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  1. You can request a replacement at https://www.mymagazine.co.uk/
  2. But if you keep buying it I can hopefully work on it until I retire.
  3. Sorry to hear you're having problems. We've mentioned many times that readers like to collect our issues so an extension isn't suitable for them. It's frustrating to hear this still happening.
  4. I'm joking with regards to the Jaguar. It's just as easy target.
  5. Had a Pal copy of Tempest 2000 turn up. There goes the one reason to own an Atari Jaguar
  6. Oh I don't intend to. I'd never be able to buy back the games I'd lost and if I did Mel would probably divorce me.
  7. If I get a Satiator I would want to sell all my Saturn games, or I would never buy any new ones and I couldn't do that to my console.
  8. Sony 29 inch PVM with wonky geometry around the sides!
  9. I solved that problem by getting a shed. I can't hear her out here!
  10. I meant sell off games from other systems so I can get my Saturn stuff! I really regret selling off Cotton and Guardian Force but as they're now heading to Switch I'm less fussed about owning them again.
  11. Cool. I don't think I'd bother with one for the Saturn, but a Mega-CD option would be nice.
  12. It's certainly something I've been considering more and more. I've probably got most of the key Saturn stuff I want, so I don't mind spending cash on that system. But for the Mega-CD or PC Engine I've got nothing, so even fundamentals would cost a fair few hundred to secure.
  13. So it that the Saturn equivalent of your dreamcast? My friend has an SD in his saturn and swears by it but I love my physical games too much.
  14. Here’s my Pal stuff and the game I was playing last night.
  15. Thanks. I’ve been really enjoying all the arcade stuff lately so I may sell a few things off to better focus on it
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