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  1. strider


    Considering what originals sell for I would still bite.
  2. I'm sure I've asked this in another post here but is there a decent website for letting you know which PAL games are region locked and which are unoptimised? Japanese games are getting so expensive that I'm happier to get the naffer looking UK boxes if the games will still run at 60hz without glitching.
  3. My enduring memory of Event Horizon is going to see it with my friend Mark. He jumps at absolutely anything and when one of the doors on the spaceship opened he jumped so much that he spilt his coke all over himself and the girl sitting behind him. he never did see the end of the film
  4. Interesting. I actually think Blade Runner is massively overrated and I actually think Blade Runner 2049 is the better movie. For me Blade Runner is incredibly stylish but has no substance whatsoever. I get why people love it, but it's never worked for me (even though I still have the 5-disc set they released a few years back).
  5. 1917 (2019) 4k Roger Deakins makes war look beautiful. 4/5 Platoon (1986) tv Still the best Vietnam war film I've seen. Great performances from the three leads and the soundtrack is glorious. 5/5 Cliffhanger (1993) tv Caught this on ITV and it's still great fun. Some nice brutal deaths, a fun turn from Lithgow and some great set-pieces. 4/5 Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone Better than I remember. 3/5
  6. I'm really struggling to get on with this. I find the steering too twitchy and I'm struggling to make any progress whatsoever. I'm playing it on PC and while it runs at 60fps it seems to constantly judder. I can't work out if it's designed to simulate speed or if it's an optimisation issue but it's really off-putting. The character voices are immensely annoying as well but you can at least turn them off. Going to play it some more over the weekend as I've been really looking forward to it, but it's simply not vibing with me at the mo
  7. I managed 8 seconds and had to turn it off. I hope I don't sound that annoying on my Youtube videos.
  8. I'm not too sure how I feel about that second Piko collection at the moment. It feels like there's a lot of stuff on there that's there to bump up the numbers. My only real concern is that some compilations are going to be shrunk down in order to sell multiple carts. I think the Interplay carts are a really good indication of this.
  9. Thanks both of you. I guess I'll play the games from last month, rather than unlocking these ones early
  10. I'm a little confused as to how this works. I took out a month-to-month sub which started on the 8th of August and renews automatically on the 25th of September. However, all of September's choices are locked and it says I have to pay £9.66 to unlock them. Surely they should be available already or do I have to wait for 25th of September to get them?
  11. Whoops.
  12. After 3 months my two harry potter films have turned up. Got plenty of stuff to watch at the mo.
  13. Tenet Good cast, but it disappears up its own rancid asshole. Lots of spectacle, lots of cool idea, but the execution was lacking for me. If this is cinema’s triumphant return cinema is fucked and that makes me sad. 3/5
  14. I doubt you'll be disappointed. Mine are Swedish imports (they turned up last week before Disney suddenly stealth-dropped them all in the UK) but they're virtually identical to the UK versions. Close-ups looked excellent and Darth Vader's helmet is super shiny in Jedi. I'm keen to see Empire, but as I watched it at the cinema last week I'll probably wait a while.
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