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  1. It was probably hard to arrange a removal company.
  2. I don't buy much on here at all, but I got something like a 480 from him 100 years ago.
  3. R0b

    Lake (PC & Xbox)

    Game's pesteringly ruined for me because half the lake shore isn't rendering. Important in a location game like this. The first hour, at least, is unremarkably written. Great premise for a game though.
  4. 'Release it' ingame as a feature upon completion of the game, or some other milestone (e.g. hours played, X number of Koroks, worldwide parts collected for the feature, whatever).
  5. R0b

    Nintendo Switch

    As much as I champion the Switch, my numbers reflect the absolute dearth of first party Nintendo hits too.
  6. That's strange, we swapped tons over that first 6 (?) months. I did ditch the game for a good long while though, probs that.
  7. Doesn't really feel like the onus was on him.
  8. Seems obvious that them showing Giganotosaurus killing original-Rexy way back when means she'll beat the Giga villain in the present day.
  9. I'd carry on. Rewinding however little daily progress doesn't strike me as a good idea, you'll just take longer to get to things.
  10. It looks tons better, I was surprised how poor the actual growable wheat is.
  11. Oh wow, I've just seen that in 2.0 'wheat furniture' got put in the game - really dense cubes of it that you can tile to make fields. Best news.
  12. This is a dangerous and tempting thread. Goodbye forever.
  13. The Dolphin emulator and VR is looking pretty promising. The idea of just sitting somewhere in Delfina Plaza and revisiting classic locales in a touristic fashion is enough for me.
  14. Don't you dare fall into the seductive trap of a prequel that explains away mystery while also relying on changing the first installment's concept, @K, don't you dare.
  15. Only 6 crop types seems unnecessarily tight. I can't imagine there'll be more now.
  16. I came in to say it looks like they've made a killing with this early release for the premium edition.
  17. I forgot about postage! Thanks so much.
  18. Agreed that a better hobby is a pouring of contrarian scorn everywhere, but it's okay to diversify. I'm just prodding at your pride at only giving something with depth 2 minutes, obv.
  19. I could do with a crop-based favour. I'm streaming to a few friends' kids today and so set up the update yesterday and got Leif working. Museum is closed for the coffee shop, which can't be helped. I paid for Leif as I'll be demoing some major planting. Leif arrived today and only has pumpkins and wheat - does anyone have a surplus of seeds other than those two at their disposal? I didn't think about the update features needing 'setup' as AC things sometimes do. Almost *really* screwed up by waiting to see everything today, but had a feeling... 1 vine and/or 1 glowing moss also welcome.
  20. Games deserve thought and good voices.
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