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  1. Just discovered this on Netflix and watched the first two seasons. Is there going to be anything better than that Sheridan smith episode?
  2. They've been using the Sonic Screwdriver to write theirselves out of corners for years. This series is reminding me a lot of the Matt Smith era where they have a great Doctor Who who's largely let down by dull writing. When Who first came back it was a huge family event and we'd all sit down and watch it together as a family. Granted my kids are a lot older now (my youngest is 14) but it's not been watched in the same way by us since the Smith era.
  3. So far I've completed. Banjo-Kazooie (N64) The final boss is an absolutely nightmare, but I thoroughly enjoyed this and I still think it holds up really well. Sega Ages: Shinobi (Switch) Completed this on both the classic and ages modes. Took me about 5 credits for each attempt, which I felt was pretty good. GoldenEye (N64) I had to drop the difficulty level down about halfway through the game and the last few escort missions were annoying, but I still had a lot of fun with this. Classic Rare. Castlevania (N64) It's certainly aged and the game seriously runs out of steam (and has a load of performance issues) in the last few stages, but I still don't think this is the train wreck that many claim it to be. That's it for the moment.
  4. Made a little more progress last night and I've now unlocked all the base worlds (one more is hidden I believe). The levels are starting to swell in size now and the wayward spinning camera is making navigation a little trickier. I'm still finding it satisfying scouring the stages for secret switches and I've now collected seven of the runestones that are needed. Definitely going to get it completed this time around.I've dropped to about half my health so looks like it's back to level 1 to gain some more health!
  5. Currently playing Gauntlet Legends. I purchased this purely because my wife and I used to play it loads before the kids came along. It's incredibly dated now, but I played it with Mel and my daughter, Alice this weekend and still had a lot of fun with it. The graphics aren't the best (although a RGB mod certainly helps) and it's a little slow at times, but when the screen is filled with loads of enemies to kill it doesn't really matter. I'm halfway through the game so far and one of the things I've really noticed is the clunky save system which uses the controller pak and constantly asks you if you want to add a rumble pack. The game is designed for grinding and I've probably played the first stage about 30 times this weekend so I have enough health to take on the bosses. I'm not actually finding the grinding boring, although I have noticed that the levels become a little less interesting the further you get into the game. So far it's the very definition of a 3/5 game.
  6. 83, although the review doesnt really match the score.
  7. I’m sure castlevania got good scores at the time (around 80). Indy is supposed to be a decent tomb raider clone with a refined control system compared to the pc original.
  8. The atmosphere is very good and I like the music as well. I want to get legend but the high price is certainly putting me off. Will probably break, though.
  9. Castlevania now completed. the game really chugs on the last few stages, but the drac boss is satisfying and there’s a nice twist I had forgotten about.
  10. We try and get developer access where we can which is tougher with Japanese devs. Maybe we could do more of an indepth deep dive instead.
  11. It is very good. I’ve moved over to another rider and she seems a lot better at taking corners. Still can’t master the slide to take down other readers though. castlevania is getting a little annoying now as I’m at the duel tower. Lots of jumping but he doesn’t always grab on to ledges, which is a little frustrating. Nearly done it, though.
  12. Making more progress in Castlevania and I'm about halfway through the game. I've reached the section where you have to carry a dangerous explosive and will instantly die if you jump or get hit by enemies. There's a large number of rooms to navigate, but I was able to make my way to a new save point after five or six attempts. Annoyingly I appear to have done part of a puzzle out of sequence, so I'm hoping I don't have to retrace my steps. I had Excitebike turn up yesterday as well, so I gave that a spin. Christ it's hard! I've not even managed to finish the tutorialand after three attempts finally managed to clear the first bronze round. It reminds me a lot of WaveRace, so I'm looking forward to getting stuck into it.
  13. Now working my way through Castlevania, the original not the enhanced sequel which is on my 'to buy' list. It obviously has a lot of issues that are apparent with 3D games from the time, with the camera being the most notable culprit. You're rarely killed by things you can't see (apart from the maze section) but it's annoying whipping things off camera (you can quickly reset with the R button). The actual platforming is surprisingly solid and very rarely have I died because of a mistimed jump. There appears to be a good range of enemies on each stage and the few boss battles I've had have been pretty satisfying. I always had little love for this because it feels like a step back after Symphony, but I'm rethinking things with this current playthrough. The maze level for example is a stage I've hated in the past because the camera really does let you down. Once you realise that you can temporarily stop the dogs with your sword slashes (even when they are tailing you) the whole section becomes a lot easier. Having certain events only trigger and specific times of the day and night is an interesting effect as well. It's still early days but it's hard to hate a game that features skeletons riding motorbikes.
  14. All my stuff is ntsc so no worries there.
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