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  1. Was this on purpose or a typo? I’m sure Returnal owners have suffered enough on this point without you laying into them further!
  2. Oh wow. I gave up on season 2 a while back but ran out of things to watch recently (thanks covid!) so decided to give it another try. Fuck me! Season 3 is fantastic! So much going on; so tense; so exciting; so full of character. Everything season 2 was missing! Im so glad I decided to give it another try.
  3. @jimmbob if you want to go Rolls Royce, get a 4K OLED that can do 120Hz. In my opinion, OLED is the single biggest improvement you can make when buying a new TV. The difference between that and LED is like going from SD to HD, or 30fps to 60. It’s a game-changer, without a doubt. It’s probably impossible to get an OLED that doesn’t do 4K, in fairness, but you’ll pay more for the 120Hz refresh rate. Welcome to the party!
  4. I think the thing that’s so hard to ‘make peace’ with about the difficulty of Dark Souls is - it’s not only been hugely influential in game design, it’s become a cultural touchstone for gaming in general. It’s hard not to feel like you’d be missing out, or somehow less game-literate, by not playing it.
  5. No, you’re right, some efforts are beyond saving.
  6. Wow, that last 5 minutes of the first episode was doing a lot of heavy lifting. It went from ‘boring twaddle’ to ‘must-see TV’ in a single scene. Let’s see how the rest plays out. The second episode was more evenly watchable, which is a good start. Agreed @PeteJ, the animation and art style is incredibly ugly. And the dialogue! I had no idea JK Simmons could sound so bored.
  7. Every movie with Dave Bautista is improved immeasurably, as far as I can tell.
  8. They should be forced to port it themselves. In 20 minutes.
  9. Mine is silent, apart from when a disc is spinning in the drive.
  10. Are the Revelations games worth one’s time? I’ve heard the first isn’t up to much but the second is pretty good, is that fair?
  11. No! Get an X, then get the TV to unlock its full potential. I’d honestly argue that the X has enough benefits that, for an enthusiast, the S is ultimately pointless. You’ll get one and just end up dwelling on what it doesn’t do, rather than what it does.
  12. Popo

    Nintendo Switch

    Nope, they now do joy con repairs for free: https://www.theverge.com/21504741/nintendo-switch-joy-con-drift-problem-explained The repairs form on the Nintendo website has a series of yes/no questions you flow through, and if you correctly follow the workflow for joy con drift repair, it should confirm so*. Do press them on it, though, if they as for money, it’s supposed to be free. Disclaimer - not see this with my own eyes, but was told it was the case.
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