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  1. I'm having a really hard time with nail a trick, I stuggle to even do 2 moves.

    Besides that, the vast world idea is neat, though it boggles my mind where to go next.

    Certainly more fresh then the last few years in that respect though. No point A to point B.

  2. Actually whoever was playing them both said he 'didn't really want to talk about [Next Gen Sonic], and Rivals forces you to go fast rather than making you want to go fast, because you're always racing someone who knows the level better than you.' Or something like that.

    Station Square not awful you say? 'Oh no I've run into the wall again and now I've picked up a key and oh dear I've run into another wall and another' would be a pretty accurate description of Station Square (maybe I'm just crap at it. But not likely.) And I read somewhere today that you play as the other characters in some sort of mini-games between levels. Wicked!

    You (and Sprite apparently) obviously love Sonic very muchly, and...well, it's your fifty quid mate.

    £40 from Amazon.

    EDIT:And yes, but the way he was talking about Rivals was way more positive then for Next. Or at least imo. Station Square wasn't like that. And the sub-chars will indeed appear in mini-games but at least its not forced upon you, like knuckles sa1/2 stages.

  3. nononononononono, we can't let it die after this quote:

    Sonic Rivals??

    Thats not out yet I believe. And 1UP/IGN were praising it in their podcast. Well, one of those two.

    Not that I'd ever own a Sony console/handheld. Ho hum.

  4. Listen, I'm a Sonic fan through and through, I've still got all the Sonic the Comics and assorted tat and all that, it's wicked. But from playing the demo, seeing Sega add a fucking hub level again, roping in every single Sonic character ever...seriously, remember when this was going to be Sonic returning to JUST Sonic? Go here and check the characters under the story section- Amy, Blaze, Red Robot fucker, they've bunged 'em all in. And you're saying it's ace based on vids made to make it look good? Sonic is ace, but if you buy this game you are a CHUMP.

    EDIT: Fuck, forgot to say get a Wii in amongst all that. Get one.

    You have issues 1-223? Aka all of em? Me be envious.

    No, it's not from trailers. Search out youtube and theres quite a few new gameplay vids. At most it looks like Sonic Adventure 1 V.2. Similer level designs, even has a whale chase. And come on, Station Square wasn't the end of the world.

    Side-charecters won't do much in-game. Its sonic, shadow and silver all the way. And only Silver requires new method of playing (which looks alot better then past ideas).

    Sonic games in general, no matter how far from it's original concept never are dead terrible. Even Sonic Labryth has it's merits. And to be frank, I doubt your as big a fan as me or Sprite Machine (if he's still around).

    It seems my true fanboyism is revealed. Sega!

    ...Let's let this thread die now.

    EDIT:VGA seems 100% pointless, now proven at verious forums. Loving Enchanted Arms. Gears and Hawk arriving tomorow!

  5. Well, the VGA cable and Enchanted Arms arrived this morning.

    Now, as stated the reason for the VGA was to enable 1080p on Samsungs R7 range. I remember someone stating in the fall update topic that these sets can ONLY do 1080p if you have a VGA cable.

    The highest setting available isn't working. After a quick browse some other forums are stating R7's can't do 1080p at all.

    Is there any final confirmation on this? Or have I just wasted £17.99 :huh:

    EDIT:The highest setting possible on VGA certainly looks ALOT worse then the component cable provided with the premium 360, also.

  6. Gears - Definatly buy

    Sonic - Did you play that demo, absolutly horrid!

    Hawk 8 - Great if it wasn't for the controler, will be better on the PS3

    DOAX2 - you're kidding right? Did you play the first one at all? for gods sake, just go buy some real porn instead

    Viva Pinata - Not sure about this one yet

    PSU - Good game RUINED by a horrible interface

    Wireless Headset - Reports so far say that the Headset isn't working that well and has no bandwidth prioritys

    So yeah... buy Gears, and possibly Viva if there is a decent enough community for it on this forum.

    But I'll be getting zelda on the 8th dec, no doubt about that!

    Sonic - Did you see the new gameplay vids? Absolutely awesome! + I'm Sonic mad

    Hawk 8 - Will be better on 360 because it has online play plus I've never owned a PS1/2 so the PS controller handles like shit imo. I mean, shapes instead of letters on buttons? Ergh!

    DOAX2 - I enjoy hentai, so nya!

    Viva Pinata - According to IGN "The best game Rare have made since Microsoft bought them in 2002". I'm excited.

    PSU - Somewhat, but the gameplay is still pure PSO...until they release more content online.

    Wireless Headset - You can't walk to another room apparently, but its nice nonetheless.

    I also ordered a VGA cable, so I can view things on my samsung in 1080p!. (and Enchanted Arms).

  7. All I was trying to say was that he can do both by not buying a Wii and buying the GC version of Zelda but if that's not an option for the guy, that's his decision.

    I sold my GC at the beginning of the year. Yes I could possibly find a used GC for £20 if I wanted to, however.

    The only reason I'd grab GC Twilight however is due to its rarity, not to play it (unless to compare AFTER playing the Wii version).

  8. I'm still playing this as well. 93% in World Explorer now, and around 90 hours logged.

    Never did play a RR game before this, totally love the series now.

    It did kill my 2nd 360, however.

