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  1. That's interesting, as that's where I stopped watching too. I think the drop in quality between the first and second seasons was significant - the first was gripping and visceral and shocking, while the second was just boring. Apparently the first season is based on the book while the second was original, make of that what you will. I'd definitely pick it back up if the third season was any kind of return to form?
  2. That looks wicked. I didn’t even know Texas Instruments made things other than calculators!
  3. The season pass is £20, if that helps.
  4. If you already own the game, buying the Ultimate edition is your upgrade fee.
  5. Needing to buy it again if you want to play on Series X. The thing is, the industry is always ‘penalising’ those who buy early. If you buy on day one you pay the highest price and experience the most bugs (not guaranteed but likely); whereas the longer you wait the less you pay as the price comes down; wait longer and get the Game of the Year edition, with all DLC bundles; wait longer still and it comes to Gamepass/PlayStation Plus/Now. So this is nothing new. And we’ve certainly never been in a situation where, if you bought a game on an old system you got the next gen version for free under any circumstances. God knows, I’m still buying Sonic the Hedgehog almost 30 years after it first came out on Megadrive. But since Remedy are offering this to a subset of consumers it doesn’t seem to negatively affect them to offer it to everyone who bought the game on PS4 or Xbox One. The PR is bad - it looks really mean-spirited and, of those who would consider double-dipping, even fewer likely would because of the bad taste left in their mouth. I think a nominal upgrade fee would have seen the best return for them, but the horse has bolted now.
  6. Surely no one would bother? A £5-10 upgrade pass would tempt me and would be free money to Remedy. The return would likely be higher than asking for almost full price.
  7. Ooft. Glad I didn’t buy a PS4 Pro for Control, I suppose.
  8. Doesn’t Control support 1440p with raytracing on the PS4 Pro, and therefore would support the same (possible at 60fps?) on PS5 anyway? What tangible improvements could a PS5-enhanced ‘Ultimate’ version of the game offer on top of that?
  9. I am not in control... of my rage at hearing this news.
  10. I think we should switch to a system of prime numbers myself.
  11. *Clutches pearls* We're ranking films out of 20 marks now?! This failed to do the business for me, sadly. The plot was too silly and the principals weren't quite up to the task, some real smell the fart acting going on I felt. It could have been enjoyable nonsense if they had hammed it up a bit, as it is it's a 2/5 for me.
  12. Microsoft should really be pushing this aspect of Game Pass in their promotion.
  13. It’s well worth it. I picked it up after they patched the issues and it plays like a dream.
  14. Maybe, but they will be wanting to put their best foot forward and have as strong a start as possible. If the launch is a shambles and they lose ground to Sony they’ll be playing catch-up for the rest of the generation as happened during the current generation. Unfortunately, their best foot was Halo.
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