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  1. This is a very specific issue, but has anyone successfully played with a friend when both gaming with xCloud on PC's? Me and a friend both have game pass and since we only had an hour and not the time to download / install locally, tried playing Chivalry 2 on xCloud. It worked well right up until the point when we tried to play together. I could send him an invite and vice-versa, but each time Windows suddenly kicked in and said it didn't know how to deal with the file extension. This is most likely because it's wanting it to be installed locally to kick it off, but we were both running in the cloud. We also tried pressing the Xbox button but that just brought up the equivalent of Windows Button + G which again is the local windows version of Xbox. There seemed to be no way to connect two people via cloud games as there was no "cloud" version of invite management / joining games. This is probably a known limitation but just curious if anyone had got it working?
  2. Anyone given SU10 to a go yet? The best improvements seem to be in really built up areas where the difference can be between 10-20fps. I imagine all this depends on your CPU and resolution you're trying to run at. My 3090 + 10900K machine in 4K at max settings in built-up areas typically got around 25-30fps, so it will interesting to see if it brings any improvement for me without dropping the settings. Someone also recommended to delete the local cache data first and apparently there will be a Nvidia driver update in the coming weeks which hopefully will improve performance further.
  3. So, recently there have been rumours that Asobo presented to Xbox (Phil again?) a prototype racing game. Given what happened last time with the result being MSFS and how they don't do things by halves, can you imagine if they lent on the blackshark.ai engine to create a higher fidelity localised version of the world with drivable roads and landscapes based on satellite imagery? They're already halfway there but can appreciate most of the assets in MSFS are only suited to flying at over 1000ft. Maybe use what they've got and augment it with processed versions of the street-view images they've got access at Microsoft. Don't get me wrong, I don't think for one second that this is what they're working on, but one can dream Microsoft Driving Simulator: So real you can practise for a driving test around your local area
  4. Couple of things fell flat but overall this has got me pretty excited to watch it. Count me in
  5. Out of interest, how are you watching episode 8 when I'm stuck with only 3 episodes? I don't mind so much as the stories are self contained, so it's not like I'm desperately waiting to see what happens in the next one. Still, it would be nice not to have to wait months to see the whole series. One thing I really hope they ditch is the "Last time on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds..." as it just feels really out of place.
  6. Guess they didn't anticipate the level of demand as it seems to be down [Edit] Back up now
  7. It took me a while to realise that: is not... If you didn't know that's Camina Drummer from the Expanse in the second one. Yes and I realise that they all don't look alike - make-up and hair really make them look similar though. Anyway, absolutely loving this and feels like a true Trek show. I feel this is the first worthy addition since Enterprise finished (yes, I know people hate it but I still count it).
  8. Yeah, as I mentioned earlier there seems to be no app on the LG app store for it yet. As even paramount say you can download the app on an LG TV on their support page, I can only think it's not passed approval or been submitted in Europe yet since it's still so new. As a stop gap measure I just navigated to it from the browser, bookmarked it and added to home screen which gives the same effect (sort of) until they release one
  9. Seems pretty comprehensive:
  10. I signed up yesterday and happy so far with the selection. Watched the start of Halo Episode 1 and I thought the acting was a bit ropey considering the budget they had. Started watching Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and really impressed so far with the episode Seems like they've gone back to classic trek and not the absolute dross of Discovery / Picard (apologies if you like that). My biggest issue though is that I've got a LG OLED55B8SLC TV and I checked on the support page and it said that all LG TV's from 2018+ were supported. Well mine is 2018, but the app is not available through the app store. Does anyone else have an LG TV and is the app available? I can't believe they're being so picky to add it for specific models and not others. At the moment I'm having to view it through the browser (which seems to work fine) and add the bookmark as an icon on the home screen. Not great as the UI is a bit janky this way. [EDIT] Just had a look at this and it seems like the app is not available yet on any LG TV's: LG Content Store - Paramount+ Maybe because it was only released today it takes a while for the app to go through. Guess this page is for the US only at the moment.
  11. It just clicked that Diablo 4 is coming to game pass I know the activision / blizzard purchase is in the pipeline but wasn’t expecting that. One less thing to purchase, though like MSFS may go and buy one of the premium versions anyway depending on what’s included.
  12. Highlights for me were: 1) Flight simulator helicopters (I’m a flight sim guy) 2) Forza Motorsport 3) Diablo 4 (been ignoring everything so far but that looked really good) 4) Starfield obviously 5) Plague Tale: Requiem Love the fact that these are all coming to game pass. It’s insane we can play all this without spending an extra penny* *besides the subscription. Overall a solid 8/10 from me. I realise some people will be disappointed with no Fable / Avowed etc, but that just means more to look forward for next time.
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