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  1. I'm exactly the same but the PSVR and Quest 2 work absolutely fine. I haven't ever felt I am missing out on anything because my right eye switches off
  2. I believe it was an extra £40
  3. Same, 11am and just snagged one with the charging dock.
  4. What pisses me off the most, is that firstly they clearly allowed people to jump in early. Second, they must have known that versus the number of emails they sent out, they didn't have anywhere near enough stock. edit: well this post aged well
  5. Took me to the store and says out of stock!
  6. Same here Though I notice it does say to have payment details ready. I'm assuming just so that it's all set up and ready for when it launches?
  7. Stil no emails for anyone? Nothing here. It's going to be as hard to source as the PS5 isn't it
  8. Same I'm wondering if they haven't picked me because I haven't used my PS5 much lately.
  9. @CurryKittenregarding one of the questions you asked
  10. As much as I enjoyed it, they really could have done with mixing it up a bit more. Did Amecia really not learn to always carry a torch with her after all they had been through in the first game. Though really, in an ideal world, Hugo should have been killed off long ago, as he is responsible for god knows how many deaths.
  11. Loved it all apart from that bit near the end...beach and smoke...ugh!
  12. Nice looking smaller flightstick coming from Turtle Beach. I love the Velocity controller but sometimes for a quick blast it's a faff setting up. This looks pretty sweet. It's due out the 17th November and as of today (20th Oct) a discount code, jondenton works for 10% discount. £119.99 https://uk.turtlebeach.com/pages/velocity-one-flight-stick
  13. How do I find where third party apps are stored on the internal storage? I was updating emudeck and having a right nightmare with it. I accidentally chose internal storage when first updating it and I now have no idea where the bloody hell it was installed or how to remove it? Cheers
  14. According to several people who had a hands on with it, the display is locked at a max 90Hz and can't actually go any higher.
  15. Yeah that seems to be the case. It apparently has a maximum refresh rate of 90Hz so it is behind the Quest 2 in that regard.
  16. I have that on Xbox already. But, I think I have found the game and can see why I was struggling. I am fairly certain it is a game called "Eastward" which isn't cyberpunky at all. I had seen some screenshots where there are locations like a bar etc with some neon lighting and looking rundown so assumed it was all like that, but it seems that isn't really the case and it's a world in ruin. Thanks to everyone' for the suggestions
  17. No I keep seeing screenshots of "Jack Move" and thinking it's that game, but that's on Xbox and would be my preferred platform so it isn't that one.
  18. Neither of those sadly. I believe it is a recent release, but yes, not much to go on!
  19. Apparently the usual 10 hour trial starting on Nov 29th.
  20. I'm sure someone mentioned an RPG around a week or so ago, which is also on Switch. It looks pixel-arty/cyberpunky from what I recall, but I can't find the post for the life of me?
  21. Anyone looking for an expansion card, Amazon currently have the 2TB one on offer for £266.64 which is a hell of a price drop https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B09BJYXMDW/ref=redir_mobile_desktop?_encoding=UTF8&aaxitk=0e14238c2fde443d48cb96514a6655e3&content-id=amzn1.sym.e4f48e2a-4f4e-495a-a95b-34f114e19c84%3Aamzn1.sym.e4f48e2a-4f4e-495a-a95b-34f114e19c84&hsa_cr_id=7403212500402&pd_rd_plhdr=t&pd_rd_r=f0a127eb-6d50-44b4-ae87-fe51805b7c2a&pd_rd_w=JeOYu&pd_rd_wg=ziEog&qid=1664611893&ref_=sbx_be_s_sparkle_mcd_asin_0_title&sr=1-1-fd947bf3-57d2-4cc9-939d-2805f92cef28&th=1
  22. I wish I could get my hands on whoever delivered one to my place just a few minutes ago. I was in the bathroom and by the time I got to the door he was driving off. The guy had decided to leave it on the doorstep No driveway here, no footpath...just the door directly on the street with a high flow of people that walk past. What a twat.
  23. Ah cheers. I did have a quick search but missed it somehow.
  24. Is there an idiots guide to getting Scud Race working? I have seen a few videos on YouTube but no one ever explains how they installed the bloody thing in the first place Cheers
  25. My young cousin contacted me last night asking if he can have his delivered here. He moved to Australia a few years back and apparently Valve can't add extra postage options, so he has to go through the rigamarole of having it fly a few thousand miles here and there, which seems crazy.
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