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  1. I liked that Better than I was expecting
  2. Fortunately I'm not seeing the framerate issues that others are who have 3090's. I'm running 4k all maxed out with balanced DLSS and raytracing on and getting 70-90fps. I did notice one or two drops initially into the low 60's, but then it just went back up again and seemed pretty solid. This was on the ice map. Saying that though, I crashed with the following error after 10 minutes so hope this won't be a running theme until a new graphics driver is released: If you were wondering, no I didn't pull my graphics card from my machine whilst I was playing. Also, if that happened I wouldn't be able to see the error! An interesting issue anway.
  3. I find the best things for landing are: 1) Make sure you give yourself enough room. Line up with target runway at a decent distance (couple of miles) 2) If you're using cockpit mode, I always find it helpful to "sit up" a bit (press space) to increase visibility. 3) Use the flaps and power to control the glide slope. You can land without flaps, but then it's all down to controlling the power. Decrease the power to see how it affects altitude and use that to control your approach aiming the downward trajectory for the start of the runway. 4) Once you reach just before the runway and are at a lowish speed and altitude, cut power to near 0 (if not using flaps) and slightly flair the aircraft. Eventually gravity will do the rest. Just takes some practise but you'll get there.
  4. Just got back from a screening and I loved it Didn't feel like it went on that long... even though it did. Obviously there were clichés aplenty, but the director was obviously a massive fan of Bond in general and it really showed.
  5. I would love to get this game but... being I'm an owner of an EVGA FTW3 3090, I really don't want to take the risk. EVGA have handled themselves very well and have replaced all of the broken cards apparently. Saying that, I just don't want to be in the situation where my graphics card blows up and I'm left without it for a time because of one game. I can play COD, MSFS, Cyberpunk, BFV for hours at max settings with no issues. Not playing a game I originally wanted to play, yeah sure it's annoying but at the cost of my graphics card it's a pretty easy choice to make.
  6. It seems the Azure servers they're using are being slightly overloaded at present. Half the time I am just seeing "Please wait..." before downloading a tiny bit then going back to that message again
  7. As an Xbox Series X owner I was disappointed to be honest. There was nothing shown which really made me sit up and say wow. Most of the trailers were console “launch” exclusives and were “well, it looks ok for a last gen game”. The majority of what they showed seemed like smaller third-party studios / indie games rather than heavy hitters. There were no graphical showcases barring MSFS or Forza Horizon 5. Halo infinite has me interested to play it just to see what it’s like, but I wouldn’t say it’s a must have. Maybe I just had the wrong impressions going in, but I expected this to be a first party event with a few third party exclusives. What we got was nothing like that and could have been watching any games showcase. Don't get me wrong as releasing all these titles on GamePass is a nice to have, it’s just not what I expected from an E3 showing, especially when MS have increased their internal studios as much as they have. Saying that, I am drunk and maybe I just went into it with the wrong mindset. Ah well, here’s to E3 2022! Until then I guess I can look on with envy at what the competition is releasing.
  8. To be honest, I was a bit confused with getting it working on the iPad. I actually downloaded the Edge browser thinking I needed that and whilst it did work, the experience was awful as it wasn't full screen and it was laggy as anything. Thanks @HarryBizzle as I've just done it and works really well. Considering how well it works, it really impresses me what MS have managed to do and it is a nice two fingers up to Apple with with they were asking from Microsoft. Seems like this could really open the door now for more apps / streaming services on iOS. It's ridiculous they apparently needed each game be individually vetted and pushed as a separate app to stream considering given the nature of a subscription service (like films) games would be added / removed frequently.
