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  1. Yeah, Stejay has made sure my islanders all support West Ham these days!
  2. I had a similar problem with Journey to the Savage Planet. It would shut down my console and say it had overheated. I have an infra red thermometer and checked the temperature during normal use, and after those crashes and there was no difference. I think you'll be ok.
  3. Ah ok....I got the wrong end of the stick when I read you post.
  4. I'd have taken a punt at that price. I can't believe they are charging twice the price in the U.K than they are in most of the other territories.
  5. I've just added my dream code to the sheet. I do have it in my sig as well, but I know some people have those turned off.
  6. SteveH

    The Touryst

    Really liking this. I actually bought it on the Switch and never got around to playing it. The art direction is absolutely gorgeous. Just like Wind Waker, I think this will age really well because of that.
  7. @Meatball Got the first two recipes today. Cheers mate
  8. I wouldn't mind Street Piano, Garden Bench and Trophy Case please mate.
  9. Oh FFS I was watching that the bastards.
  10. Here is my dream code if anyone wants a nosy. My island is not nearly as impressive as the best ones here, and is still a work in progress DA-9849-8018-6950
  11. I'm sorry I missed you. I got caught up watching a series on Netflix and forgot to check back! Sorry about that, but I really appreciate the offer
  12. If nobody wants the Ancient statue left at Redd's, could someone do me a favour and buy it for me? I'll give you the bells of course. I'll open my island again now my battery has charged. I will mostly be away but would appreciate it. Unless someone wants it for themselves, then help yourself
  13. Redds in town again. He had two genuine paintings so I have nabbed one of them. The remainder are: Perfect Painting - genuine Ancient Statue - fake (has glowy eyes at night and looks cool) Academic Painting - fake. I'll be away but have opened the gates to friends.
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