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  1. Apologies if this has been posted before, but has anyone seen this: https://archive.org/details/softwarelibrary_msdos_games?tab=collection? It's a massive collection of old DOS games which are playable in the browser. They run in an emulator and for me is seriously bringing back memories. I've just spent some time playing Star Wars: Dark Forces which I completed back in the day. You can make it run full screen and use the mouse / keyboard to control like you would normally do. I'm running this on my Macbook Pro and having no isses at all. Seems all legal and above board so if you've got some free time for a bit of nostalgia I can definitely recommend it
  2. I went ahead and bought the Premium Deluxe yesterday from the Microsoft store. I was tempted to go with Steam since all of my games are on there (besides Xbox Game Pass), but I noticed that the version number being listed on Microsoft Store was being incremented daily (yesterday was and today at As such, I didn't want to take the risk that they'd be slower with their updates on Steam so went direct instead. It also shows that they're hard at work implementing fixes on the run-up to release which is a good thing.
  3. That's one thing which really hasn't developed much since the original Half-Life and almost feels like it's taken a couple of steps back since then. Most enemies these days are just so incredibly dense. There's no real strategy needed when fighting them. Find some cover, fire at an enemy until they run out of health. Maybe if you're lucky an enemy will use cover, but usually that just turns into shoot, hide, shoot, hide... urgh. There's no real intelligence to enemies. No enemy flanking or working together, keeping the player suppressed and throwing grenades to flush them out. Half-Life's grunt encounters were scripted, but at least they kept you guessing. I guess this is why I've gone off FPS's for the most part as everything just feels Doom'esque. There's no real threat and feel like you need to outwit your enemy. It's just who has enough bullets.
  4. Wrote up a quick list of my impressions of the "reveals" going through. This wasn't made any better with the lag experienced on the stream, but this seemed to be suffered by everyone. Anyway, here's my breakdown: Halo Infinite - It’s a Halo game. After all the hype and build up, the graphics and gameplay were nothing to write home about. State of Decay 3 - Looks interesting, graphics look nice. Would like to know more... Forza Horizon - Um… early development? Looks nice with the 4 seconds I saw of it, but really?! What have they been spending all of their time doing? Everwild - Looks nice, but still no real clue of what it’s about. No gameplay Tell me why - Meh, looks ok. Announced before and still little to no gameplay Ori and the will of the wisps - This is your chance to show off the new console and you bring up this? The outer worlds expansion - Didn't complete the game so of not much interest to me Grounded - Looks really good actually Avowed - Hell yes! As dusk falls - Interaction drama… not my cup of tea Hellblade 2 - not even a trailer? Psychonaughts 2 - Drug trip the game Destiny 2 - Firstly *facepalm*, but secondly it’s sad that Destiny 2 graphically looks more impressive than Halo Infinite Stalker 2 - Really liked the first and am excited this is announced. Looks amazing too Warhammer: Darktide - Looks like another vermintide, but I’m definitely interested in this! Tetris Connected - Really?! The Gunk - Minecraft / No mans sky'esque or maybe neither. Might be interesting The Medium - Definitely on my to buy list. Need to see more gameplay Phantasy Star Online 2 - Looks really good CrossFire X - Looks great Fable - Yay! Overall then the show started off pretty naff with seeing someone play Halo for about 10 minutes. Didn't improve much until the latter half starting with Stalker 2 being announced. Everything seemed to get better from there ending with a new Fable which I'm happy about. Overall not a great show and nothing to really write home about. I'd probably rate it a 6 or 7. There were certainly some lookers in amongst the others. Some games I'd definitely be interested in playing, but if they wanted to blow my socks off they failed. I'm still looking to buy an XSX at some point, but nothing there which really made me go "where's the pre-order!".
  5. I guess it all depends on what you're after. Having now received it, I am absolutely blown away by how good it is. It feels so good in the hand with all the switches and dials lighting up. It feels expensive as the majority of the body and switches are made out of metal. Although I've bought it for FS2020, I went with it as it allows me to play things like DCS as well. Say an amazing combat sim comes out in the future (come on Microsoft!), it's got me covered. Saying that though, if you're just looking for flying Cessna's or Boeing's then the yoke I imagine would provide you with more immersion.
  6. I've just bought this: It costs £400!! Thing is, I asked my wife and because she knows I've been looking forward to this game and have been a big flight sim fan, she gave me her full support in buying it (more moral than financial!). I hope it's worth it... both the Joystick and FS2020.
  7. Ooof... £110 for Premium Ultra Deluxe version. I remember spending £60-70 for FSX Deluxe back in the day but I guess that was ever so long ago. I do have GamePass but I did promise myself I'd buy this regardless. I guess I need to talk myself into spending that much on a game / simulation. [EDIT] I think I'll play it first on GamePass then if it really blows me away will pay for the Premium version. Makes sense to try before you buy etc. It's not like an introductory price or something.
  8. Some of these shots taken as spectacular. On that last one, it really does make you do a double-take. I know it's the usual "it will be done when it's done", but give us a release date already!
  9. tronied

    Xbox Game Pass

    Well.... now I'm getting a new error. It's now letting me login, but just giving me this: Apparently this is a common issue and fixes involve special access through the firewall being given to the executables. Since we can't access the executables as they're locked behind this insane DRM WindowsApps folder, I guess that's out. I'll leave it a day and if it doesn't fix itself will uninstall it.
  10. tronied

    Xbox Game Pass

    I've got game pass for PC. Do I need a gold sub to play a PC game? [EDIT] Ignore, see below
  11. tronied

    Xbox Game Pass

    Installed Fallout 76, booted it up... goes through the usual "associate account" stuff and... Um... this is the same profile I use for all the other games on GamePass. I'm guessing I can't be alone with this?!
  12. Given the fact Sony keeps harping on about "value" rather than "price", I would guess that it's more than we expect. I'm sure they're keen to avoid the $599 price point though for obvious reasons: PS5: £499 (diskless) / £549 (full) XSX: £499 It sounds like Microsoft have already agreed on an aggressive price they can achieve with Satya's agreement. I don't think they'll go too crazy though hence the £499. I also don't think they want to go first so they can change it accordingly based on what Sony is doing. I think it's likely that both companies will take a loss but look to make that up with services etc.
  13. In addition to the above, these were posted too: I've got used to not being an Alpha invitee... *sobs*
  14. Spotted this over on GAF which is the patent for the PS5 devkit (click to make bigger): What's interesting is 15 and 17. It's got 6 fans as cooling! Now obviously this isn't the design the actual PS5 is going with, but I guess it shows Sony is serious on cooling with that and the massive chunky heatsink.
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