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  1. Since you use the word "lumber", I have to ask if you know about the Fencer's dash cancel? I think deKay said he was playing the Ranger earlier.
  2. Some gameplay from mission 4 that shows Erginus and a new similar enemy:
  3. And that's the thing. People sometimes assume I must be joking when I say that, when really I mean it in the most blunt honest straight forward way possible. It's a fantastic game/series. There was a guy on Neogaf joking about how it looked like a PS2 game, but even the technical aspects manage to impress me. Sure, if you look at the individual enemy model, animation or become annoyed easily by the series flaws with collision detection, clipping etc. I could see how it might not seem that impressive on the surface, but when you consider how much is going on, the scale of it all, the fact that they still have room to include details like EDF being scrawled on a building, bike racks, the interiors of shops (simple though they may be) or the Fencer's backpack thruster animation, is hugely impressive to me. And that becomes 65% on Gamerankings. Damn, I hope the next one is better recieved. It deserves much more recognition than it's getting.
  4. I'll certainly be importing as well and buying the official version also when ever that becomes available. I'm still surprised by the contrast in the 65% gamerankings score for 4.1 and how well made I think it is. Guess most people just don't like it, but to me it's one of the best games ever easily eclipsing similar co-op shooting titles out there today.
  5. It says 2017 in the trailer, but they haven't narrowed it down beyond that. Unless it was mentioned on the live stream..
  6. To be fair sometimes you're really happy about that I had a discussion with a friend yesterday about whether they should mark different pickups on the radar, something I thought might be confusing considering the amount of information already communicated on the radar, and for a moment somehow my brain made the connection between the green dots and that having happened. Weird how that works.. The full live stream is up, but unless you speak Japanese it might not be that interesting: https://abemafresh.tv/d3pchannel/38347 EDF5 is on at about 2h36min.
  7. Pickups are marked on the radar now. That could get a little confusing, but they seem to have a clear sprite hierarchy with pickups always being on the bottom. Nice. EDIT: Ignore my comment. It's always been there. Brain fart...
  8. Some more EDF5 gameplay here: Starts about 23 minutes in with some talk and gameplay begins about 8 minutes later. EDIT: Can see the video has a different length depending on whether you access it from mobile or not. Weird. It's near the end then.
  9. There's gameplay now. And some weird live statue thing that might be a Ravager, a new playable character or new enemy. It's all in Japanese so I haven't got a clue EDIT: Ranger can sprint now!
  10. Some info on the EDF5 live streams today and the rest of the week: http://gematsu.com/2016/09/tokyo-game-show-2016-live-stream-schedule#d3publisher One of them is running right now, an interview with the producer, but I don't know if they'll show some gameplay as well.
  11. Giant insects can't swim! Thank god PS4 is region free.
  12. The TGS Android app has leaked EDF5 for PS4: http://gematsu.com/2016/09/earth-defense-force-5-ps4-leaked Rejoice
  13. Default is normal. A good strategy there is to bring two level two Fusion Blasters and the reason for that is that when it comes to Hectors, as soon as they're about to start shooting instinct is to run, but in many cases it's better to keep them stunned by using a weapon with continuous fire. The Fusion Blaster can't reload, but damage is so high that two of them is enough to take down everything in the stage and if you switch weapons after activating it, it will stop firing. Whether you want to attack right away or wait when the air raids are about to commence is up to you. Attacking is slightly riskier, but also faster. It's easiest to leave the group in the river until you take down the other one, because you'll be closer to the shield bearer that spawns with the last wave of Hectors. Prevent that from joining up with the others. Also remember that you can hide behind dead bodies until they disappear, which can be very useful if you can't hit and stun a remaining Hector from a group. And bring your allies with you for security (you only get the red triangle over their heads later in the mission. They'll move forward automatically until then) and keep an eye on their health. The Ranger can heal allies under his command when picking up health kits and sometimes it's worth picking one up just to heal the group. You can also go back to earlier levels and grind weapons which will certainly make things easier, but it's not required as such. One way of doing the mission: http://youtu.be/9p2tLnB8-T8
  14. To me it seems like you are trying to determine the health of the platform by looking at the failures, but every platform will have failures regardless of how succesful it is.
