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  1. You can typically get a 14inch for around £100 and a 9 inch for even less. Granted that's still a fair hunk of cash. I saw a 14 inch one crop up on gumtree for £40 the other day so bargains still exist.
  2. I've got a 20 inch Sony Trinitron that looks superb still so it won't be going anywhere (in fact I may try and find a way to set it up still as interlacing is far less apparent on it. It can't compare to the scanlines you see on a PVM though and and it's not quite as sharp so I was happy to make the upgrade. If you can get a good Trinitron it's unlikely you'll feel like you're missing out.
  3. I’m deathly afraid of opening it up on my own. I may consider it when I can get a friend over to help but not just yet. I have found a remote to fix the geometry via the menu but it doesn’t appear to save settings so I’m going to look on eBay for another one. will try and get some more pics up later.
  4. strider

    PC Engine Mini

    I just bought one fromJapan. Am I safe to power it through my TV?
  5. It's a bittersweet experience to be fair. I had an amazing 20 inch sony before this but it broke after 3 weeks. While I'm enjoying this new one it's so sharp I'm seeing things I wouldn't normally notice. Add in the general issues I'm discovering through constant use and the worry that it could break at any moment (it's from the Nineties) and it becomes quite a rollercoaster experience. It doesn't help as well that prices of these things are climbing to silly levels (this one typically sells for £500+). Your best bet is to contact hospitals etc directly and enquire there (not at the moment mind).
  6. Sorry, I don't know what that means. I also thought you were replying to me
  7. Can you not gift fish? I did not realise that.
  8. my daughter is losing her shit because it's the last day to catch a sturgeon and I caught one this morning and she doesn't have one . My wife said that if I was a good dad I'd give it to her, but I pointed out that I spend £330 on the bloody console.
  9. It's certainly not perfect and seeing everything that 480i offers on a sharp 27 inch screen takes some getting use to but I'm happy with what I paid for it, which was a good few hundred quid than what it normally sells for.
  10. The screen goes dark when you pause it. Possibly to prevent screen burn?
  11. I travelled to Wolverhampton a few weeks back to get a Sony 2950QM PVM. The geometry needs fixing and there’s a little bit of colour bleed in the top left, bit overall I’m happy with it. Shame I scratched it a little when I was moving it!
  12. I've been playing through Doom 64 and I'm really enjoying it. The level design is really solid so far, not a patch on the first two games of course, but still very good, while the pacing has been excellent. Just got to level nine. Only downside is that the game is stupidly dark meaning you have to whack the brightness up on the TV in addition to the display on the options. Also saving doesn't actually save your control settings which seems utterly insane.
  13. My daughter made me a power point presentation on why I should buy her the new Animal Crossing Switch and it's gone crazy on Twitter
  14. Hoping to pick up a 29 inch PVM at the weekend. Getting quite excited about it.
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