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  1. Just opened as well in case anyone needs last minute candy. I'm AFK but help yourself to anything you might be missing from Nooks as well
  2. Oh interesting! Last time I googled burying money I'm sure it only mentioned 10,000!
  3. Well, its a good job I have a few million in the bank. Just buried 90,000 bells in one of the shiny money tree holes
  4. @Indy @ S.E. Don't worry, no drama caused. It's the lack of being able to message directly on the Switch that is to blame. That plus where my dock for my switch is, I can't leave it docked and switched on without leaving the TV on, so I have to let it sit there with the battery always running down :/ - just one of those things and not a problem mate
  5. I'm going to have to head off in about 40 minutes, but I'll set my Switch to one side and leave it on the battery until it dies (usually about 2 1/2 -3 hours?) Keep an eye here and see if @Indy @ S.E.comments? I can see him online on his Switch but of course can't message him.
  6. I think he still wants it but I haven't been able to get his attention.
  7. Just checked and mine is at 520 bells at the moment. I completely forgot to check earlier. Gates are open but I'm AFK. Help yourself
  8. @Indy @ S.E. I've opened up again if you still want the painting? My battery keeps dying which is why I keep going offline.
  9. No I'm good thanks. Though my internet went down (while I was messing with something) _ I'll open up again. Sorry about that. @Rayn Cheers
  10. Yeah, no sales tag next to it so it looks like it didn't save your purchase. Island is still open
  11. @Indy @ S.E. @Rayn @Daley I've opened up again. Just to clarify, Indy wants the Real Scary Painting and Rayn wants either of the two fakes. I thought I heard more than one visitor when I was open earlier, but I guess not as the paintings are still there.
  12. Ah ok, I just went to put it on charge as the battery was about to run out and wondered why my character was stood outside the airport Give me half an hour or so to stick some charge in and I'll open up again. I'll post here when I do.
  13. I'll open up the gates. I'm afk but help yourself Don't forget to buy candy while you are here if you are needing any? There's nothing I need in Nook's either, so help yourself there. All opened up!
  14. Got Redd visiting today. I've nabbed a fake Graceful Painting but the following are left: Famous Painting - Fake Wistful Painting - Fake Scary Painting - Real
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