  9. I got my invite this morning and decided to try it out quickly on my MBP before work. It works well... in certain games I'd say. First booted up Morrowind and after adjusting the controller sensitivity, it felt really responsive and I couldn't honestly tell that I was playing a streaming game. Thing is, Morrowind is hardly a fast action paced game and it is quite forgiving. I next tried Doom Eternal and the controller lag was very noticeable. I also found it very difficult to aim as my brain just couldn't adjust to the lag I was seeing on screen by overcorrecting massively. There was also a point where I had 10-20 enemies on screen all firing at me, my health was getting low and I was being hammered and I had a massive lag spike. It only lasted 3-5 seconds, but it does make me wonder whether these fast action games are currently doable on xCloud. I had the same experience on Android xCloud though on Doom Eternal, so it's not a specific OS / platform. Thing is, I know that streaming can be done exceptionally well after having used Shadow for over a year, the lag on that was pretty much non-existent. I think it's likely down to the implementation (software) rather than infrastructure as I hardly think a french startup beats Microsoft on that. Saying that... Azure I really do think that Shadow currently has a market leading solution on streaming and it's a shame as they seem to be going down the toilet (bankruptcy). I'm not helping as I recently bought a gaming PC so quit my membership. Overall though from my quick experience I'd say it was a mixed bag. It's fine for certain games which are slower in nature. FPS / competitive games though and it's just not really up to the job. Hopefully they can address this in the future and maybe the new hardware (XSX) can help with that.
  10. Well, my new PC which I splurged a crazy amount of money on has finally arrived. I've been promising myself a new PC since my old PC (780GTX SLI setup) broke and I've been using Shadow to tide me over. Forked over £3,750(!) and am now in possession of a 10900K, 32gb RAM, 3090 FTW3 OC, 2TB NVMe SSD machine. It was originally supposed to be a 5900X, but I was 460th in the queue and after a couple of months of no arrivals got fed up waiting for the thing and went with Intel. I think the only real difference is in multithreaded performance and improvement in certain games. It also originally was supposed to be a stock 3090, but they upgraded me for free (worth about £200) as there was little likelihood they'd ever get the other card in. Overall I'm obviously really impressed by it. Scores 18-19K on 3D Mark and can easily manage 60fps lock in Cyberpunk at max settings in 4k (70-80fps at ultra everything in RDR2). Compared to running (streaming) on the Shadow everything looks so damn sharp. Even though I was streaming at 70mbps, there were obviously still compression artefacts and smoothing. This post is not strictly RTX 3000 specific but I am glad I managed to secure mine even if I did have to compromise on the CPU. I am just waiting now until a cheap(er) HDMI 2.1 monitor is released. I've got an old 4K 60fps monitor which is fine, but it doesn't support HDR or anything nice like that. Hopefully give it a year and prices will come down as I definitely feel poor enough without shelling out a further £1k on a monitor.
  11. Played this for today and it is one stunningly good looking game. I just can't get over the fact that London is now depicted accurately. I've just spent an hour touring around the places I've walked around. Seeing how long it takes me to fly the 18 miles I walked once from Piccadilly Circus to Heathrow just for a laugh Certainly saves me from my local area and being cooped up over lockdown. Yep, I am hovering around 20 fps but it will have to do until my new PC arrives. It's worth it playing at ultra just for the eye candy. To hell with the framerate!
  12. You're not even providing any arguments or putting your viewpoint across as to why you consider it a spoiler. I guess I couldn't expect anymore though with your last comment resorting to childish insults. I've hidden it so let's just leave it at that.
  13. @Thor @Floshenbarnical I've gone back and hidden my original post, but really...?!? I stand by my original point and say this isn't a spoiler because it gives nothing about the story or mission away. I can only presume you consider it a spoiler as you find it a valid option for game completion. In which case I presume you don't complete that many games.
  14. Keep your pants on. I've not spoiled anything in the game aside from some bizarre choice which noone interested in the game would choose anyway. Nothing about the story or the mission to which it relates. The only thing I'm ashamed about is wasting my time accidentally finding it in the first place.
  15. Yeah, i thought it was a bug. It kept going though into the next mission! I really hated the thought that I'd forever be stuck with this 10 second guitar riff playing through the rest of the game. Fortunately though once I saved and reloaded the music had stopped.
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