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  1. You need an art budget for that.
  2. Thanks to the always wonderful @ianinthefutureI've now got Rings installed and it makes a huge difference having even low-res cover images included. Being able to actually save games directly to the SD card is excellent as well because it's otherwise a right faff. Now I can keep my 4MB Saturn cart in all the time.
  3. Yeah it should be appearing any time from now. That delay is clearly affecting a lot more areas. I wondered why I hadn't been getting complaints saying 'Star Wars Battlefront and Force Awakens aren't retro' yet.
  4. Hmm you shouldn't be waiting this long for the King Of Fighters issue. I'm assuming you've contacted Magazines Direct?
  5. I write the articles and supply images. After that it’s out of my hands. Will let them know
  6. My list of Saturn games is now up on Games Radar. Fill your boots. https://www.gamesradar.com/uk/best-saturn-games-all-time/
  7. Yup I'm pretty pleased with how that one looks.
  8. I went into Five Guys about 2 years ago. My wife and I shared some chips. Had a burger each, an alcoholic drink each and paid about £35 for it. It was really sloppy and I've not been back since. The end.
  9. I really love the KOF subs cover
  10. If you mean me? Then nothing. If you mean the mag? Pretty much nothing.
  11. Have you contacted help@magazinesdirect.com as they should be able to help you.
  12. I’ve picked up lazyace’s hrap hori switch stick. Can’t wait to use it on my switch shooters and possibly games like Dead Cells.
  13. It does feel like it’s finally hitting its stride now. I can’t remember a year where we’ve had this many catalogue releases for example. Normally I can pick up every older film I’m interested in but this year I’ve struggled to keep up and still missing plenty of big hitters.
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