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  1. omg... that online bit sounds wicked. I cant play online at the moment... issues with wireless... dont ask. I thought there would be loads of delay downloading other players kreated characters but the fact you say there isnt thats pretty damn cool. I'm waiting to hear more about the Wii version they said theyre making but still nothing on the official site, however they have uploaded some sort of video entitled "happy slapping", as I remembered its where kids record each other on their mobile phones camera like beating other people up... its pretty insane but the MK version obviously has to include gore lol they start performing fatalities on each other which is fun to watch. http://www.kreativekilling.co.uk if you wanna check it out for yourself. anyone else seen any other funny MK videos? I saw a bunch of animations on newgrounds which were hilarious, dont have the link but you can search for it on the main site.
  2. hmmm tempting, id be very tempted to do it.
  3. even though you all said its old and rubbish, you blatantly all had a 2nd go when you got caught out the first time you tried it got 30 secs on my first go, it does get harder.
  4. I'm glad I saw this message, make sure everyelse see's it too. Thanks for the heads up on this one.
  5. I only just heard there was a Wii port, I honestly can't believe it! I thought the Wii wouldnt never accomodate such a violent game! I've been looking at how DBZ works using the wiimote and it looks fun doing the kamehameha motions. I can only hope they do something equally as amusing with MK:A.
  6. ooh wii version... that could be interesting. I've been watching how DBZ Tenkaichi 2 is played using the wiimote and it looks awesome. You literally do the Kamehameha motion to make it come out. Maybe MK could be similar... not sure if it would work well.
  7. You see I dont even know those MK games you're talkin about cos I ignored the whole 3d fighter genre until recently. Its wierd cos I've seen so many positive reviews for this game until your one. You do seem to know what you're talkin about tho I guess its all down to preference.
  8. If they would hurry up and release it I could tell you, but judging from the reviews I heard the konquest mode was one of the key selling points. Must admit I need more now thanks to Unclenasty puttin me off lol. then again that is just one persons opinion.
  9. ouch, this is gonna seem real sad but im jus a bit obsessed with fightin games, I wish I worked for them. I get updates via e-mail so thought there'd be at least one other member here who is as eager as i am for this game this is what happens when capcom dont release a new street fighter in 10 years.... and NO alpha anthologies does NOT count! Unclenasty - Is it really that bad? I must admit I was lookin forward to it after seeing the character roster. ps. I took off my headphones for the repetitive music. pss. LOL at posting photos of flowers, you guys are nutz. didn't realise gardening discussion was also accepted here.
  10. Hey guys, not sure how many of you here are fans of the Mortal Kombat series but thought you might be keen to see the brand new website released last night. (Not entirely sure whether posting url's is permited, I did look in the rules post but didnt see anything relating, however its to do with games and in our best interest as gamers so please let me know if I've done something wrong.) http://www.kreativekilling.com Trust midway to replace the C with a K! Anyway its a fun website from what I saw, and even has a cool section feature where you can upload a photo and watch yourself perform a fatality on to one of your friends! it would be cool to see what scenes you guys can create as it gives you a link to your creation... sorry... Kreation! So who here is gonna buy it when its released? or should I ask... who already has it? and is it any good?
  11. Indeed, from what I have gathered the virtual console is a huge selling point for the wii, most Nintendo fans are fans of the classics as they're the reason they began playing the games in the first place. IMHO its always fun to go back and play some of the retro classics.
  12. Damn now thats what I call a christmas present!
  13. My bad, You feel our pain then? I meant to say "The US should count themselves lucky!" To be honest its getting less and less about power machines and more about actually having fun when playing a game IMHO.
  14. lol! I wanted to wait for a different colour but I cant... could always sell it and rebuy it if a cool colour comes out.
  15. Does anyone know for sure what colours will be available on launch?
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