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  1. Based on my childhood memories, not my adult re-viewing. Robin of Sherwood - Pure fucking class. The ones before Sean Connery Jr. took over are the best. Airwolf - The theme tune alone brought on early puberty. Battlestar Galactica - Star Wars, but every week. The Professionals - I never understood why sometimes I was allowed to stay up and watch this. Dick Turpin - This would probably be higher if I had anything but a fuzzy memory of it.
  2. Are Rebels and Clone Wars really that good? Because at the moment I’m struggling to watch something that looks like a Saturday morning kids show with the graphics from a PS2 cut scene
  3. Yeah, the LG one is giving a way better picture than either the PS or Xbox right now for some reason??
  4. @RYAN WHITELAW The Digital Foundry clip up the page explains what the problem is. I’d guess they’ll either fix it before launch or patch it at some point.
  5. ‘The resolution is changing for different users and on different devices. I was getting an absolutely shite picture that looked like VHS at one point.
  6. It looks fine, just stutters now and then which I’m assuming is because it’s not buffering fast enough from the USB.
  7. Only done the first two episodes so far, but this is fantastic up to now.
  8. So I’ve tried this on all my devices now. One X - Error 39, nothing PS4 Pro - works but a horrible downscaled image. LG C8 app - Works and in Dolby Vision What’s with the discrepancies??
  9. Thanks, just ordered from there. Same price as the previous order.
  10. Yeah, it’s running it worse than Media Player.
  11. Uncharted 4 would be good. Whizzed through it on release but pretty sure there’s more packed in there than I experienced.
  12. BroForce is my go to when anyone comes over and everyone’s loved it so far.
  13. Digital Foundry have run tests on the different machines performance of the demo with some surprising results. One X pushes more pixels but PS4Pro is by far the smoothest, with the Pro hitting 60fps to the high 50’s and One X dropping to the forties during gameplay, and even 30’s in cut-scenes. The cause serms to be the increased pixels and gubbins they’re making the One X do. Thinking to cancel my Xbox copy and get it on Pro instead now. Except now all the prices have gone up.
  14. Hmmm...using the app on my C8 now rather than through the Xbox and it’s fine on that.
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