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  1. @Meatballwhy is the short one on the left making things worse by standing with his legs so far apart? They look very intimidating though p.s never let it be said that I don't look after you all. I have limited my island to two green pipes. One as you walk out of the airport, and the other at the top end of the island where Redd appears. Save you having to walk
  2. Strange, I use Express VPN and even if it gives me that error message, once I flick off my VPN it carries on as normal. In fact I've tried changing regions and it also gives you fresh questions/quizzes for the day as well. @cassidyI've lost my streak a couple of times, and was sure it wasn't a fault of mine. Both times the reward team gave me my streak count back as a "one time gesture"
  3. Now it has been mentioned, I don't recall being asked for quite some time. I wonder if it's species specific and it's someone I (or you) no longer have?
  4. @Mike Sonce in a while they ask you to play a game and hunt for treasure. Thankfully they don't ask nearly as often as they used to ask to play hide and seek in New Leaf
  5. I'll ask about my old man eyes as well. Has it always been the case that early morning, if the islanders are awake at home, the curtains are still drawn but the light is on? I always thought it was curtains closed or curtains open with lights on?
  6. @Mike SCould you send me a couple of the regular ground based blocks please? Cheers
  7. It's still open. I just left it sat there
  8. Apologies to any friend requests I have been slow to respond to. For some reason they didn't appear as notifications on my Xbox, and only showed up today in the Xbox app on my PC. I think I have followed everyone back now, but bloody hell it's complicated if you don't have the notifications to hand on the console itself!
  9. Thanks I'll send you a couple of Mario Items now you have visited!
  10. No I'm good thanks matey Just please - in case you missed it - don't buy the common painting off Redd as it's reserved for someone
  11. Yeah still available. Hit me with an invite and I'll add you. I'm still afk in the game but feel free to have a nosy etc
  12. @Mr Do 71I must apologise. I sent out two Mario items to folk again this morning, but screwed up and sent you the same item twice
  13. I see Argos don't even have the disc one listed at the moment. If that is an attempt to stop people hammering the website, surely they will just keep refreshing to see when it's listed again?
  14. I'll open up. I'm afk so will just leave it open for a while Pride compels me to point out that my Mario stuff is just placed willy nilly until I demolish my garage to place it all properly. I do have a smidgen of a sense of style at times
  15. Sent Quick reminder to anyone who skim reads the thread, I still have the Real Wistful Painting available at Redds ( Mike S wants the Common Painting so no nabbing it )
  16. I knew you were a cheat Some recipes I have lying around: Iceberg Wall Palm Tree Lamp Log Dining Table Purple Windflower Crown Cool Windflower Wreath Clackercart Knights Helmet Rustic Stone Wall Trophy Case Unglazed Dish Set Cherry Hat Fruit Basket Ski-slope Flooring Butter Churn Gift Pile Medium Cardboard Boxes
  17. Still available Let me know later on and I'll open up for you. I'm sure I didn't send you stuff but I have no way of checking. I'll be more diligent
  18. Redd is here again. Amazingly had 3 real pieces of art! Here is what's left: Wistful Painting - Real Common Painting - Real Amazing Painting - Fake
  19. @Mike SDid you mean me or Stejay when you said Steve had sent you something? I'm trying to be careful in not sending you stuff, so apologies if it was me. Feel free to just pass anything on or bin it if I make that mistake again
  20. I'll send you a couple more things tomorrow. If you could send me the bits I'm likely to leave until last, like the princess clothes etc? Cheers
  21. I've sent you a Goal Pole and a Thwomp.
  22. MrBungle06 1:03:151 I didn't realise I had the steering set to simulation, which makes it a bit of a handful with a controller. Much better with it on normal.
  23. I was winding you up! A few of you have second characters I believe
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