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  1. The Saturn looks like classic VDP2 failure which unfortunately seems to be getting more and more common.
  2. @Len - I’m in Manchester and have a brand new boxed sealed one with your name all over it (well, not literally of course!) Pop me a PM matey
  3. @Len - Not sure if you’ve seen my post over in the sales thread buddy
  4. I've popped it in the Sales Thread but if anyone is still after a Series S I still have a spare sealed one
  5. Well I was loving this on the One Series X until booting up this afternoon and finding I’ve lost about 6 hours of playtime. Literally put me at the point I was at yesterday when I started playing then. A quick turn to Reddit shows various other users having had the same thing happen on the XSX edition. FFS do they not have beta testers anymore.
  6. @Akira - Your Series X has been dispatched this morning by yours truly. Enjoy!
  7. I may be wrong but didn’t they start banning live accounts / 360’s if the incorrect drives were used?
  8. Lets hope none of them are being delivered by this guy https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/13107259/hermes-driver-launching-parcels-into-van/
  9. @reef Sure no problem at all :)
  10. @reef - I’ll be able to sort you one out at cost price if you have no luck. #savedfromscalpers
  11. Download the iOS or Android Argos App and search for “PlayStation 5” They’re listed and available to order! Currently not on the main website unless you risk some of the methods on Twitter etc
  12. Available to order right now on Very for anyone looking.
  13. I guess I've been lucky this time around, have had no issues at all with any of the current gen consoles. Previous gen though......eeek!
  14. Scph-30003 would be the UK equivalent so it’s a simple case of transferring it over. If you’re not confident in doing so I’ll do it for free if you pay postage.
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