't my intention. Sorry again.
  23. But boysatsea, you're really confusing me now. I don't understand, please go into more detail son. No offence, I don't want to make you bleed or anything How did I make you're point valid?
  24. Capwn

    Extras 2

    I'm 99% sure that 'everyone' didn't like extras series 1 at the time. Its weird to hear about series 1 generally being considered really legendry. Its exactly what happened with the office. Anyway, my thoughts are that the office is alot better than extras but still, extras is still one of the best comedys around at the moment. Yes series 2 is worse than series 1 but its still better than most comedy shows.
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