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    Nintendo Switch

    Folders! I don’t need that kind of stress in my life.
  2. Back on form after the slight silliness of last week. They really know how to wring every ounce of tension out of each episode, and this was possibly the most tense yet. And how about that cliffhanger? 2 or 3 phobias being needled, there.
  3. Axiom Verge (2015) This was great. A Metroidvania with an excellent explore-shoot-collect loop, a thumping soundtrack and lots of imaginative, fun upgrades you won’t find in any other Metroidvania - which is a rare achievement. All the more impressive that it was done by one guy. Cant wait to try the sequel.
  4. Errr, no, I don’t think so, I used the lightning gun as that seemed to do a good amount of directed damage, while I jumped around as best as I could and got lucky with the bullet movements. After that it was a fairly short ride to the end. Are there multiple endings? It seemed to finish quite abruptly, almost like I got the ‘bad’ ending. What a great game though! 15 hours on the clock, a paltry 66% items and 94% map. I’m very satisfied with that. I know I’ve missed loads - I still couldn’t read many of the files, only got one code and there was at least one weapon I didn’t get - and I guess there’s more lore to unpick, but I’ll leave that to the historians and hang up my lab coat for the time being.
  5. Hitting a brick wall now on the Sentinel boss. He saps my health quicker than I can his. Is there a particular weapon that’s more effective than others? Dodging the bullets is basically impossible, and I’m finding the joy con stick too fiddly to reliably pull off the teleport in quick succession. Edit - and done. Classic rllmuk. Just as I planned.
  6. I’ve gone back to Kur to re-explore and pick up secrets/finish mapping certain rooms, and just hit a brilliant bit of design: Absolutely brilliant and so very satisfying.
  7. OK, I’ve battled through Edin and got the next powerup: So I think now I’m supposed to revisit the earlier areas, which means my earlier efforts were perhaps wasted effort, but no matter.
  8. That looks legit. I never played the original but I remember it being a very big deal on PC at the time.
  9. Two things Halo 5 did wrong - it changed the control scheme to match Call of Duty, and had those weird non-combat sections where you walked around doing entirely uninteresting things. But on the other hand, Halo 4 change all the guns to sound like pea shooters, and the Grunts no longer said amusing things, for which Halo 5 massively over-corrected (and rightly so). They’re both still Halo games, but the linearity of the Halo 4 levels means I do think 5 represents an overall improvement.
  10. Popo


    Sex Education is back! A show like this lives or dies by the chemistry and charisma of the actors and, fortunately, Sex Education absolutely thrives.
  11. The guy on the train next to me yesterday seemed to be enjoying it. Through Bluetooth earphones, no less.
  12. Is Indi supposed to be murderously difficult? I’m struggling to make progress. The enemies are small and hard to hit, while also dealing a lot of damage. Edit - I have overcome. Bullets were sweat.
  13. How is the lookfeel? Is it similar to Prey?
  14. Popo

    Xbox Game Pass

    Where do witches buy their broomsticks? (Copyright, Penguin biscuits)
  15. I’m curious to know how much the install size is after you’ve deleted all the individual campaigns from the options menu of the game itself. Once I’ve done Reach I’ll take a look!
  16. I like your post on this forum Stiff, but you’ve taken a shit in your own trousers here.
  17. I think you can tell from my above post that, on a certain level, I agree with you. But could you look Miyamoto in the eye and tell him his work is basically no different to Roblox?
  18. Sorry I should say I haven’t read the article, I was specifically responding to the mention of Roblox, which is a ‘game’ I think needs to be challenged at every opportunity for the reasons documented above. I do nevertheless think it’s an adjacent topic worthy of discussion in the context of what people want their kids to play, or otherwise. Here’s what bothers me about games like Fortnite - they’re just one single game, but they monopolise all of the available game play time kids have, so there’s no room for other experiences. I - like many people, I’m sure - have had an unhealthy relationship with games at certain points in my life, so I believe I have a reasonable insight into how they work and the effect they can have on people - everything in moderation, as they say, but games can tap into compulsive behaviour that isn’t healthy. Fortnite, Minecraft and other Gaas titles that dominate kids’ lives these days demonstrably fit into that compulsive part of our brain, which is a cause for concern in and of itself - but also because they don’t allow kids the time to play anything else.
  19. Roblox has been exposed to be a platform underpinned by pernicious, exploitative practices. What’s wrong with wanting your children to steer clear from it?
  20. Came expecting an amateur YouTube technology channel sponsored by a famous Somerset cider brewer; left disappointed.
  21. Very sad news indeed. I was a born in 83, so the Spectrum is before my time, but there’s no doubt Sinclair was a legend of the computing industry.
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