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  1. Download the iOS or Android Argos App and search for “PlayStation 5” They’re listed and available to order! Currently not on the main website unless you risk some of the methods on Twitter etc
  2. I guess I've been lucky this time around, have had no issues at all with any of the current gen consoles. Previous gen though......eeek!
  3. Scph-30003 would be the UK equivalent so it’s a simple case of transferring it over. If you’re not confident in doing so I’ll do it for free if you pay postage.
  4. Have a look at the back of your US PS2, it will have the model number scph-?????
  5. Personally I’d just grab a cheap nasty broken pal PS2 and transplant the psu into the import machine. Ensuring you have the right ones of course
  6. @Riven Yes they can be used without a battery inside just on AC but from experience it’s very easy to knock the cable out and lose everything
  7. It’s all done via software. I’ll have to check tomorrow but I may have 1 last vita and can do it all for you if you’re interested. Also have SD2Vita cards available. Pop me a PM if interested
  8. Shameless plug but if anyones after a Wii U pop me a PM. I've ended up with a few over the past year that I intended to mod but just haven't had the time and now just want rid. Will do a fair price.
  9. This really is next level shit - I’m tripping. I’m sure I just saw something my toddler watches
  10. I thought for one minute at the start it was going to be a sequel to Naughty Bear haha
  11. Thanks both, truth be told I'm not after bites or even selling the drives (unless someone wanted one). It was a side project I've been meaning to do for some time and it was strange, doing something for myself for a change
  12. It has irked me for quite some time that Sony use standard hard drives in the PS3/PS4 with firmware suited to that of a Laptop as opposed to a Game Console. What I mean by this is they have firmware on the drives that cause the HDD Heads to 'park' up if not being used. Now this is common in 2.5" drives mainly for 2 reasons. First being that if the head isn't parked and the drive is moved around a lot there is a greater chance of damage to the platter and secondly to save energy...….both features that make sense for a Laptop but in a console they really don't. If you've eve
  13. @Riven - I actually commend you for the effort you’re going to on your channel but just a couple of things. 1) On your videos I can tell from days of old that some of the issues you’re reporting on are when you’re running 60hz on a switched Saturn rather than true NTSC. Genuine offer - if you want a Japanese Saturn for the purpose of the channel to show a true NTSC machine then I’ll donate you one for free. 2) Disagree if you want but it’s apparent to me that you weren’t around / involved back in the day this was all going on. You keep referring to how you worked in the
  14. @Riven - Haha thanks but if your advice on personal matters is anything like your advice on 50/60HZ and optimisation I’d rather not thanks! I just don’t like people being misadvised then potentially spending money on certain setups and configurations for something that was dead and buried back in the 90’s when in reality it’s just not correct. For someone who built his YouTube channel up based on how terrible these things are you’re the last person I’d be expecting to have to point facts out to but it is what it is. You seem convinced that you’re magically going to stumble
  15. @Riven. - Don’t bother with the ass comment A genuine Matrix Infinity running 1.93 firmware has no issues with screen fixes on PS1 or PS2 like you’re talking about and also runs Internal Section perfectly fine. I know as I played it myself last year. If you’re experiencing issues like you describe where some games aren’t switching correctly then you’re either running a clone, a poor quality modbo or it’s a poor install which is resulting in chip timing being unstable. Edit - unless you’re using a revision of the slim that has issues with specific ps1 games but that’s a
  16. Apparently the big announcement is due to hit later. bloody hope so
  17. Just because a game is edited to allow a resolution compatible with PAL CRT’s (Don’t forget a large amount of PAL TV’s didn’t support NTSC back in the day) doesn’t mean it’s been been optimised. Of course then trying to force them back into NTSC is going to cause overscan. I don’t have the time to continue a discussion that discussed heavily in the 90’s but I will leave saying Using any form of swap disc like the Import Player Lite / Breaker Pro will force them into PAL60 not NTSC60. I’m sure you know the difference. They were intended primarily to be used as swap discs ba
  18. This does seem to be a popular rumour elsewhere too. Would make sense to be honest seeing as there isn’t much following of the Xbox brand there. Probably being the Japanese are crazy intelligent so a rebadged MS console may not fool them if it does turn out to be true.
  19. @Riven We will have to agree to disagree then because I stand by my statement. I think you're talking about part optimisation and I'm talking about full including speed. That being said, even if we're talking about part optimisation it still stands for PS1 IMO. Gen 5 PAL releases 3DO - Good luck Jaguar - Dreadful N64 - A few optimised but come on, even Nintendo themselves couldn't be bothered optimising their AAA titles. Waverace Comparison Mario 64 Comparison Mario Kart 64 Comparison Even later 'alledged' optimised released t
  20. Agreed but it’s the PS1 we’re talking about here. Hardly any gen 5 games were optimised and the ones that were typically were developed in a PAL region in the first place such as Tomb Raider, GTA etc.
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