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  1. Just spent all weekend watching all three seasons. Really enjoyed it.
  2. Innistrad is a complicated set so it’s absolutely worth watching someone. Channel Fireball’s luis scott vargas is good value as well.
  3. Watch drafters like Numot The Nummy and Legend or Nicholbolas (all on youtube) to get an idea of the set. Generally you'll want to focus on bombs, removal, evasion over anything else. Two drops are always a priority as well because you need to get threats down early to either beat down or trade with their creatures so you can get to your bigger spells.
  4. Fuck, had no Idea The Thing was out. I wonder if I can wait until a 2 for £30... My Donnie Darko finally arrived as well. Now I need to sort my Demons' disc out.
  5. This is amazing and it's £7.99! Nightdive Studios have been doing some excellent work and the new campaign by MachineGames is impressive as well. Amazing that this came out of nowhere.
  6. It's not staged and I didn't open the bin, it was all simply laying out (I'm assuming for someone to take if they fancied it) but it had been raining so they were all ruined.
  7. I was walking along the street this afternoon and found this in a plastic bin. Wonder if they are looking forward to part 4.
  8. I think there was references to the spanking. I’ll have to re-read it.
  9. We did an article on this a while back. Although it originally appeared in GamesTM. Really interesting background to the games.
  10. Got the second columbia classics collection yesterday. Was a little disappointed with social network, looked very soft to me. also, why the hell do we continually get audio commentaries on the blu rays. Utterly mad.
  11. It runs like absolute shit on Switch but I'm really enjoying it. In fact I'm enjoying it so much I've also started the free to play version.
  12. That looks like it has a good chance of finally flushing away the turds of Reloaded and Revolutions
  13. I think I'm going to have to join a camera club. I've been taking photos for seven odd years now and I'm still not happy with the sharpness of my images or how grainy some of them look. I can't really find any reasonably priced places for lessons in the Bournemouth area so maybe a club would be better. I'm a bit wary about mixing with people, but feel I need to push myself a little (both from a camera and COVID perspective). I've found BH Photography on a Wednesday night so will try joining that.
  14. I've put 40 hours into this now and still can't complete a run. I love the game but I'm clearly terrible at it. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Our office was permanently shut down April 2020. We always work from home now.
  16. It’s a low bar to clear, but I agree.
  17. Yes I've seen everything bar Thor. Films I consider worth owning on 4K are Captain America And The Winter Soldier Guardians 1 & 2 (I don't love 2, but I love the characters) Avengers Assemble + Infinity War and End Game Thor Ragnarok (will probably sell this)
  18. Looks ace, glad I ordered a physical copy.
  19. Agreed, which is why it's my favourite Spider-Man and probably my favourite superhero movie
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