  15. 107 million in four months is huge, considering free stuff isn't counted in that number. That would be more than 300 million games sold every year. That's better than any console in history (if done consistently). Of course that says nothing about what they sell for or profit margins and so on, but if there's any doubt about the numbers being good, just follow the developers. If support is increasing that's as clear a signal as any.Some weeks back when the Gunvolt games were announced for Steam, a video with Inafune announcing the game for Steam appeared, adressing that version directly. How much attention would Japanese developers give the PC previously? It's definitely growing and we see that in every metric we measure by: Number of users online, total number of active users, number of games released per year, number of developers supporting the platform. It keeps growing and it wouldn't do that if the numbers weren't there to back it up. It's obvious why that in itself doesn't say anything about the overall health of the service, right?
  16. I agree, but isn't it still that way? Ever since this generation began tech sites like Digital Foundry have been comparing the next gen consoles to low budget PCs and been trying to determine how much you need to spend to get to PC hardware at that level. And it always ends up being some low end entry level card. A few weeks ago they demonstrated yet again how an i3/750 Ti could deliever console level quality in MGSV, though it needed to be overclocked to keep up with PS4. Mad Max gave pretty much the same result, and it's been the same with most games this gen. Sometimes the i3/750 Ti performs a little better, sometimes a little worse. If you were to list consoles on that table it would be something like avg fps 29-30, lowest 26 (or something like that). Most gaming PCs have very little trouble keeping up with next gen consoles unlike last generation.
  17. It's the other way around. Steamspy has exposed the high sales figures: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1105286 In a low key month like August 2015, 60 million games were sold on Steam with an average price of $10.77. This does not include F2P and other some such. That is an absolutely insane number if you stop to think about it. It's hard to compare it directly to a console, since prices are different (often lower on Steam) and profit margins different (often higher on Steam), but in pure numbers it's possible that Xbone still hasn't sold that many games in all it's lifetime. And that's a single month. There's a reason we see so many developers, even Japanese, embracing Steam these days. Are there titles that don't sell well? Absolutely, but competition is high on Steam with not only thousands of games in the current library, but many released every single day. And the number of releases have been growing for years (this year more than 2000 games will be released on Steam).
  18. That's a pretty short list and some of those end up being the best version after they've been patched. A port being bad like The Evil Within also typically means it's still better than the console version..So a few games release a little later on PC. What about the massive amount of games that release first on PC (Minecraft, The new Elite, Divinity OS, Terraria, ARK, Wasteland II etc.) or those that are only well represented on PC (entire genres)? PC gaming has never been better. Huge library spanning decades, dirt cheap prices, incredible performance, free online, controller support in 99% of titles that have controller support on next gen consoles. I'd recommend getting the consoles, because there's still a lot of good stuff on them, but if I could only have one, the answer would unequivocally be PC these days.
  19. Read Jeremy Parish's instead: http://www.usgamer.net/articles/axiom-verge-ps4-review When you finally get around to it, you're gonna be kicking youself for missing this at launch.
  20. How can anyone think integrating quick-time events into Halo is a good idea? http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-09-29-whats-the-deal-with-quick-time-events-in-halo-4
  21. Since it's not totally out of the question, I think you should reconsider going through the hassle. In a lot of ways Nintendo still makes the kind of games you grew up with and it hits me so often when playing their games that THIS is why I fell in love with games to begin with. Something like the Galaxy games or maybe DKCR or New Super Mario Bros Wii (despite its reputation) might be just the reminder you're looking for.
  22. iBlast Moki HD is free: http://itunes.apple.com/dk/app/iblast-moki-hd/id364197277?l=da&mt=8&ls=1
  23. I'm upgrading. As I get older I find I appreciate a larger screen more and more in my handheld systems and phones, so getting an XL seems like the right thing to do.
  24. MBM


    This is worth repeating. Gog.com deserves more props for this. The games bought there are actually yours. No overlay client, can't be removed remotely, will work when offline and aren't tied to a profile. Fucking love them for that.
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