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  1. I'm on Rechained now and the rot is starting to set in, I think it's because it's simply rehashing all the worlds from the first game. I hope they don't do that for Kingdom Hearts 2.
  2. I've not forgotten this, just been distracted by my PS5. Hollow Bastion is probably the worst world yet. The enemies suddenly ramp out and the room layouts become even more confusing and tedious. There's a really dull library sequence where you're lugging books around and it's not really fun. And holy balls but this boss is tough. She took a few attempts and then… She turned into a big ass dragon. Of course, I was predicting this because I've watched the movie countless times before, but I wasn't prepared for how ridiculously hard this fight was. It took a lot of attempts, a lot of coffee and a lot of swearing. The story continues and it's now clear that Riku has been taken over by the very person whose notes you have been searching for. He's apparently from the same world as Cloud and Co, so does that mean the Final Fantasy games are all set in the same MCU-styled universe? Anyway these princess were needed to protect the door (is Alice a princess?) and now I've got to head back to Traverse Town to find out where to go next. Time to say goodbye to everyone and head off for a new hidden world that will allow me to sneak back to the hollow. I've got a long thankless flight ahead of me and again the difficulty has ranked up so it's just not that much fun to play. Bloody Gummy Ship, I hope they drop it for Kingdom Hearts 2. Oh my now this is fan service. I love the Fantasia films so facing off against this guy is a real treat. He's hard as nails too, summoning up gigantic sheets of fire and throwing missiles at you with abandonment. Hopefully I'm near the end of the game now.
  3. And onward! We're at Halloween Town and the difficulty is starting to ramp up a little bit now. Jack Skellington is pretty strong and it's interesting that you don't seem to lose levels on Goofy or Donald when you're using the guest characters. There's so much love poured into this game, it's silly. Initially I found this area to be quite confusing to navigate but once I found the switch in the graveyard every started to come together. It's nice to see the game doing something a little different with this boss, but it's a gruelling fight because you've only got a few moments to hit Oogie Boogie. I had to do this several times before I worked out the knack to defeating him. And defeat him I did. I've not mentioned it yet, but I love the dramatic slowdown and blur effect that happens once you defeat the boss. Has this been taking from the Final Fantasy series? I can't remember for the life of me as I've only properly played 1 and VIII. Oh dear, Oogie Boogie is back and he's now gigantic. This is relatively straightforward and you just need to take out all the globs. Unfortunately some of them are quite fiddly to get to as Sora often falls off the side of platforms when he's fighting enemies. It's back to more fun as we meet up with Tigger and I play a new minigame where you have to protect Rabbit's carrots. Simple, but quite charming. Neverland, like Monstro is another confusing world with annoying level design. Fighting your shadow is a nice touch and there's some decent character development for Riku as well. He's well and truly gone over to the dark side. God the combat in Kingdom Hearts is so fucking confusing. I press buttons and stuff happens. I don't know how it happens and I still can't work out how to counter enemy attacks and I've been playing it for around 16 hours by this point. Okay, so this is where I've really messed up. I didn't do the arena earlier because I thought you needed the yellow trinity to move the block. As a result I buggered off doing the other worlds looking for this yellow trinity, not realising you get it when you defeat Hercules. Anyway, I also triggered another point in the game that makes all the heartless super tough and now Cloud and co are absolute pigs to defeat. I can't touch him and I'm on level 43 or something. Luckily, it doesn't look like you need to seal the keyhole to complete the game so I'm getting on with it. I've got to the last world and lost the keyblade to Riku. Donald and Goofy have gone off to join them, so I'm never watching any of their cartoons again. The bastard turncoats!
  4. Oh man, I completely forgot I own Droplitz on Steam. Now I have to get one.
  5. It’s 3 hours worth of movies apparently
  6. strider

    Suede Suede Suede

    I completely forgot this was coming out. Better order it. Would you say it's more in line with Coming Up?
