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  1. If you want to unlock toastie on Xbox without a keyboard (no idea if that works), you can… Smith IV can be unlocked via… Also, here’s something that you can do to have more than 6 weapons if you have the shop…
  2. Santa water worked best for me - I just focused on upgrading that, alongside some area boosts so I could level quick early on. Combines well with the bible too. I tended to avoid a lot of the projectile weapons for longer runs.
  3. Managed to complete all trophies, secrets and unlocks in this now. Was a lot of fun. Not sure if it’s my buggy save but I spotted something about the Random character. His health just seems to almost double level by level, so eventually you can end up with infinite health around level 150. If you mix this with the tarot card that gives you a damage boost on the difference between your current health and your maximum, then you end up being an invincible, instant killer.
  4. The Garlic won’t unlock for me - is it haute at 5+ chickens that you find? I’ve eaten way more than that on levels and then tried just 5 and dying but it still hasn’t unlocked. Is my save screwed or is there something I’m missing?
  5. Check out CEX prices too - they’d need to test they turn on but the prices aren’t awful. Obviously individual bundles will get you most via eBay. Remember that individual controllers can net you good money too - so have a think before bundling too much all together if you want to maximise your money.
  6. CEX can also be an option to consider - you won’t get full value and they’d need to test things but you get a decent wedge - the boxed 32x is around £200 cash there. Price it up and let us know. If it were me, I’d probably sell some and keep the rest but everyone is different. May feeling is the price is just going up and up and I can only see it going one way. You could probably eBay some of it or put up individual pieces here and you’d get more than you’d get for a joblot.
  7. One thing I’d mention is the price of retro has really accelerated. Check on prices in sold on eBay before doing anything. I’ve often informed people here when their listings are incredibly low - some know, more often than not they just aren’t aware of the current value. Happy to help there if you need it.
  8. I’d be interested in a 32x possibly. Could be interested in a bundle depending on price - some stuff I’d want to keep in there for my collection certainly!
  9. Preorders for EXP are open now - started at 10am - just got mine so looking forward to that.
  10. I stopped watching this after season 2 - I wasn’t really enjoying it at all; it looked amazing but I found a lot of the characters and storylines to be incredibly dull. However, I’ve just started Strange New Worlds and I’m really enjoying that, although I’m only a couple of episodes in and I’m just hoping it continues like it does. Did I give up on Discovery at a bad time? Is it much better and worth getting back into?
  11. Treasure games like Gunstar Heroes or Guardian Heroes would have worked well I think.
  12. Library of Ruina (sp??) - has one for starting a new game
  13. Thanks for that. Did some reading up on Reddit in the interim and you’re right, it isn’t possible. Real shame, as my time is limited and I’d love to co-op the game with my son but this will make it super difficult. Seems like a criminal thing not to update, not sure why it’s been left as was.
  14. Playing this with my son in split screen co-op as he’s gotten into Halo but I’m confused - did 343 not include mid-mission resume as an option? We played a load of Truth and Reconciliation yesterday and went to resume today and it just takes us back to the start of the mission. Honestly won’t be able to play this if that’s the case.
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