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  1. I’ve kept some of my retro ones as I’m a collector but that’s not always been the case. However, it’s always worth checking before binning any boxes. I sold my mini snes box + inserts for £25 a good while back so it’s not just the really old stuff you can get cash for. Just checked and you can get around £25 to £30 for the PS5 disc edition box with inserts at the moment. It’s really nice to have the packaging for the older stuff; it’s that nostalgia hit of opening the box again, looking at the manual and leaflets and reading the back of the packaging. Really evocative of those memories of looking at the consoles in the shops and hoping you’d get one at Christmas or your birthday.
  2. Guardian Heroes is one of my all time favourites and the Xbox version is an absolute bargain. Absolutely worth your money but it does have a big downside versus the original IMO. For context, the lasting appeal many find in Guardian Heroes is the versus mode. You can take any character you unlock from the story mode and fight - it can be crazily unbalanced but that’s the fun. We use to spend hours just on totally random battles. Random teams, random characters and random levels. So many combos and the Xbox allows even more fighters. So it should be much better? The downside is unlocking characters has been limited to normal or hard on the story mode. This makes it substantially more difficult. You’ll likely have to play very defensively and some paths in the story mode are very hard regardless. It’s a real pity, especially speaking as someone who is much more time poor now I’m older so the challenge level and extra time is really unwelcome. I just want to play the game locally with mates, not spend hours on the campaign. It’s a real pity and so unnecessary. The only other limitations versus the Saturn is the lack of 6 player local play - the Xbox is limited to 4 but that’s not really a big issue for most. Also, and this is super niche, the Saturn use to keep track of the versus stats and that really added a level when we fought. Don’t let it put you off though - it’s a fantastic game. Just sharing this as I was surprised to find it out today.
  3. Worked for me the other week; I only did 25 months though. Wasn’t sure if I’d muck it up but all was fine. It’s a great deal.
  4. Found an arcade with the original game the other month and loved playing it again with my son - and I’m sure the credits were dirt cheap still. Fond memories of renting Turtles in Time too. Really looking forward to this!
  5. Regarding the age thing, the first account I created for him isn’t tied to the family account - it’s a separate one it seems. Had a quick look v late last night and it’s not part of the family group and I couldn’t add it to it. No idea how I went through the set up as I was working at home; him and his friend wanted to play so I tried to do it quickly with obviously disastrous results. Home working today so I’ll try again at lunch. Tempted to wipe the two accounts I’ve created and start afresh!
  6. Yeah, thanks for that. I assumed I’d be ok playing just a local game at the same time but can see what you mean now. I think this way around should be the best way, as I’ll probably be on the S more than him, as most of my stuff I want to play offline anyway - single player campaigns and retro. Tried it later on and switched the S to offline and that meant I could play the Midway collection whilst the series x stayed online for Fortnite. Guess another dimension will be seeking saves between them - have to make sure they’re in sync before going offline. Bit of a fiddle but all the consoles seem to be like this. An awkward dimension is his Fortnite account. Setting him up with a new account for the Xbox would make things considerably easier but his Fortnite account is linked to my ID and has a ton of bought content; also it ties in with the Switch account and PS5 one. So kind of stuck as is for now. I think all the consoles could make this a bit friendlier - must be so confusing for those who don’t have a background in games. Feels a lot like you’re being policed to me and unnecessarily so. But they all do it.
  7. Cheers man, I thought I might sort this before bed but I’m going to give in now - thought I could add him to my family group but that’s not happening - will try that age stuff tomorrow. No set up for purchases, they just go straight through so not sure what’s messing it up - seems this account isn’t a child one but the age restrictions are set to 3! Can’t see a way to change it now but maybe that link might do it. I’ve been setting a lot up today so probably missing something - cheers for the help, much appreciated
  8. I don’t remember setting any age settings when I set up the account but I was in a rush at the time. Is that something you can change? Just tried it now and it wants me to enter my password and a phone code everytime.
  9. Cheers stu. I’ll look into that as a next step possibly, but that all went a bit wrong when I did it quickly at the weekend - came up with something about do I want to give this person permission to play just once or something? He was trying fortnite. No idea, was confused about what was going on; had to get a pass code and enter it - wasn’t really expecting all that to be honest, just let me hit a big button that says this account can do whatever the hell it wants!
  10. This set up isn’t working it seems. Set up the S as my home console; I went to play midway arcade treasures and it says I can only play on one account and will log me out of the other (son was playing under my ID on the series x). Do I need to disconnect the S manually from the wifi to play something different at the same time then? it’s a shame Sony and MS make this a bit complicated. I know they’re worried about game sharing but I shouldn’t need to look up FAQs and help from you guys to do this!
  11. Question about Free games with gold - how do I check what’s available? I just stumbled across port royale 3 for free with Gold; I thought there were only 3 games this month so am I missing something? S all set up and spotted a retro sale on - picked up Midway Arcade Classics and Crazy Taxi (although I think it’s missing the soundtrack) for dirt cheap too. Tsk, this damn machine and it’s very favourable impressions.
