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  1. Wasn't somebody here looking for autograph cards? I bought some today labelled as "Words Of Wisdom" so I assume there are various sets? Give me a shout if you want me to send them, whoever you were?
  2. I traded in Panzer Dragoon Saga after completing it, not realising just how lucky I had been to get hold if it in the first place. That's my biggest regret I think....oh no wait, I sold Earthbound that came with the guide book to a mate of mine. He still has it, has never played it, and still taunts me about it.
  3. My Able's has the superhero costume for sale today if anyone is looking for it?
  4. I think you are being a bit harsh on this game. But you are right, The Last Story is the better game imo (and yours) of course! I'd love to see them remake that, ebcause as great as it was, boy it was ugly at times. I've just had a quick go on this in docked mode and thought it looked great. I last played it on the Wii and it could look as rough as bears arse on that.
  5. How are people doing curvy bits of floor/paving stuff? I only recently got the ability to do that kind of thing, but I just paint down squares? Thanks
  6. @andywThanks so much! Left you tips for both my visits (I left and re-joined the queue ) I do hope that was you in the leather flying cap, and not some stranger nicking the tips?
  7. Redd has been at mine since 5am and is still there so unless it varies he must stay the whole day?
  8. Sure I'll open up if they want to send me a friend request? The original is gone though sadly. edit: and of course, help yourselves to any fossils or recipes you might be missing
  9. Huh?! I didn't buy it? I left my island open this morning after initially posting about it, but I wasn't around and there's no conversations in my chat log. I have had people appear in my island before and take pretty much everything that wasn't nailed down though! Really sorry about that.
  10. Sure, I'll open up. I'm AFK, so just help yourself. It's the apples and oranges picture. Redd is all the way north so you'll need to bring a ladder
  11. I did post earlier that Redd is on my island. He has an original if you want to get it?
  12. I've got Redd in town today and he has a genuine painting (Perfect Painting, Apples and Oranges by Paul Cezanne) You'll need a ladder with you, and possibly a pole if you want to get to him. Right at the top end of my island. I'll open the gates.
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