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  1. Putting on a VR helmet and climbing into a Feisar. No competition.
  2. I’ve gotten back into Kieron Gillen’s Darth Vader again and it’s great fun. I kind of run out of steam with it a bit sometimes but find it great in short bursts. Have to go back to Doctor Aphra once I’ve finished the run. Also started Heir to the Empire which I’m enjoying a lot. Got Lost Stars set up to go next.
  3. So targeted quantitative easing basically. At this rate we’ll have the whacky, far-left, loony-Green Universal Basic Income introduced by the Tories.
  4. That makes sense that games with micro transactions should be cheaper, if not free but doesn’t make any sense for games that don’t use them. I’ve gotten about 200 hours from The Witcher III and GTA V. Had I spent £55 at launch that would have been about 27p for every hour of play. The fact I paid about twenty quid brings that down to 10p an hour. Now most games don’t offer anywhere near that length, but if you don’t buy any old crap, they still compare very favourably to other forms of media in terms of what you get for your money, even if you pay full-whack. Which I never do. They try and hike-up the prices every gen but launch games rrp still seems to be about fifty of sixty quid, which is what the rrp was on some SNES cartridges back in the early nineties! The fact that after a year or two they cost the same as Spectrum games cost in 1983 is bonkers. I think ultimately we’ll all be moving to subscription services anyway, with or without the option to actually buy individual games.
  5. £399 and £499 respectively. Let’s face it, they don’t really want you to be buying discs anymore so why not go the full hundred quid difference to promote digital?
  6. Hard on this is not that hard. You’ll die and it’s challenging, but you can still go in all guns blazing and have a decent chance of success.
  7. Got the Platinum headset so hopefully that will be compatible with the PS5. It’s a decent headset for the money.
  8. Pitching gambling at kids is illegal. This should lead to an age limit of 18 on all games containing loot-boxes. Bet companies will already be working out ways around this. What happens to a game like Crash Racing that has loot-boxes added after release? Either stick an age-restriction at release or take a hefty fine and withdrawal of un-certified copies hopefully.
  9. The latest dancing on a pin is that people who think the combat is a bit different haven’t played the last one recently enough. If that fails it’s the last gasp Rllmuk Godwin’s Law Hive-Mind troll-defence. I was on my endless Grounded TLOU & Left Behind play-through up until the day this one came out. Still not finished.
  10. The combat has had a complete bloody overhaul. You no longer have to fashion shivs to kill Clickers, in fact shivs seem to have disappeared completely. Melee combat is vastly improved and you can now also dodge. There are new weapons, more varied combat situations and a wider variety of enemies requiring different techniques to kill them. The bow and arrow has been improved as have the other weapons which makes combat more precise without removing completely the panicked difficulty in lining up a shot properly. The criticism about NPCs not being noticed by enemies has been addressed to an extent, although not eradicated totally. In twenty hours I’ve only had one situation where my buddy was just ignored completely, whereas in the first game it happened often. As for enemies not noticing when you stealth kill people nearby, I can only assume that is happening on lower levels of difficulty as I’m on Hard and constantly getting spotted unless I make a kill out of sight and a fair way away from their mates. Hard is challenging but still let’s you have great fun with the weapons. Anyone who’s tried even harder levels knows that the most effective weapons in the game are often the bottles and the bricks.
  11. Even if it’s quiet initially, the amount of dust going into those jumbo vents over the years will need an industrial suction-pump to remove. I’d expect a hardware revision within the first year and a Slim model in the second or third. The PS3 got flack for its size and design but I always found it to be pretty unobtrusive in the living room. Hopefully this will be the same in the flesh.
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