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  1. I’ve already maxed out the Gold conversion and £28.99 a month 0% finance is far more manageable right now than a few hundred quid upfront.
  2. Regarding Control, didn’t Sony just give away the full-fat PS5 version of that on PS+? Got that sitting in my library for the day I finally get one, so wasn’t going to pick it up on Series X. What I will be picking up are Valhalla and Like a Dragon, with some 4k/60fps Gamepass Beyond Light thrown in.
  3. 0nce you get past the Home Delivery choice and select what you want you have twenty minutes to check out.
  4. @cassidy Great. Unlimited games until 2025.
  5. I have All Access until January 2023 anyway, so can I still add the all access years from my new purchase? That would take me well over the max allowed I think.
  6. Says posted Royal Mail 48 tracked, so hopefully by Saturday.
  7. For anyone queueing for any consoles, or anything for that matter, when an online retailer says they’re dropping at x-O’clock they almost always go live about five to 10 minutes early. So get in and start refreshing with time to spare.
  8. Game have said they’re dropping some Series X’s on All Access at 10am today. Hopefully that means less scalpers.
  9. It’s always triggers that go for me. Think out of dozens of controllers over many years I’ve only had trouble with the sticks in a couple.
  10. Series S available at Very. https://www.very.co.uk/xbox-series-s-xbox-series-s-with-optional-extras/1600503630.prd?itemAdded=true&_requestid=68022
  11. I don’t blame them for semi-conductor shortages. I just want to take my ticket number and wait patiently.
  12. Unless they’re announcing you can order one without having to join an alert-bot Twitter or Discord group, followed by a frantic dash to a crashed website which once refreshed a dozen times puts you in a queue for an hour, let’s you put a compulsory £699.99 bundle in your basket and then kicks you out saying there’s no stock....they can fuck off.
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