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  1. If you only focus on the homogenised AAA games, sure. But why would you? Wild things are being done in games today and if you're missing the vast variety from a ton of indie offerings, more accessible game engines, Spelunky, Dreams, Labo, TLoU, Tetris 99, VR as a whole, Flight Sim, Yakuza and just one million other inventive twists every single year, you may well be lost to the 'good old days' syndrome.
  2. How dare you. Look what you've done, Pockets.
  3. 'At least' was a bulwark against the dekays listing the obvious other genre-besters, of course.
  4. I fawn over those games, if that's the kind of language we have to use, because they're the best adventure platformers made. That's at least two genres mastered by Nintendo through Mario, let's just celebrate it.
  5. This is free on Epic store TODAY, and it's well worth your time. Good luck keeping it to one afternoon!
  6. It really devalues games, but is also amazing. With this stuff and Gamepass, I don't see how it's sustainable.
  7. Rob Rule


    They translated Mother last gen.
  8. This chat makes it sound like getting a FE card is going to be even more troublesome? Brilliant.
  9. Bunch of Serbian Cyrillic on the label (I know snatches of it).
  10. Yes to both - think it's often from sticker removal and peoples' digging in nails. Worked in a game shop at 16 and the two injuries you describe would pop up on dummy boxes too.
  11. Yep, mine arrived the same day - with a chunky customs fee.
  12. Crossing the streams sounds like a terrible idea, but I am live now, as it happens. Click here
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