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  1. That was great! Some of the dialogue was a bit iffy (I believe that you believe that... ) but it sets up an intriguing story and it’s pure joy to see Captain Picard once again after all these years. Unlike Discovery it actually felt like I was watching Star Trek, with swooshy doors and replicators pouring earl grey by the bucketful. It looked and felt like a believable progression of the world Gene Roddenberry set up all those years ago. Looking forward to TNG cameos of the week and no filler please.
  2. @deKay what has Graham Linehan said/done? I don’t mind, as long as I can have a go at the Greeks. They invented gayness!
  3. No it ain’t. Touché. Last chance for redemption, in that case?
  4. For me, if Patrick Stewart deems it worthy, I’m in on trust.
  5. Judging by the big scratches on my screen protector I’d say it doesn’t fit currently.
  6. It’s called ‘front cover’ (フロントカバー) so I doubt it goes all the way around. Looks a bit like those iPad smart covers, except the Switch doesn’t have anything to magnetise to. Maybe the top acts as a rigid clip, slightly gripping the top of the unit.
  7. The problem for me is my computer isn’t in my living room, nor do I want it to be, but my one hour of relaxing in the evening is spent on the sofa.
  8. Orgazmo - 5/5 Still totally brilliant. Orgazmo. Chodo Boy. Hamster style. Now you’re a man. Just get in there, fuck-boy. KII-YAAAAH!
  9. Definitely not one for the kiddies though.
  10. Is it back? Do Sky show it in the U.K.? I’ve got Now TV for a few months, it would be great if it appeared while my cheap subscription lasted.
  11. What money? It’s a tax break we’re talking about. It’s more a question of how much lost revenue the government is facing. They may well make the decision that it’s in the national interest to have Rockstar based in the U.K. when viewed in the round (if indeed that’s a factor in all this), but the main reason for the relief will be to stimulate the industry. It is nevertheless clearly mad that they are both claiming tax relief and paying zero corporation tax.
  12. Popo

    Nintendo Switch

    Life’s too short for 2 hour baths! No way am I taking gadgets anywhere near the tub, not with my cack-handedness.
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