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  1. @reef Sure no problem at all :)
  2. @reef - I’ll be able to sort you one out at cost price if you have no luck. #savedfromscalpers
  3. Download the iOS or Android Argos App and search for “PlayStation 5” They’re listed and available to order! Currently not on the main website unless you risk some of the methods on Twitter etc
  4. Available to order right now on Very for anyone looking.
  5. I guess I've been lucky this time around, have had no issues at all with any of the current gen consoles. Previous gen though......eeek!
  6. Scph-30003 would be the UK equivalent so it’s a simple case of transferring it over. If you’re not confident in doing so I’ll do it for free if you pay postage.
  7. Have a look at the back of your US PS2, it will have the model number scph-?????
  8. Personally I’d just grab a cheap nasty broken pal PS2 and transplant the psu into the import machine. Ensuring you have the right ones of course
  9. @Riven Yes they can be used without a battery inside just on AC but from experience it’s very easy to knock the cable out and lose everything
  10. It’s all done via software. I’ll have to check tomorrow but I may have 1 last vita and can do it all for you if you’re interested. Also have SD2Vita cards available. Pop me a PM if interested
  11. Shameless plug but if anyones after a Wii U pop me a PM. I've ended up with a few over the past year that I intended to mod but just haven't had the time and now just want rid. Will do a fair price.
  12. This really is next level shit - I’m tripping. I’m sure I just saw something my toddler watches
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