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  1. They’re not going to take pre-orders then take more than the stated price from your account. Far Cry 6, Valhalla and Watchdogs are all £51.99 as well.
  2. I'd bet a bollock that you'll be able to get the launch games under £70 from the get-go.
  3. This price hike happens every new generation. I've never paid more than £39.99 for a new game and after a while discounts flood the online stores. If you want to go digital only at launch and pay full whack then just get those PS4/Xbox games that'll have the free update patches. They're going to be way better than any launch titles anyway.
  4. They’ll be dishing out the digital only one closer to launch, like Donald Trump throwing paper towels to victims in a disaster area.
  5. I love getting launch day consoles. The excitement as you unbox followed by the sinking feeling of “oh, it looks like a (insert last-gen console here)". Then the realisation that most of the apps you use aren’t available yet and there’s a weird noise coming from somewhere. Pre-ordered.
  6. Do you have to pay the full amount as soon as you pre-order? Went to the checkout and it looked like you do.
  7. Mando’s portrayed by Brendan Wayne, John Wayne’s grandson, most of the time. No weirder to cast Pedro Pascal than to cast James Earl Jones and then get the Green-Cross Code man to do everything on set. I guess Pedro’s worried people will forget what he looks like.
  8. So as far it looks like we’re getting... One of the great things about season 1 was the lack of memberberries, so I hope it doesn’t turn into a cluttered shoe-horning in of old characters. Then again, seeing how the cartoons have better character development than at least six of the movies in the “Skywalker Saga” (cough), it’s pretty good to bring them to a wider audience and slap-bang into a hit TV show, if they do it right.
  9. She already has hair. But whoever the fuck she’s playing the Star Wars universe is about to get a lot more fun with Sasha Banks in it.
  10. Turned out that the cartoons are the glue keeping the whole franchise narrative together.
  11. Not Rosario Dawson is actually wrestler Sasha Banks. So either she’s playing Ahsoka, not Rosario Dawson, or if the rumours are true she’s playing... Could be something completely different of course but as we saw the... at the end of Series 1...
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