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  1. My daughter would approve of all those LEDs @skittles Glad you're enjoying it, can't wait to get mine.
  2. I've been surprised by how many shmups are coming over to Steam. It's weird that the Psikyo shooters don't allow you to save scores (I'm not sure if this is updated yet) but games like Raiden III and Ikaruga are certainly making me think about selling off my physical versions. Oh and now I'm working permanently from home I've discovered that my new monitor actually swivels so I can enjoy games in Tate mode
  3. I reckon they're going to aim for 2 carts a month. I can certainly manage that.
  4. I tried to load up Monster Hunter today, just so I can see how it compares but it keeps crashing. I got to the title screen one and it showed everything as being on low settings. I tried updating my drivers but it won't do it, possibly because it wants windows 10 and I'm on 7. Oh well. Not long to wait.
  5. I'll certainly consider it when I get around to a new monitor but it's not on the horizon for a while. I'm not very good at those sorts of games so steer clear of them
  6. I bought it in the steam sale so will have a look at that and see how it runs on my current system
  7. Does it make that much difference? I remember running DMC as it ran at 140fps on my PC and I certainly didn't notice it feeling any more fluent than when it ran at 60. It certainly didn't look more fluid to my eyes. I've ordered this https://www.scan.co.uk/shops/3xs-pc-of-the-month so hopefully that will reach the 120 you're mentioning. I don't really play online games so hopefully that side of it shouldn't be an issue. I hate the idea of letting people down in-game because my system doesn't have the required grunt.
  8. I'm purposely playing Farcry Primal at 30 on high settings so I can be blown away when I move over to 60. It makes such a huge difference to how a game plays for me.
  9. So far I've picked up Far Cry Primal Apex edition Monster Hunter World Dodonpachi Ikaruga I've got my eye on the Jurassic World bundle as well
  10. Nice I'll certainly be up for that then when my PC turns up in a couple of weeks
  11. Is that the Microsoft thing? I did join it but it won't load as I'm currently on Windows 7 still
  12. This video has shot up in views compared to the one I did last week. Either the algorithm is kicking in for my consistency or people just really like expensive Saturn shmups. Or it's just a freak of nature
  13. I've managed to get it sorted now, just needed a reboot. It is a bit weird having games all over the place, but I'm surprised by how many shmups are now coming across to steam. I may have to sell my PS2 copy of Raiden 3 at this rate...
  14. You've mistaken me for someone who reads small print. I've got that sorted. Am booting on Steam but now I can't take pictures with the steam screenshot key. What a faff. I'm already regretting buying that PC and it hasn't turned up yet
  15. I've just purchased Farcry Primal on Steam but it says it won't load because it can't find Uplay. Why do I need Uplay to launch a Steam game?
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