  7. I think Re: Chain Of Memories is up next. So I'd imagine I'll start that later this week.
  8. I'm quite a way ahead, but here's what's happened so far. I've headed back to Traverse Town and me Merlin and the fairy godmother and got new information on the adventure. New areas have opened up and I need to get to them. Kingdom Hearts' main strength is its amazing presentation and this book of 100 Hundred Acre Wood is incredible. As many will know new locations open up as you explore worlds and find new pages. You'll then revisit key moments from the films and take part in decent minigames. A lovely touch. Riku is being manipulated by Sleeping Beauty's evil Queen and you just know he's going to be stitched up. Poor, gullible Riku. Try as I might I just can't get around the Gummi stuff. It's absolutely naff, makes no sense and I'm no better off understanding how it works. The shoot-em-up sections are terribly poor as well. All in all I could do without it. We're in Agrabah and Kingdom Hearts' confusing level design is really starting to come to the forefront. I'm not very good in 3D games at the best of times and I find it so confusing to navigate. Still, I've got my first Summon and its Simba, from one of my favourite Disney films. It's a lovely callback to the film and he does a lot of damage, replacing your two helper characters. Jafar is now up and he's a pretty easy boss and doesn't offer to much of a challenge at all. What a shame. But wait, he's now turned into an evil genie just like in the film. This is a decent boss fight as the level alters as you chase after Iago who has stolen the lamp. Beat it up enough times and you'll send the genie packing and ride out of danger on a magic carpet. We're now in Monstro's stomach and if I'm honest I've taken hardly any pictures from this stage. It's a truly confusing layout of screens and I stumbled by accident to where I needed to go. It's easily the weakest world so far and I didn't enjoy it at all. It doesn't help that I don't like Pinochhio, either as a film or a character. Meanwhile Riku has Kairi but she's being affected by the heartless and he's being manipulate by the Queen. He's heart is in the right place, but as the queen warns, jealousy will allow the heartless to consume you. Yes. I love The Little Mermaid so I've been itching to get to this level. It's worth nothing that the animation team have really nailed all the characters. They all look spot on and there's no dodgy modelling at all. Granted, Disney was probably a pain during the approval process but it really pays off. Sadly, these underwater stages have some of the worst combat sections. Kingdom Hearts' combat isn't great at the best of times, but adding a whole new axis just makes things disorientating. It's a pain getting to dropped items as well as they rarely float in place. Still it ends with a good two-stage boss fight. You first have to defeat the cauldron that Ursula throws potions into and then you have to take her out when she turns into a gargantuan monster. God knows how the PS2 managed that fight, must have pushed the machine to breaking point. That's enough for now. More soon.
  9. Never played these but always heard good things. This is great news considering how expensive the originals now are.
  10. Isn’t a Steam Deck completely pointless if my disc version of OutRun 2006 Coast 2 Coast won’t run on it?
  11. Powering on. One of the things I do love about the game is how well it taps into the lore of each movie. The levels are instantly iconic and they look fantastic with well-chosen cameos from key characters, even if they're usually given little to do. Alice has now been kidnapped and we're heading off to the next world to find her. I should probably clarify that I played this game originally when my daughter was only a few years old and she'd often watch it with me and absolutely loved it. I dare say the main reason I'm doing this playthrough is to recapture a little of that magic. Anyway this gummi sections are shit. They're not enjoyable at all. Now this is more like it! I do feel like Kingdom Hearts is very much like the Lego games in that you'll get more mileage out of them if you like the original movie that the game or Kingdom Hearts world is based on. I absolutely adore the Tarzan movie and again it's largely due to my daughter. I used to sing her all the songs to get her to sleep. One confusing part of the game is it's not always clear where you're supposed to go next, so I've already started to spend a lot of time simply running aimlessly through the level in the hope of triggering a cutscene, which happened here. One notable thing about this stage as you can see in the above shot is that Tarzan joins you as a playable character. It's a neat touch as it allows you more strategy when facing bosses like this rather ace one. Anyway, we've saved all of the poor gorillas and we're being advised to head back to Traversal Town. I wonder what we'll find there?