  12. Thanks for that, my wife bought that Series S bundle so I’ll try and set this up tonight. Super busy so don’t have the time to enjoy it all yet, but looking forward to getting some more time with the machine soon. Going through Forza Horizons 4 at the minute - very nicely done so far and seems ok for in-app prices for cars - my son woke me up asking for the welcome pack; £2ish for 8 cars is pretty good to me. The harsh pricing on Fortnite has made me grateful for cheaper stuff like that.
  13. Yeah, I was just trying to explain this possible set up to my wife and I thought about what if he wants to go online on the other. He kind of uses my ID a lot when online and isn’t invested in his own account but think that’ll change going forward. Gah, not v sure what to do really.
  14. Ah, so if we play multiplayer then I’ll have to be on the series S with my monsly ID and he can be on the series X with his ID. Seems I get the worse end of this deal. My wife has a friend who may be selling a console with some bits so considering it. My one concern is I really didn’t expect to spend out nearly £900 on Xbox this month. Still, am tempted after a crappy couple of years. Hmmmm. Thanks for the advice either way!
  15. If I get a series S for my son, can we share the game pass games I’ve got on my series X? I’ve set up a secondary account so he can play games like Fortnite split screen on the series x so wondering how it would work on a second machine. For instance, could we play online together with the one game pass I own? Cheers for any advice!
  16. Have to say the positive early experiences have continued. Had a go on the cloud version of Flight Simulator - such a nice use of the technology; gave me the chance to have a quick experience of it, as I wasn’t sure about downloading something that big. It ran really well and I’m now not sure I need to bother downloading it at all. My son has really gotten into Halo Infinite - looks pretty good to me too but I don’t get the chance to play it. Nice that it also has Roblox in there for him too, although that can bug out quite a bit but I’m sure that’s down to the game rather than the system. I really don’t get the appeal of Roblox but I’m hardly the target market. I’ve really like getting into some the older stuff too - original plants v zombies and Peggle have been great to dip into. The Rare Replay collection is a real first class retro set, clearly done with a lot of love. Looking ahead, I’m sure I’m going to get a good set of games to compliment what I have in the Switch and the PS5. I’m glad that a bit of an extravagant purchase has been so worthwhile. Well done to MS.
  17. Signed up for game pass for 24 months with that deal - was worried about adding in a 3rd year as I wasn’t quite sure if I’d muck it up due to going over the 3 year thing but can’t grumble at £79 for 25 months of access. Wife was impressed with the service and my son was really excited at all the content. For me, it’ll be great for trying different stuff that previously I’ve waited for in sales. Really looking forward to the Rare Replay and Master Chief collection too. Finding it fairly easy to navigate the system - seems sensibly laid out to me. Great to have the old Treasure games installed. Would Orta work with the disc from my original Xbox or do I need to buy from the store? Impressed at the noise levels too - so quiet. We’ve always used a console for TV watching so I’ll definitely be using this for that now. Overall, no buyer’s remorse out of 10.
  18. Thanks for this - showed as in stock for me so ordered after a lot of thinking it through! Have to try and figure out how this game pass works for getting the best deal. Missed out on the Xbox last gen so lots to catch up with. Will my old Treasure games from the 360 days still work?
  19. I’d definitely like a physical version - I remember getting some really good physical retro compilations back on the PS2 generation and the price was pretty low too. Do we have any idea how soon the other formats will come? Would really like this but would lean towards PS4/5 due to trophies. If it’s likely to be long then I’ll go Switch I think.
  20. This is in the current Japan sale on PSN at £6.99. Picked it up as the Deadly Skies on the Dreamcast was a favourite of mine. I’ve really enjoyed it - the combat feels really good and the upgrade system and variety of planes seems pretty extensive. It’s lacks the somewhat over the top and silly missions of deadly skies but there’s some good variety here to the main missions.
  21. Is it downloading an update? Mine was but didn’t realise
  22. You don’t half do a lot of shit posting nowadays. Genuine shame. I am so tempted by Demon’s Souls but I just know I’ll get frustrated with the boss battles as I have no patience anymore.
  23. Yeah, could be a vast bribery conspiracy. Or maybe it just wasn’t for you. Fairly easy to see how this game might not be for everyone and why it might garner more critical praise. Hardly fitting for this thread. I remember Turok 2 was a massive let down compared to what I’d read back in the day. Everyone I knew who got it found it disappointing.
  24. monsly

    Apple TV +

    PS4 and PS5 app coming soon apparently - looking like around the PS5 launch. Did you get any Apple products recently? I got a year when I bought my new phone last month.
  25. A rule of thumb is the price you get will cascade down along with the ease of sale, so just think about what you’re happiest with. If you don’t have much time then maybe consider putting your collection into different console themed bundles. That way collectors are more likely to make offers that will have a fairer price, rather than dealers who will push you down to make a profit. it may also be worth checking for any super valuable games, just in case you have something worth a lot without realising. I flagged a couple to that nice guy who was selling his friend’s collection recently. Just ask here for advice on price, many of us have helped with that in the past.
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