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  1. My only console’s a Series X and I’ve been using Gamepass for getting on two years. I love the enhancements for stuff like Dishonoured and all the rest, but I’m not sure these are games I’d be in a rush to replay if they weren’t being pumped into my living room, and if they were they’re available for a pittance. The lack of new MS games means pretty much all the games I really want to play I pay for separately to Gamepass, Like a Dragon, Resi 8 and Valhalla etc. I get that Gamepass Ultimate is a great deal for the one quid conversion, but at full price I’m not sure I’d re
  2. And Series X is the best way to play decade old games you can pick up in a bargain bin for a couple of quid. Or with a Gamepass subscription.
  3. In Hardcore you wil die and die a lot.
  4. While watching Avengers Assemble, or any other MCU film, I can’t recall ever thinking, “This looks like a TV show.” As for these days, there’s probably more money for commissioning content and paying talent sloshing around in TV (streaming services) than there is in cinema. And if that wasn’t the case before covid, it sure is now. Re-watched all the MCU films over the past year and Ragnarok was one that I thought was actually better than I remembered. Just pure fun and games throughout.
  5. Great, Gears 4’s the only Gears I’ve not played yet. Love me some Gears.
  6. Disney have finally settled with all the authors they weren’t paying. https://www.superherohype.com/geek-culture/497502-disney-settles-royalties-dispute-with-star-wars-authors
  7. Loving this for the most part but the bullet sponge baddies are annoying. Half the time you can empty an entire clip into them without them even blinking.
  8. Yeah, it got an update a while back for the new consoles. Doesn’t have the X|S label, but it runs at 60fps.
  9. Never finished Outer Worlds so giving it another go. I’d forgotten how utterly brilliant it is. Definitely a highlight of last gen and puts the latest few Fallout games to shame. Now a buttery 60fps, I’m going through on Hard rather than Supernova. Last time on Supernova my companions only lasted a minute before they were killed never to return, which seemed to make the companion mechanic redundant.
  10. Anyone on Series X changed the camera settings? And what to?
  11. Everyone in this runs like Buzz Lightyear.
  12. Sticking with Hardcore and after eventually getting past the very first thing, what follows is hell. Died so many times it’s like Live Die Repeat. Each time I try again I do feel I’ve made a little progress though. Gonna stick with it like this.
  13. Heart of the Jedi finally got pulled, but not before it had outperformed every other Star Wars book currently available. @TrebleHave you read Lost Stars? Would be a good palate cleanser after this.
  14. Stuck this on hardcore and got repeatedly mullered by the first assailant. Going back for more punishment later.
  15. Nomadland - 5/5 The realisation during the credits that these guys were just these guys broke me.
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