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  1. Is the special edition box any bigger then the normal dvd boxes? Wondering if it would fit my dvd rack see.
  2. I'm having a really hard time with nail a trick, I stuggle to even do 2 moves. Besides that, the vast world idea is neat, though it boggles my mind where to go next. Certainly more fresh then the last few years in that respect though. No point A to point B.
  3. Loving this, although as I get more and more golems its going to get hard as to which to keep in my party and whatnot. Currently have the pizza guy, mmm, pizza.
  4. Anyone that grabs the Metro today will find the WHOLE paper covered in 360 ads. Nice, I guess. But it felt way too much.
  5. Apples, oranges and pears. Sour grapes too. Goodnight.
  6. £40 from Amazon. EDIT:And yes, but the way he was talking about Rivals was way more positive then for Next. Or at least imo. Station Square wasn't like that. And the sub-chars will indeed appear in mini-games but at least its not forced upon you, like knuckles sa1/2 stages.
  7. Theres a difference to "being connected to live" and "playing on live" for me. I'm always connected to Live when I'm on the 360. But playing with friends or going into a random game of Uno? Depends. All I know is if the 360 is not connected to Live, it feels like a dead paper weight.
  8. Thats not out yet I believe. And 1UP/IGN were praising it in their podcast. Well, one of those two. Not that I'd ever own a Sony console/handheld. Ho hum.
  9. You have issues 1-223? Aka all of em? Me be envious. No, it's not from trailers. Search out youtube and theres quite a few new gameplay vids. At most it looks like Sonic Adventure 1 V.2. Similer level designs, even has a whale chase. And come on, Station Square wasn't the end of the world. Side-charecters won't do much in-game. Its sonic, shadow and silver all the way. And only Silver requires new method of playing (which looks alot better then past ideas). Sonic games in general, no matter how far from it's original concept never are dead terrible. Even Sonic Labryth has it's merits. And to be frank, I doubt your as big a fan as me or Sprite Machine (if he's still around). It seems my true fanboyism is revealed. Sega! ...Let's let this thread die now. EDIT:VGA seems 100% pointless, now proven at verious forums. Loving Enchanted Arms. Gears and Hawk arriving tomorow!
  10. Well, the VGA cable and Enchanted Arms arrived this morning. Now, as stated the reason for the VGA was to enable 1080p on Samsungs R7 range. I remember someone stating in the fall update topic that these sets can ONLY do 1080p if you have a VGA cable. The highest setting available isn't working. After a quick browse some other forums are stating R7's can't do 1080p at all. Is there any final confirmation on this? Or have I just wasted £17.99 EDIT:The highest setting possible on VGA certainly looks ALOT worse then the component cable provided with the premium 360, also.
  11. Sonic - Did you see the new gameplay vids? Absolutely awesome! + I'm Sonic mad Hawk 8 - Will be better on 360 because it has online play plus I've never owned a PS1/2 so the PS controller handles like shit imo. I mean, shapes instead of letters on buttons? Ergh! DOAX2 - I enjoy hentai, so nya! Viva Pinata - According to IGN "The best game Rare have made since Microsoft bought them in 2002". I'm excited. PSU - Somewhat, but the gameplay is still pure PSO...until they release more content online. Wireless Headset - You can't walk to another room apparently, but its nice nonetheless. I also ordered a VGA cable, so I can view things on my samsung in 1080p!. (and Enchanted Arms).
  12. I sold my GC at the beginning of the year. Yes I could possibly find a used GC for £20 if I wanted to, however. The only reason I'd grab GC Twilight however is due to its rarity, not to play it (unless to compare AFTER playing the Wii version).
  13. I've just ordered all the 360 stuff from Amazon. Wii next year, when I'm not starving. (By next christmas). Thanks for the help, folks.
  14. The leaderboard has been dead for quite a while now. R.I.P
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