  9. Going off topic a bit I don't need millions of games to keep me occupied. I've still got loads to play on curent Gen (which is one of the reasons I've not got a 360 yet, I've still got loads of games to keep me occupied) so Zelda and probably Red Steel at Wii Launch will keep me occupied for a while (I don't have much time to play games) and when I've finished them I'll pick up cheaply a few other launch games and then hopefully some new games will be starting to appear.

    Similer to what a friend said to me a few days back: "You can only play 1 game at a time".

    Which is quite right, as many gamers fall into the trap of having more then you can chew, leading to unfinished games-oh.

    But all those games!..

  10. The way I see it is when do you plan on getting a Wii? I'd guess the first price cut will come in about a year's time and I don't reckon it will be very much. Therefore my reasoning is I may as well buy one at launch at £180 since I'll want one probably before the price cut and so waiting a few months is not going to save me much. If you have the money and think you'll be a Wii sooner rather than later then get one now. You are not going to save a lot if you wait. If you don't have th emoney then you just have to decide what you want to use your availible funds on more - Wii or some 360 games? There's no wrong answer, it's just what you want to play more.

    Bingo. That's the tricky part. Do I spend the money on new hardware + games, or do I get games for what I already have?

    What do I want more is subject to the sheer amount "more" I could get on 360 because I already have the essential equiptment to play. If you were to give me a free Wii, I'd happily divide my wants, say, half of the 360 list and the other half of Wii games.

    Also if I were to wait for Wii its not due to wanting a price drop, but again, thinking if it would be better or worse then. It's also a good point that the 360 games mentioned will be dropped in price far quicker then Nintendo stuff (I bet Luigi's Mansion is STILL £20 over at GAME).

    I've also thought about getting the bare minimum of Wii stuff, so I can fit 2 360 games onto the budget, but again its a tough decision.

    Makes me want to do a U-Turn and get something crazy instead. Like every Star Trek Next Generation DVD.


  11. If you're judging your purchasing by length, you'd be better off with some old RPGs on older consoles. I'm sure you can find plenty of lengthy mediocre games in any bargain bin without needing to pay £50 a pop.

    It was sarcasm to milk's comment :angry:

    How else would you reply to "Will you play the launch games much?!"

  12. Agh! Do you think you'll play the launch stuff much!

    If yes: turn to buy page

    If no: turn to www.xbox360.com or wherever, come back in a few months when there's more.

    I think I'll play Zelda loads, with Rayman, Monkey Ball and WiiPlay/Sports in dabs (or more if the perents join in, they do like the DS).

    But if your judging this by length. Does Zelda length = longer then the 7 360 games + Wirrrreeeless Headset?

  13. I'm suggesting that it's about as fast and pretty as GX, and I have no idea about races or unlockables but it's not online. However I was more laughing at you saying you weren't into ExciteBike on the NES. As though that's going to be a useful guide! Look, you clearly don't want one, so don't get it. It's okay!

    It's not about not wanting one. It's thinking if its worth getting one right at release or not.

    And fair enough the bike reference isn't valid heh, but if all it involves is jumping up and down cliffs...(never played the N64 one).

    Think I might get the Wii now just to spite this thread. Grr.

  14. "Riiidddddggee Racer 6 and F-ZeroGX are better then what excitetruck probably offers. (I never liked the NES bike version)."

    Hahaha. What? Yeah okay. You'd best not get a launch one, if you're coming up with things like that you're obviously not keen.

    Are you suggesting ExciteTruck offers 200+ races, online play and billions of unlockables? Or in F-Zero's case as fast an experence? (and as difficult, and as great looking?)

    I'd rather look forward to Mario Kart Wii, as ExciteTruck doesn't look like it has any of the above. Moreso a racer with Wii controls.

    Rayman and Monkey Ball however as I said earlier, look loads of fun.

  15. You should read the 'Iwata Asks' interviews with the EAD team that developed Twilight Princess to understand why it isn't a port.

    Plus, the Wii version will be released first. It's a Wii game first and foremost.

    [EDIT -

    Again, I refer you to the Iwata Asks interviews that confirms that the extra year of development time was very well spent.]


    Wii version (besides controls and being mirrored) adds what then? noises from the Wiimote? whoop doo. Extra shading due to Wii capabilities? Gee whizz thats going to be a big difference.

    The game. The plot. The dungeons. The towns. They will be the same. The game might be BETTER due to Wii, but it is the same game.

    Also just because the Wii version comes out first doesn't make it the defult or how should I say.."as it was intended originally" Version. Its not first and foremost when they were developed side by side. If that.

    I'm not here to argue the worth of Zelda, good lord.

  16. Get a Wii. Play the Sonic demo on Live, cleanse yourself, then strike it off your list. Seriously.

    The full game is much, much better then that pre-E3 demo. But I am quite Sonic biased.

    If you were a proper nintendo fanboy you'd be drooling at the prospect of Wii sports and Wii play and Excitetruck, and not moaning the that zelda game is really a GC title.

    Yeah well I own Miyamoto signed underwear.

    And Riiidddddggee Racer 6 and F-ZeroGX are better then what excitetruck probably offers. (I never liked the NES bike version).


    I've just realised that Sticks & Stones is a Nintendo plant, put here to begin another thread of near-unanimous praise for the Wii.

    Not that I mind, I'm just sayin'.

    I've been here since the dawn of man.(forum)

    The fact he isn't about to explode in excitement about the new Zelda makes me think he's actually a robot.

    In 2004 E3 I was exploding tons.

    It is now 2006. It's still going to be awesome, but it should have been released a year earlier.

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