  12. So I managed to get through this and out of the most recent Marvel films after End Game I've seen so far it's easily the poorest which is really quite something. Tonally it's a complete mess, lurching from slapstick comedy to dark moments with all the finesse of a drunk trying to push home a broken Tesco trolley. Thor has been even more dumbed down than he was in previous movies, while Korg continues his assault to be the least funny character in the MCU. The Guardians were underused (although the trailer suggested that), Valkyrie continues to be a charisma vacuum (again the trailer suggested that) while Bale gives it everything he's got but has clearly turned up to the wrong movie. Love & Thunder comes alive whenever he's on-screen and he works well with Hemsworth who's clearly having a lot of fun. I know nothing about Mighty Thor but I liked Natalie Portman's character, even though it made absolutely no sense that [spoiler] how do you do spoiklers again? [/spoiler]. I don't know if that's naff writing in the original comics but I'm guessing it's unique to the film because it's filled with the kind of plot holes that those giant metal space whales from Avengers could swim through. It's peppered with some funny moments, but it looks constantly cheap and it's painfully obvious that everything is taking place on giant empty sets (and yes, I do have Motion Flow turned off). It's just an exceedingly pointless and throwaway movie that does nothing to evolve the arcs of the characters involved and once again highlights that the MCU is currently in the kind of nosedive that would have been unthinkable in the few months after End Game. I'm glad I have no investment at all in these characters outside of the films because I'd be mightily upset if I'd poured my childhood into them. What a fucking farce of a film, I knew I should have watched Get Carter.
  13. Fuck me, this is a steaming pile of shit so far.
  14. I can’t follow them. My phone isn’t translating it.
  15. If you want to just follow the story your best bet is to buy what I picked up. The remixes are just tweaked versions from what I understand.
  16. There's a lot of good reading in this thread.
  17. So I've checked and I'm good to simply go through The Story So Far Collection and Kingdom Hearts 3 as trying to make sense of the story is the main reason I wanted to attempt this. Early impressions are that it looks exceptionally crisp with fantastic use of 3D sound (thanks to my Amp probably). I'm guessing the PS4 updates were tweaked to output 1080p but I'll probably need some clarification on that. Almost immediately I was reminded of how shit the camera is in the game. It loves to roam and typically goes crazy as you get closer to buildings etc. At one point it would just start spinning and wouldn't stop. Luckily one of the quality-of-life improvements is to control the camera with the right stick so it does help a little. You can see an example of the camera here when I get to Traversal Town. I've now met up with Leon and I think this is one of the strengths of Square's game. While I'm not a huge fan of Final Fantasy, I know of enough of the characters and I did get into FF VIII so seeing characters like Leon is great. The models all look fantastic and the style reminds me of the later Disney Infinity models/games. Once I'd bested Leon and wondered around the various districts I caught up with Donald and Goofy. They provide a lot of the game's comedy, even if it's based on rather weak narration and a large number of pratfalls. The essence of both characters really comes through and I love how they interact with Sora. Of course, the downside of teaming up with Donald and Goofy is that they join you in combat and sadly, it's one of the most frustrating aspects of the game. The lock-on system, even with the new improvements is rarely up to the task, and, combined with that floating camera, things get disorientating very quickly. You'll often be hitting things you can't see and it rarely feels like you're locking onto the right things. Look at this guy. There's only a few places you can lock on to him and they're not always reason to weak. Sora's skills feel quite limited at this stage and you're often reliant on the AI or Donald and Goofy. They're pretty good, but don't always help when needed. Selecting items and magic (when it turns up) is also a little fiddly. Considering how much combat there is in Kingdom Hearts, I'm amazed it's lasted so long (I'm assuming the combat significantly improves in later games). Right. That's it for the moment. I've done a little bit more, but thought I'd check this is easy to follow before I add more to it.
  18. Hmm, I didn't realise 358 and ReCoded weren't the full games. I'll check with my Twitter pal to see if the bet still stands, because the two games in question are quite expensive.
  19. Here’s every I’m planning to go through. I’ve got an updated version with KH3
  20. I'm starting from the beginning but playing the best version so I'm on Kingdom Hearts Final first or whatever it's called.
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