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  1. I think you could be right about Edge. i certainly remember the back page of arcade having a lot of retro stuff, like the force from r-type.
  2. We’ve seen a notable increase in both subs and newsstand sales, so we’re doing okay.
  3. I got a custom charge today sadly. Although it wasn’t a limited run release.
  4. I'm not saying all these things only just happened, I simply observed that they seem far more commercial now than they've ever been and that's largely happened in the last decade.
  5. All this talk of retro gaming being a big thing is interesting. While the five year debate is obviously rather untrue, a lot of stuff has happened in the last decade that highlights just how commercial retro gaming has now become. Mini consoles, games being released on old hardware, events, kickstarter books and just a few examples. We've actually done a piece on this very thing for the next issue. Retro gaming has been around for years as has already been pointed out, but it's certainly picked up a lot of steam this past decade.
  6. I would't worry too much. It will turn up. I'm waiting for it, too.
  7. It can take a few weeks. It's also dependent on orders. So if you ordered two games at the same time you won't get them until they are both ready to ship. I've been waiting for Danmaku unlimited since Jan as that's when I ordered Celeste.
  8. I've ordered over 70 games from them and never had a custom charge in my life. I can't count for their customer service as I've never received damaged products. Even when I've bought 3 games at the same time there's ever been a charge. It's all accounted for when you pay the $15 shipping. Edit and I've just added up what thats cost me over the last three years and now I want to throw up.
  9. We’ve spoken to Matt for issue 200 and he states he owns the rights to Manic Miner but not Jet Set Willy.
  10. This is absolutely brilliant as David Darling might say. It’s also £23 at Argos as the moment, which is a fantastic price.
  11. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Gamestyle
  12. So he didn't tell you about the mini supplement that's dedicated to the Jaguar CD?
  13. The Raspberry Pi thing has already been done
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