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  1. I’d definitely like a physical version - I remember getting some really good physical retro compilations back on the PS2 generation and the price was pretty low too. Do we have any idea how soon the other formats will come? Would really like this but would lean towards PS4/5 due to trophies. If it’s likely to be long then I’ll go Switch I think.
  2. This is in the current Japan sale on PSN at £6.99. Picked it up as the Deadly Skies on the Dreamcast was a favourite of mine. I’ve really enjoyed it - the combat feels really good and the upgrade system and variety of planes seems pretty extensive. It’s lacks the somewhat over the top and silly missions of deadly skies but there’s some good variety here to the main missions.
  3. Is it downloading an update? Mine was but didn’t realise
  4. You don’t half do a lot of shit posting nowadays. Genuine shame. I am so tempted by Demon’s Souls but I just know I’ll get frustrated with the boss battles as I have no patience anymore.
  5. Yeah, could be a vast bribery conspiracy. Or maybe it just wasn’t for you. Fairly easy to see how this game might not be for everyone and why it might garner more critical praise. Hardly fitting for this thread. I remember Turok 2 was a massive let down compared to what I’d read back in the day. Everyone I knew who got it found it disappointing.
  6. monsly

    Apple TV +

    PS4 and PS5 app coming soon apparently - looking like around the PS5 launch. Did you get any Apple products recently? I got a year when I bought my new phone last month.
  7. A rule of thumb is the price you get will cascade down along with the ease of sale, so just think about what you’re happiest with. If you don’t have much time then maybe consider putting your collection into different console themed bundles. That way collectors are more likely to make offers that will have a fairer price, rather than dealers who will push you down to make a profit. it may also be worth checking for any super valuable games, just in case you have something worth a lot without realising. I flagged a couple to that nice guy who was selling his friend’s collection recently. Just ask here for advice on price, many of us have helped with that in the past.
  8. monsly


    Looks very good - what’s the recipe?
  9. That was close then - they really dropped the ball with the mobile site it seems. Surprised by that
  10. Laptop worked for me, mobile kept just looping back on my iPhone. Still in stock a minute ago
  11. Just flying in! Thanks a ton, will leave a tip!
  12. My son game has 475, I’ll be around for a bit if anyone wants to visit, he’s too young to manage the online! edit: right, I’ve got a dodo code so just PM if you want it. Offering it here first as quite a few here have helped him before with turnips, then I might set him up on that exchange site thing. edit edit: thanks to those that popped in, gifts were very welcome! I’ll look in again later as I’ve got to do some work now. Please PM if you need to visit and I’ll let you know when I’m back
  13. I’ve ordered you a skeleton melon-bread - just popping in on my son’s account, think he sold his annoyingly - ta!
  14. Just turned on my switch and mabel’s has crown - anybody desperate for it? My kid isn’t settling but could pm dodo code if needed
  15. Is Football Manager worth buying? It’s in the sale but I haven’t played the game for years now. I read some reviews and they said the controls were a bit fiddly and didn’t work too well and that’s put me off. Anybody got any opinions on it? Cheers!
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