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  1. Same here regarding my hearing. But the difference is so big that you really notice it to be honest. There is a clarity to the B&O's that is missing from cheaper headsets. Though as you say, if it was just for audio then there are better options for sure.
  2. Yeah sorry, I was still talking about the B&O portal headset I should have made that a bit clearer.
  3. @Sane Yep, I have both pairs (Xbox and PS5) I love them that much. So comfortable to wear for hours as you say. I actually don't mind the touch controls, but on the Xbox at least, it is easy to bring up the menu and go down to sound settings, as that volume slider is controlling the headphones directly and not any kind of Xbox output. It's a shame that only the PS version allows connection with the console and Bluetooth simultaneously. And the Xbox ones eats through the battery compared to the PS ones despite identical batteries. Xbox lasts me around 10 hours-ish, but the PS are getting on close for double that. Whatever protocol MS use, it needs much more power.
  4. It's a shame the U.K store doesn't have the same sale as Canada as those Portals were on sale at a ridiculously low $199 cad.
  5. I'm playing on Series X and have noticed a few instances of slowdown. The reflections on the car body, the bonnet at least, are absolutely atrocious and look like they are being rendered at about 240p. Drifting is easy enough, but you definitely feel like you lose more speed compared to your competitors. I'm also not keen on the limited number of retries for the races. Yet I'm still enjoying it.
  6. Just had a quick blast. No remapping of the controls is absolute wank.
  7. I'm genuinely gobsmacked that I haven't ever discovered this!!! @acidbearboy I had read that Raymond is a fan favourite but so far at least, he doesn't seem any better than others. I have the Sanrio character Toby who isn't anything remarkable really, but I do like the inside of his house. In other news, first signs of snow. Not on the ground yet, but I always love the snow on the ground
  8. I'm exactly the same but the PSVR and Quest 2 work absolutely fine. I haven't ever felt I am missing out on anything because my right eye switches off
  9. I believe it was an extra £40
  10. Same, 11am and just snagged one with the charging dock.
  11. What pisses me off the most, is that firstly they clearly allowed people to jump in early. Second, they must have known that versus the number of emails they sent out, they didn't have anywhere near enough stock. edit: well this post aged well
  12. Took me to the store and says out of stock!
  13. Same here Though I notice it does say to have payment details ready. I'm assuming just so that it's all set up and ready for when it launches?
  14. Stil no emails for anyone? Nothing here. It's going to be as hard to source as the PS5 isn't it
  15. Same I'm wondering if they haven't picked me because I haven't used my PS5 much lately.
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