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  1. I committed the cardinal sin of buying it on itunes for £12.99!
  2. Sadly not. We didn’t get it early enough for Thursday’s issue. Is in the following.
  3. Shameless plug Thursday’s issue of Retro Gamer (240)has a Making of this compilation An Atari-themed calendar 50 Years Of Atari feature Shameless plug finishes
  4. I do like the idea of that but my compulsive nature means I'd end up buying all his books in a week I like the thrill of the charity shop hunt so far. Will try Boscombe this weekend.
  5. Yeah, no one ever talks about them
  6. I’ve decided to collect every Stephen King release and maybe even read them. Going to hit the charity shops today in the hope of finding The Stand, my favourite book.
  7. Just got this from smyths for £42. Super excited to be playing one of the best games of all time again. Everything i’ve Read about this so far suggests it’s not the base ps4 game with 4K visuals slapped on top, so really looking forward to it.
  8. Ah, I thought you meant the PAL version. I had someone as if I would sell mine for £40 (it was priced at £60). I said they could have it for £30 if they could find it anywhere cheaper. They came back an hour later and paid the full asking price (I was about £30 cheaper than everyone else)
  9. £90 is a great price for Mario. i sold a bunch of items there just before COVID and did very well. Planning to sell there again next year.
  10. Dead Silence. My daughter has terrible taste in movies. 2/5
  11. This was the very first game I bought. I thought it was going to be an amazing cartoon-like experience where you cast spells and did really cool, wizard-like things. I was wrong.
  12. Still looking forward to mine. I'm hearing good things about it so far.
  13. See, I'd be concerned about buying DVDs as I'm worried they'd look like ass on my 65 inch OLED. They don't tend to have the 3d aural tracks I've started to fall in love with either.
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