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  1. Very good, but I definitely did. Feeling it this morning, mind.
  2. I lied. I've spent the last hour or so faffing about and trying every combination and... It bloody works! Trauma Centre doesn't seem to be full-screen like Monkey King is but sod it, it seems to run okay so I'm not pushing my luck any further. Right. Now I am going to bed.
  3. Right I've installed NeoGamma, tweaked the menus and Monkey King worked. However every time I load NeoGamma it just goes straight to the game, which turns red. There seems to be no reliable method to get to the menu (you apparently just press any button to access it) but I can't get the timing right. What an absolute faff this is Edit. I've spent 15 minutes trying to access the menu again. Managed it once and must have put the wrong settings in as I got the green screen like I did with Gecko. Fuck this shit I'm off to bed.
  4. Gecko doesn't work. If you force PAL 60 with either game you just get a green screen. If you force NTSC you get a red screen, if you don't select anything it just goes to the same black screen that USB loader does.
  5. I'm sure I've done that but I'll have another look.
  6. I don’t understand any of that and it’s not on the second page. I just think it wasn’t installed properly in the first place (I paid to have it done)
  7. I’ve put Gecko in the apps folder but when I go into homebrew its not there?
  8. cheers will try after work. Interestingly, forcing Pal 60 via USB Loader wasn't enough, had to make a few additional tweaks as well. Found it on shmups forum.
  9. I don't have that app and I don't really have the nohow to add extra stuff. I'm also not keen on ripping it as then it would feel like I've just wasted £50 importing it. I'm wondering if my stuff is just out of date (it was modded around two years ago) and maybe the latest firmware fixes them.
  10. So here’s a thing. When I use riivolution on my wii trauma team and monkey king load but only in red. This version of wiivolution is on my home menu and not in the homebrew channel scene. If I boot usb loader and access wiivolution there I can change the settings that should apply the patch but when I start wiivolution it simply returns to the homebrew list where you install chsnnels. Any ideas?
  11. I’m not tech savvy enough to mess around with the modding side so was hoping a hardmod will solve my issues. i think my only other option is to get a us Wii and a component lead and hopefully get a decent image that way.
  12. Damn, Trauma Team won't boot at all on my modded Wii. Looks like I'm going to have to get a NTSC machine somehow and have two systems. What a pain in the bum.
  13. I have. Edit. Sorry that's quite curt. Sometimes US games like Kirby Dream Collection and Fishing Resort simply load through the main menu but I typically have to use USB Loader to boot stuff. Everything has booted through that (there's normally a black screen and a long pause before the game kicks in). For some reason Monkey King won't boot. It's all set to force PAL60 or whatever the section is. Nintendont seems to be GameCube only and I don't have Gecko for Wii. I suppose component should work for everything but I'm not sure if I need any special leads to connect it to my PVM.
  14. Hmm, I don't think I have a component lead for Wii. It's still the same issue of having to swap the leads over. I was having a similar issue with Fatal Frame 4, but once I made some settings tweaks in USB Loader it came out in colour (you can't patch it though). I was hoping a similar code existed for Monkey King.
  15. Has anyone had any luck with NTSC games being in colour rather than different shades of red? I made some tweaks and absolutely everything now loads in colour as it should, but I've just picked up The Monkey King and it's refusing to load via anything other than WiiRevolution and when it loads (like the mod for Fatal Frame 4) it's all in red. I can use a composite lead for my sins, but would rather find a permanent fix.
  16. I’m sure you can change it. Only the first film is 4k the sequel is a notmal blu-ray.
  17. Cheers. Just got Munchables for £15
  18. It mainly focusses on the mainline games. Adventure Island etc are confined to boxouts.
  19. That is annoying. I’ll speak to the writer about it.
  20. Battleship on the Wii, which is based on the dire movie. Where the Xbox 360 and PS3 ones were generic shooters, the Wii and handheld versions are done in the style of Advance Wars. Sure the visuals aren't as nice, but the mechanics are solid.
  21. I have that one. Listened to a few bits and it sounded good.
  22. I've finally decided to upgrade my home theatre. I have a Denon AVC X3700 amp, Dali Oberon 5 5.1 surround and two sets of Dali Alteca C1 so I can get a sense of atmos. Can anyone recommend some films that sound good in Atmos for me please.
  23. Wow, I don't blame you. Been trying to replace my copy for years, but jokers online want £300 for it.
  24. The biggest challenge you're going to find here is whether the games actually work anymore. Quite a few seem to sell untested on eBay, so that's the best option. hope you find the manuals, big box Amiga and PC stuff looks great.
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