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  1. That was close then - they really dropped the ball with the mobile site it seems. Surprised by that
  2. Laptop worked for me, mobile kept just looping back on my iPhone. Still in stock a minute ago
  3. Just flying in! Thanks a ton, will leave a tip!
  4. My son game has 475, I’ll be around for a bit if anyone wants to visit, he’s too young to manage the online! edit: right, I’ve got a dodo code so just PM if you want it. Offering it here first as quite a few here have helped him before with turnips, then I might set him up on that exchange site thing. edit edit: thanks to those that popped in, gifts were very welcome! I’ll look in again later as I’ve got to do some work now. Please PM if you need to visit and I’ll let you know when I’m back
  5. I’ve ordered you a skeleton melon-bread - just popping in on my son’s account, think he sold his annoyingly - ta!
  6. Just turned on my switch and mabel’s has crown - anybody desperate for it? My kid isn’t settling but could pm dodo code if needed
  7. Is Football Manager worth buying? It’s in the sale but I haven’t played the game for years now. I read some reviews and they said the controls were a bit fiddly and didn’t work too well and that’s put me off. Anybody got any opinions on it? Cheers!
  8. Any problems caused by opening your island? I’ve not got great prices currently but would be happy to open my island up if I do unless it could get trashed or something.
  9. The latest series of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is up now.
  10. Isn’t this done on top of the de-ageing stuff already done in this movie?
  11. PS+ just feels so dull nowadays - use to like getting little games in the mix too, some stuff to surprise you rather than mainly big games that have been in the sales for ages. I turned off auto renewal a couple of months back and I can’t see that changing.
  12. There’s problems with outlook at the moment so maybe that’s affecting other things.
  13. The main show I keep Netflix for is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  14. Panzer Dragoon Saga is the stand out one for me - picked that up 3 times. I got a copy for me at £6 from Cash Convertors. Loved it so when I saw copies appear again (at the same price), I bought them - gave one as a gift and another to a mate at cost price. Had another amazing trip there once; somebody with great taste must have cleared out there Saturn stuff. Got Burning Rangers, Deep Fear, Saturn Bomberman, Enemy Zero and a bunch of others for around £70. Nearly all in mint condition and complete. The other stand out time was when I went to some dreary boot sale w
  15. A little different but I loved the setting and atmosphere of Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. Really captured the time and location so well; the beauty and natural serenity contrasted so well with the loneliness and a creeping sense of unknown menace.
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