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  1. Not really, when you think about it. All Live on 360 has caused is users going around like a herd of sheep from one game to another. Is it fun to do however? Sometimes, yes. It is a GC port with added Wii controls. You can't argue otherwise. Some "purists" are even annoyed with Wii making the game mirrored. Is Wii version better due to controls however? Most probably. Ergh, wires, resolutions and import compatibily matters little to me. But the fact so much is coming out on 360 does indeed make me question my choices...
  2. I am like many a Nintendo fanboy. We've been waiting for what feels like years for Wii, and more importently Zelda to arrive into our palms. Even if NOE's release sqedule screws us over yet again. Or we won't get as many "serious" developers making epic games (unless Nintendo wins more market share). As long as we have our usual Mario, Pokemon, Metroid and whatnot, we're as happy as the Halo/MGS weirdos. I bought a 360 in January (repaired twice, this third one will be repaired shortly). Not just out of my boredom of nothing coming out in Nintendo Land of console gaming (note the word console, not handheld) and Zelda being delayed till God knows when. The 360 had several things that intrested me. Besides the "hope" that Rare might release something as magical as they used to (but PDZ and Kameo turned out "ok") the real excitement was this Live bussiness. Dreamcast was a joy to play online, so to imagine that at the hands of Mr All-Controlling Internet Company Folk was an envy while I stared at Street Fighter 3 on Xbox while the only 2D fighter on Gamecube was Capcom Vs SNK 2 EO. That didn't turn out too well. Live Arcade. Achievements. CONSTANT releases of quality games. Real (or at least pretend) involvement from Microsoft that makes you feel safe (with thier support and interviews being much more open). All this suprise came after I bought 360. In short the 360 has given for me at least, a great year of gaming. Here's the problem. Wii, besides Zelda has nothing bang on at release. Now, Zelda is the defining joy of gaming of course. So special is Zelda that heck, it would be worth getting even if Wii were £599 (hoho). But logically, its not. The game is a GC port, while the real Wii titles are months away with Mario, Metroid and whatnot. This is not to say I wouldn't have fun with Rayman 4 or Monkey Ball. In concept (and screenshots) they look great. Just not, you know...compared to... The 360 Winter Line-Up-Me-Doo: Gears Sonic Hawk 8 DOAX2 Viva Pinata PSU Wireless Headset I could fit all of those, plus Enchanted Arms, for the same(similer) price all the Wii stuff would cost. Are any one of those games going to be as memorable as a brand spanking new Zelda? Probably not. But I sure as hell would be getting alot more for my money. So while I've usually been an impulse buyer, it's made me think "what if I wait for Wii, and get my 360 stuff?". I'd say by next christmas Wii will have all the essentials out of the door. We'll see the long-term reaction once Zelda is done and dusted, if Nintendo and indeed 3rd parties can make use of the controls, and all that stuff. But I'm just having a hard time choosing. Wii, or 360 stuff. It's driving me nuts. All I do know is, it's a great period to be a gamer. Help?
  3. Your not alone, I haven't played COD2 beyond 3 levels (and its still sitting there since last christmas) and always come back to PD0 for shooter related...erm, shooting. COD2 did have its own merits though (alot of atmoshpere).
  4. Same half as the original, the doors to the other areas are now covered in snow. Never did see the hacked areas originally so it makes no difference to me.
  5. Map Pack 2 is out! And it's free. Has the two maps Facility (from Goldeneye) and Ruins (cant remember if this was in PD or GE first). They seem to have made them shiny which ruins the nostaljic feel somewhat, but they are the same levels pretty much. Facility = always was fun, still is. Seems to have a 8 player max cap, too.
  6. I'm a tad sad at the mo, due to the latest update (which is great!..) I've learned that my set (those fancy samsung ones that look lovely in glossy black, 2006 model) doesn't support 1080p. Of course its not a big deal for this gen, but when developers are perhaps forced to do their games in 1080p next gen... Sucks for the longetivity of this set, which is otherwise the bomb.
  7. This saw no love a few weeks back. Insert love here. My score:53780 Robert hazelby is beating me at 73220 alas... Gotta love the satisfaction of sqishing enemies with rocks.
  8. I suppose I can stop waiting for that arcade leaderboard (heh) as Mygamercard.net now allows you to make your own custom leaderboads. Not sure if I can disable certain games or not but I can certainly re-produce the Rllmuk top 100 over there no problem. Looks nice, too.
  9. 360: Sonic DOAX2 Gears Of War Hawk Project 8 Viva Pinata Wii: Zelda Rayman
  10. First experence of Lumines at last, quite good. Not as music-involved as I first thought, but its more..."Meteos but done right". I can't see how people survive beyond 3-4 skins yet though. Best skin I like so far is the Vs computer one.
  11. I don't suppose I can use the same charecter/account on both PC and 360 versions? I'll probably get 360 version for now, and when the players dry up (and if it is indeed as awesome as PSO) I'll get the PC version.
  12. http://www.levelmy360.com/ Pay $300 for 3000 Gamerscore!
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