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  1. This is my first time buying a console since owning both the PS3 and 360. i'm genuinely excited for launch given the fact that XPass to me offers so much out of the box. I'm a PC guy, but I can't wait to get started and play this thing
  2. Yep, as easy as any other store. There is a strange option to start with where they want your postcode without asking for a house number and then state "We'll deliver your Xbox to <Street Name>" which made me worry I'd missed something, but you do enter your full address later on so I guess they're just checking first that you don't live on some remote island somewhere.
  3. So went ahead with paying £2500 £444 for my Series X last night I also upgraded my GamePass subscription from PC to Ultimate and played around with XCloud for a bit. It actually works really well and was surprised by how little lag I was seeing. Had a quick go with Doom Eternal, Forza 7 and Gears 5 and all pretty good considering it's running on XSS hardware. The only issue was on my side as my only Android tablet is a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 which unfortunately doesn't seem to play well with bluetooth controllers. Tried it on my phone though and it works perfectly. Pretty excit
  4. I haven't got my e-mail from Curry's yet I'm guessing they send them out in the order that they were pre-ordered in order to verify they can fulfil the orders with what they've been allotted. Bit concerning though at this late time considering I've paid £5 and I might not get one.
  5. As a second thought, they absolutely must be selling this thing at loss. I realise this is the case with the XSX as well, but the components in this look expensive. No wonder why Bloomberg said prices were being pushed up by the non-standard cooling solution.
  6. Impressed by the tear down. Looks like it’s well constructed and should remain quiet and cool
  7. I think this is where a Sony info dump would be good to dispel some FUD being spread around. Sony of course is under no obligation to do so, but surely it's better to do that than this incessant stream of rumours (fake or not) which don't exactly paint the system in the best light. I guess there's always these Japanese streams tomorrow
  8. If that picture is legit, wouldn't that mean that the fan(s) are inhaling / blowing air onto a solid sheet of plastic? That can't be right surely unless there's a substantial gap... [EDIT] More pics from same source apparently: Take with a grain of salt etc...
  9. From reading / looking around it seems to be things like the UI, which titles on PS4 (the 1%) are not compatible, the state of cross-platform (PS4 -> PS5) saves, PSVR as there's been no mention yet, etc. I think some people are just getting frustrated by the silence and the news coming out of other channels which puts concerns into the minds of gamers. I watched this today: Although there is a segment starting at 5:47 more on the game side, I think the frustrations really start to boil over at 43:22 until pretty much the end of the video. I think people are just
  10. Ok, I've got an X preordered! It said I was in a queue which would take 45 minutes, then a minute later it pinged it was my turn. Entered all my information and paid £5 and I've now received an e-mail confirmation. Very pain-free! Quite surprised
  11. Well, I was going to go after the all access option, but I've entered myself into the queue and will see what happens. The whole way it was managed on pre-order day was rubbish. Even those who made it through to Klunge (or whatever they call themselves), people were getting refused for seemingly no reason with perfect credit scores and that then counts against them in future. It's just not worth the hassle and so I'll buy outright now and handle the Ultimate subscription myself.
  12. Ok.... just for clarification, I don't have a Playstation or intend to get one, but I am looking at it from those gamers perspective. For such established franchises to go on one system after being multi-platform for so long would still be a kick in the crotch. It's just the way I see it and would hope they opt for what I suggested personally. I don't really count streaming or Android devices into it as I can't really see many people wanting to play those games on their phones / tablets. I guess an alternative to that would be if Sony agreed to allow xCloud onto the PS5 and everyon
  13. I think even Microsoft don't quite know the answer to the problem they're facing. It's nice as they're in a situation of power, but for a year or more they've been banging on about giving gamers choice to play on whatever device they like. Suddenly to say "Screw you, Elder Scrolls and Fallout are Exclusive" would bring in some hefty criticism. The best thing they can do is release it on GamePass and really hammer home the value point rather than sticking the knife in and creating animosity from those people who may eventually be won over given the choice between £15/mo and £70. The
  14. It didn't surprise me that they've partnered with Ubisoft. Saying that, reading more into it... I think the model they're going for is that to play Ubisoft games you're going to have to pay extra. If you look here, Ubisoft have their own "channel" which if you've ever used Amazon Video means it's an additional monthly fee. Not that I think there is anything wrong with that, but it could soon ramp up in price with each publisher likely to want to charge you to play their own games.
  15. Regarding the Sega rumours, I don't really buy it and I'm pretty sure there are laws preventing any kind of purchase. However, there was mention a week or two back of Microsoft spending a lot of money on something which is not an acquisition. Most people now assume that was related to Bethesda, but what if it wasn't? Maybe they've made a deal with Sega for their back catalog and possibly some future titles going to GamePass. Gain some traction in the Japanese market (which they've always lacked) and with TGS coming up and them doing a "showcase" it will make for interesting viewing!
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