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  1. The icy climb was merely ‘bastard hard’ compared to this boss. Im going to try again in handheld mode - I swear down I’m getting input lag on the 3m between my sofa and the Switch (which isn’t really a problem for most games, but is a real problem on this one). My timing on hitting those quick red balls, or sliding under the unblockable ones, is shocking.
  2. Still playing 0, but man am I pumped for when I finally get to 5.
  3. New episode available for purchase, suckahz!
  4. It’s gonna be really hard to squeeze in a Ridge Racer announcement into the next ten seconds.
  5. I actually can’t get on with time loop games. Majora’s Mask, Outer Wilds. Will Deathrproof be the game to bring me around? Probably not.
  6. The Legend of Kena: Bridge of Spirits.
  7. The PS1 retro announcement the world needs right now. Are you not entertained?!
  8. Five Shites at Freddie’s, amirite? Nah, game looks good tho.
  9. Solar Gash, amirite? Nah, game looks good tho.
  10. I like this but it is hard. Any advice for the bullet hell section of the floaty face boss in the mountain convent?
  11. Now the Xbox has crashed to a black screen. Is this Sony’s big reveal for tonight’s State of Play?
  12. Bizarre, I can’t play any Game Pass games this evening - keep getting an error message saying ‘please sign in with the profile used to buy this game’. Edit - seems there’s a problem on Microsoft’s side.
  13. And tomorrow it will have been yesterday.
  14. Fucking Sony have been treading water for years now.
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