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  1. You sometimes don't know until you put it into the environment. I'd not be surprised if Animal Crossing creates a whole new generation of pixel art tileset artists.
  2. I was laughing about 'MumDad' earlier in the thread, tickles me hard for some reason. Loving that plank texture.
  3. I know we're stuck with it forever, but if Nintendo is loading in everything of one character all at once as they arrive, boy do I wish they'd stream what they could in the background and reduce the load. I.e. load in the character model and essential data, but have your inventory greyed out until it's stream loaded a touch later, same with your personal crafting menu stream loaded in the background too (that info follows you as you can craft in someone's village). A packed island frustrates fast sometimes.
  4. Who was Liam from Meadows? Missed the forum name.
  5. As is Butterwell, add it to the shopping list. Dodode: BJB74 As usual I'll edit this post when I close the gate.
  6. Nintendo of Europe killing NoA with the special editions yet again.
  7. Designs support transparency, don't they? Could shave the corners off so you don't get those harsh right angled corners. Although...can you copy/paste a pro design to a second pro design, or maybe duplicate it so you can work on it? If not it'd be a nightmare. Designs as paths have been a staple for so many years now I'd like to see designs be able to texture the new inbuilt paths mechanic, so corners and borders take care of themselves.
  8. Gates still open for shopping and tailor for my Switch friends list. Sorry if I don't have you added to my list yet, the first post friends code list is unworkable/huge. That communal spreadsheet with forum names, ingame name and town is sorely needed.
  9. We need a PSA on every page for new players that running through flowers breaks them, and that they're crafting ingredients/cosmetic so can set things back a few days. EVERY PAGE.
  10. You can decorate your home if they're not physically in it. You can access storage, use your inventory, chop trees, dig stuff up, plant flowers. Def limiting having guests though, Butterwell would be about double the size if it wasn't for the lovely socialising aspect of the game, probably. Basically it's: no outdoors decorating, no museum donations.
  11. The teacup ride, for 5k Nook Miles, is... unessential. Unrideable, dammit.
  12. Let's play Soul Calibur Legends on the Wii!
  13. Gates open for friends list. Tailor in town, shop has some items. Added @Nequests
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