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  1. You obviously don't read this forum enough Yes i realise your being sarcastic Seriousley though, I've not got my copy of the mag to hand, so I cannot tell you what Mart wrote. However, if you pick up the current copy for 4 quid, you can then subscribe for only 2 pounds and issue. That way, you'll always be able to read the text and give a well rounded opinion
  2. Bloody interesting read it was as well (although I'd have preferred it if they'd canned the scores completely that particular issue). The thing is, if we done something similar for our readers, we'd just be accussed of copying them, you just can't win
  3. So let me get this straight, you're moaning about why we have given a game you like such a low score and you've not even read the text that accompanies the score Well I never, that's a first
  4. Did he not make his reason clear in the review? Afterall, isn't that what the 800+ words were for?
  5. I think it would be a lot more interesting to see how you think we get to a final score.
  6. Show me a magazine where at least two members of the staff finish a game to completion, only to let one person review it(all against a tight deadline) and I'll give you my GameCube collection. I know we certainly don't have that luxury
  7. No, only one person played it to completion. We don't have enough time to play every single game that appears in the mag. Believe it or not, but sometimes I don't play any new games at all
  8. You're right, magazine fanboyrism is extremely sad. However, Burai never said this was about you, it was a more general statement. Ever since I've been on these forums, it's always been more fashionable to slag off gamesTM (but with so many members from the old Edge forums being here, that's probably to be expected). I've checked the posts and I'm sure Burai (or myself) isn't accusing you of always defending Edge over gamesTM. He was just making a standard generalisation. There's always gonna be people who prefer one mag over another, it would be pretty boring otherwise. Oh, and as for Mech Boy, I totally agree with you
  9. Yes we have our own forum, but so what? We go on several internet forums, to gain feedback for the magazine and also join in with the everyday chats (we're people too you know). I posted on the likes of Rllmuk, NTSC-UK and Gamestyle before I started work at gamesTM and I'm just doing what I always do. It's just that now I can represent the mag instead of just beating it down all the time
  10. You're right about Manhunt being out before it was in Edge, but Burai's initial observation is still perfectly valid. So he's not trolling at all, he's making a well observed point.
  11. That's not really saying a lot nowadays though. You can make a list of the decent films he's made in the last 15 years on a few fingers. Surely, you must be referring to the likes of Assssault on Precinct 13?
  12. I'm sure it's still available. It's issue nine, the one with the god awful sims cover.
  13. There's a feature about love in games and the retro feature is the game gear mate.
  14. Don’t people buy games only when they score well in magazines? You're right harvest4themoon, there's plenty of places where you can get a score you agree with. The fact is though, that it's still only your opinion that thinks we got it so wrong. Sure, a lot of people obviously like it, but an equal amount don't. Why not just live with that? Don't be silly, how many people would have got Mario Kart or Man hunt regardless of what Edge and ourselves gave them. In my own opinion, scores mean jack, Edge had the right idea when they (nearly) dropped them from an issue. Unfortunately, too many people seem to live by them, so they'll be staying for some time.
  15. There's six people on the team who all write reviews and all enjoy a wide mix of genres, I can't understand why you think that at least one of us should have liked it. It's all very well saying that we're letting our readers down by slating a good game, but if none of us think it's a good game in the first p,lace (our sister PS mags also disliked it apparently) then we're not going to score it any differently. I also understand where Harvest4theworld is coming from. Leave the bloke alone, he's entitled to his opinion, just like we're entitled to ours. However, he does tend to favour anything Edge normally says (judging from the various posts I've read), so I can also understand why people think he/she is always having a go at us. As Burai has stated, it seems quite popular to always criticise gamesTM when we give out a score you don't agree with. We've learned to live with it, why can't you lot? Just keep repeating to yourself, "It's only a score, It's only a score, It's only a score..."
  16. No, it went to print two weeks before we saw the Edge score. I was trying to point out that he had to fork out for the game out of his own pocket. However, I do see where you're coming from
  17. it's perfectly analogous. except that Manhunt IS actually wank. NO NO NO! And we were getting on so well. From what MartTM was making out on ntsc uk, I get the impression that he got absolutely nowhere near finishing the game. In fact, His score says to me that he didn't even bother getting past the tutorial levels. Well done to him! That's the problem with impressions, and yours is well off the mark. Martin actually completed the dire manhunt because he knew that people would attack the score he was going to give it (especially after we saw what Edge gave it) The fact is, no one is the office thought it was any good (just like Edge didn't like Mario Kart as much as us). Try and take a deep breath and repeat the following mantra, "It's only a score, It's only a score, It's only a score..."
  18. Ah, Wonder Boy III Just featured this in our next issue. easily one of the best games on the system.
  19. sorry about the late reply (deadlines you know ) It's called The Fools Errand and is available at www.fools-errand.com Darran
  20. Do you mean for nights and is it the Splinter Cell issue you're referring to?
  21. Yes, Yes, Yes. Keith (the Retro Editor) and myself definately agree with you. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to extend this section (it's intended to give you a nostalgic glimpse back at the past, rather than an indepth look at it I know it must be frustrating for you all, but there's not a lot we can do about it (maybe you should start up a petition or something ) Glad you liked 3D Death Chase, expect more on it in the future.
  22. How did it go downhill then Nosha?
  23. I'll get some feedback about your comments on monday, however, as I help the retro editor, I can answer this now. If you tripled the size of it, Keith would have a heart attack (as would I) the retro section is one of the most time consuming parts of the mag, due to research and high word content. It's being slightly increased (along with something else really cool), but it isn't going to be tripled. With regards to content, are you saying that you want a more indepth look at individual games (like the Edge versions) or that you want better quality?
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