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  1. I’ve just started Volume 1 and am loving it. Not read any new Dredd for decades and this is making me wonder why??
  2. @Darren I can’t get on board with the non Gillen Aphra at all. It just seems very formulaic and nothing special. Gillen’s run is so perfect and complete, and actually adds to the universe. Likewise his Vader, although somehow they’ve managed to maintain the quality there over three different writers.
  3. I’m a sucker for some Halloween schlock, so ordered the limited run Ghosts of Vader’s castle for Halloween. Chucked in Soule’s Darth Vader omnibus too as the shipping was the same.
  4. Outer Rim is finally getting an expansion called Unfinished Business. Love Outer Rim. Great fun and nice and accessible. https://www.dicebreaker.com/games/star-wars-outer-rim/news/star-wars-outer-rim-expansion-unfinished-business-announced
  5. Thinking about it, I’m probably most excited for the Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk upgrades on Series X. Managed to resist Cyberpunk for a year, so hopefully will never experience the full disappointment it was on launch. Played dozens of hours of Witcher 3 on PS4 but never ever came close to finishing it. More than happy to start from scratch with a buttery-smooth, ray-traced 4k version. It might just be a happy Christmas after all.
  6. Now Autumn’s creeping in I’m starting to finally get into Valhalla, but for the longest time I just couldn’t face it because I loved the characters and settings in Odyssey so much. And yeah, Kassandra all the way.
  7. Having an Xbox with Gamepass I am default excited for Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5. Even though Halo might be shite.
  8. I’ve paid stuff off early with Klarna before but the All Access payyent page doesn’t seem to have a Pay Arlo or Pay now option. Similarly annoying, you don’t seem to be able to use a credit card for payments.
  9. Can you overpay All Access, or pay it all back early? Looking at my Klarna account and there doesn’t seem to be the option for either.
  10. If you get the Judge Dredd bundle for this will it work on Blops Cold War as well?
  11. Great tease, but from what they showed it looks like it’s a long way off.
  12. For any book collectors, Kieron Gillen’s entire run on Darth Vader is being reprinted in a new Omnibus release. Well worth getting if you missed out on the first printing, which now goes for over two-hundred quid.
  13. The Last of Us the movie part II was pretty good. Very tense, like the last one. It does feel like I’m watching episodes of a TV show that are only released every few years though. Not sure that’s particularly a bad thing if the quality’s good. I’ll take two episodes of this over the last 100 episodes of Walking Dead.
  14. Resistance 3 was pretty great. I loved the first Resistance at the time as well. Still have fond memories of sniping people from the top of Manchester cathedral. The weapon secondary functions were fun and I’m pretty sure Vanquish nicked the design of the first boss. Not really interested in playing them again, but then that goes for 99% of all the remasters we’re getting.
  15. My eldest’s 3 so not much modern TV cross-over outside of the familiarity of watching In the Night Garden for the thousandth time. He does thankfully like the Muppets though, and is a big fan of the Goodies.
  16. I can barely remember but I think I ended up with a Scart which had a switch on it that worked. I had other problems with it being NTSC as well. Got it chipped and everything was fine, although I think I ended up using some DVD X switch trick on a replacement console. Whatever, it was all a hassle.
  17. You had to get a different kind of scart lead didn’t you? Did an RF lead give non-green dvd-playback? Whatever, I remember loads of people getting their new PS2’s and being confronted by green films.
  18. Yeah, my PS5 gave off a horrible, not particularly loud, but very high pitched whine. Some people can probably tolerate this but I found it like nails down a chalk-board and sold it. I’ve heard a few excuses for this from them needing to be ‘broken in’ to loose stickers. Old electrics is a new one on me. All I know is that I’ve never had any other console or electric device that’s made such a noise. My Series X is all but silent.
  19. I never minded the look of the PS3 but can’t stand the PS5. The only one which was actually borked though was the PS2 with its green DVD playback back when Scart leads weren’t the norm. Also, the PS2 like the PS3 did things in its own way, leading to lots of early games looking very much sub-Dreamcast. Speaking of which, does anyone have the new CFI-1100 PS5 revision? I’m trying to find out if it still whines like a three year old not getting an ice-cream. If it doesn’t I’ll pick one up.
  20. Regarding the All Things Must Pass releases, and there are quite a few, the album itself can be picked up for not very much and the extra tracks are all on Spotify. The deluxe vinyl collection can be had for for around £60, which is 5 records and a poster. No too bad really. Anyone buying the £1000 Uber Deluxe version gets 8 vinyl records, 5 CDs, a blu-ray, a bookmark thing made from an oak tree on George Harrison’s estate, pewter gnomes, a book on George Harrison’s love of gardening, a scrapbook, limited edition prints and posters, some Hare Krishna stuff and a set of magic beads. All shipped in a bespoke crate. I mean, there’s not really any way to logically justify £1000 on a record, but anyone buying it isn’t doing it for logical reasons. When I was at school I went with my mate to see Ravi Shankar at the Barbican and George Harrison unexpectedly turned up. When I was young I picked up a copy of ATMP in Oxfam and became obsessed with the song Apple Scruffs. The first dance at our wedding was to George’s version of If Not for You. I’d buy it in a heartbeat if I had a spare £1000 rather than an overdraft. For those of us that’ll probably never see one in the wild, Mazzy does a decent unboxing.
  21. I don’t understand how anyone that’s followed the comic over the years can think this is nothing like it. The entire movie is a re-telling of a rookie’s final street-test before becoming a Judge, just like in the comic. The violence and atmosphere is pretty perfect, with Dredd criticising rookie Anderson and asking her questions while people are dying in beautifully filmed and imaginative ways all around. The main villain is interesting and as much a victim of Mega-City One as those she now victimises. There’s a great scene showing off the Lawgiver. They squeeze in elements of Block Wars, Psi Division and Judges gone bad. And in the final minute, after all the carnage and after Anderson saves Dredd, you suddenly realise that for Dredd it’s just another regular day and he’s still got to grade his rookie like it’s no more than a driving-test. Seemed like a very decent retelling of a typical John Wagner story, wry satire included. Could’ve tried being more expansive, or including more Otto Sump/Citizen Snork/Dave goof-ball satire, but by keeping it simple it was way more effective than trying and failing at anything further. Doubt we’ll get a sequel or even TV show with the same cast after all this time. Shame.
  22. Really looking forward to this now. Christ, I might even go to the cinema for the first time since December 2019.
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