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  1. @cubik One of our sets was picking up 'this is liverpool' after the retune and behaved similar to yours. I'd call them up and explain the situation. It should work and if it didn't before, well, free upgrade time
  2. Channel 7 (This Manchester) is the main local mux channel that they ask you to check. The mother noticed because Channel 50 was no longer present (Sony Christmas Channel which has also been moved onto the local). I decided not to judge seeing as it's resulting in a free aerial upgrade If you pop your details on this page and click detailed view it will show you all the tuning frequencies used. For us, all the local mux ones I was unable to receive a signal on since the retune http://www.digitaluk.co.uk/coveragechecker/main/trade/
  3. Hopefully this will be of some use as I was completely unaware until investigating earlier today. As part of a national roadmap over the next year, Freeview are having to change their transmitted frequencies to allow future progression of mobile phone networks. As a result there are scheduled 'retune' events one of which occurred in the Granada Region earlier this week. At first, everything appeared fine until the mother popped over and noticed we no longer had a couple of channels that we wouldn't have noticed. On all other tuning frequencies our TVs reporting 98-100% signal quality and strength as we're not too far from Winter Hill so this isn't to do with strength but compatibility of existing aerials and the frequencies they're moving them to. After investigating and various testing it turns out that the frequencies on local mux channels is what's being changed first and if you lose signal on these then you can get a free aerial upgrade. This has to be reported within 3 months of the original retune event otherwise you're on your own. Retune Changes https://www.freeview.co.uk/tvchanges 0808 100 0288 Much more geeky information for those of us interested http://www.digitaluk.co.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0003/94251/Digital_UK_700MHz_Clearance_information_pack_for_channel_providers_Q4_2019.pdf Who to call 0808 100 0288 (Freephone) Read more at https://www.freeview.co.uk/tvchanges#UEPqtYQubmbCUFAK.99 Hopefully of some use to someone!
  4. @Camel still haven’t received anything. Scroll to the top of the PM which shows who’s active in the thread. If I’m not there you’ll need to add me or just start a new PM with a different subject
  5. Hello, @Camel I've looked through my PM's and can't see a thread from you. Can you check that it shows that I'm in the conversation and if not start a new PM? Still have some Saturn's but not many. Anyone interested pop me a PM and thanks all for the recommendations its appreciated
  6. If you want one of the ps2hdmi adapters pop me a PM I’ll do it cheaper than amazon
  7. A short can generally be sorted with no issue. Unless something’s been knocked I can vouch for Pete’s work, his quality is 100% so won’t be his original install. Could also be as simple as the board’s gone bad, it happens, usually dry solder joints which are uneconomical to repair. va09 & va13 boards are prone to it from my personal experience. The power light on a switchless mod is irrelevant to the motherboard, it’s not even connected to it and would do the exact same behaviour if you only connected it to a 5V supply and no Saturn using a trigger for what would be the reset button. Send it to Das to check continuity etc.
  8. Cheers @Goemon Sounds like a potential short to me. A similar thing can happen if the ground on the switchless is on a bad point or if it’s generally a poor install. I’d start by taking the 5v off the switchless pic chip (point 1) to rule that out first.
  9. Likewise Thanks @Down by Law
  10. Only way of telling is opening whipping the lid off to be honest. I was once sent one to repair and only when taking the case off it became apparent it was a clone. Even had me fooled the box was a perfect replica and the shell looked mint
  11. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F183889660331 The NTSC JP versions went for £10.50 delivered too recently. The recent remakes have killed the price of the ps1 releases from the looks of it (unless they’re sealed of course)
  12. Me I have some Jap consoles, unboxed, boxed, pop me a PM
  13. This issue was actually pretty common back in the day (I feel old) especially with SE Version on older motherboards. Other solutions used to be to inject specific drivers into the process or run setup.exe with specific tags that prevented it from attempting driver installation via PnP and left you to do it all manually once the process was finished. Since ME/XP onwards this became a thing of the past luckily. Pop me the motherboard model and I'll have a look.
  14. Don’t bother pot tweaking just replace the laser. If you’re not comfortable doing it I’ll do it cheap Another thing to try is to turn on diagnostic mode. It ever slightly increases the voltage so if that works, replacement laser time.
  15. Just doing early research . I'm more curious to find out what's the way forward, does the GDEMU for example use wireless to connect the system to the net for games? You mentioned the firmware can't be updated on clones so assuming that's because there's no wireless?


    Do you have prebuilt systems and what sort of prices? Or do you have some sort of site with it all listed on :)

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