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  1. I'm undecided on season 5. I can understand the changes, for example why they chose to remove skulltown but I personally liked the skulltown area so I'm not a fan of the change. However there's been quite a few bugs, complaints of reg issues. I've been getting quite a bit of lag that I hadn't had recently. Plus for my sanity please don't hot drop on ranked and then insta quit. That just drives me mental.
  2. Sticking a tots badge on a player won't suddenly make them good. Gold mbappe is still a beast. I've tots son and Mahrez and they're great. Mahrez in particular I really rate but tbh I think his 50k inform was good. Hence the tots badge not suddenly making a bad player good. I really like a 5 star player up front though and anyone with 5 star skills 4 star weak foot was already a boosted player anyway. So the tots boost isn't the be all and end all. I've also tots moments goretzka and he's great at fighting for the ball in midfield but missed a 1 yard open net from a cut back the other night and you're kind of like, why do you pay 500k in an sbc for a player who can't tap in from a yard out?
  3. Given that prem tots the season is over and that's the majority of the content for most players I was having a retrospective thought that. For all i can say I don't like the game, think the servers are terrible etc... Putting that to the side FIFA just seems to be abandoning casual player entirely. Division rivals is actually terrible. It's anti fun and incremental reward as it's a once a week hit rather than you could get a 7k input every 6 games or so in old rivals, you could play for an evening and see an actual benefit. The rewards are very much untradeable for everything other than fut champs now, all sbc, div rivals etc. Most high level player don't even want to touch div rivals and with champs giving div points there is no reason for them to do so. it's only people playing for objectives so 3/4 games are just throw away teams insta quiting if they see anything other than them. For all it sounds like objectives are good it just fills the pool with people trying to complete garbage objectives like win 5 rivals with 11 connembol players. Who wants to do that? Really people want to try and grind away with players that straight miss the majority of chances. I'm not a big fut points spender so I am just not EAs target market and as they are making more money each year I can't imagine that'll change but I just wanted a rant for how much I hate how FIFA has changed into this direction. I really miss the fut champs qualifying tournaments and seasons. 2 weeks for events with 11 special players each week is literally just a way to drain more money out of people in fut points. It serves no other purpose.
  4. Jumanji next level 2 out of 5 It's just not got the heart of the first. Theres no real jokes and it's clearly cobbled together when the first made good money.
  5. tenrou

    Nintendo Switch

    I see there is a switch online sale on just now. Are there any particularly good deals on it?
  6. Hobbs and Shaw It's was a ridiculous film but had a tongue in cheek aspect to it that made it somewhat endearing. One set piece to long however and the last set piece felt out of place to the point of being detrimental to the film. 3/5 if it stopped before Samoa. 2/5 after it. Guns Akimbo I think someone had said it had a similar tone to crank which I kind of agree with. It was a decent way to pass 80 or so mins and I think something like Hobbs and Shaw could learn from this. If your going to be ridiculous and a bit fun you need to know when to cut it. 3/5
  7. R0d1mus_ on PS4 if anyone is about tonight.
  8. 100gb download.... That could take a while.
  9. I'll be up for a game if I'm online. Anyone been on yet to say if it's any good?
  10. Another thing that impressed me was that milner was in the dugout. He just seems to live football and he's been a real star for the club, fitting into positions as required to help the team and his work rate is first class. Can't say I expected him to have been important to the team as he has been.
  11. Ha, funny thing is I corrected that once. I must not have noticed auto correct turned it back again. Bit enfuriating that tbh.
  12. I like the lynch version but as you say villeneuve has done some great films so I'm really looking forward to this. I've not been a great cinema goer recently but I could be tempted to splash for something like this on a good iMac experience.
  13. Morning, I've a PS3 slim that I've upgraded the HDD to a 500gb one and installed rebug on that I'm not using. Just wondered what this would be worth roughly as I'm not using it at all. I also have various sleeve only PS1 and PS2 games. I think only resident evil 3 would be worth any great deal tbh. I've all these consoles and the only 2 games I've played in the last month are outer worlds and apex legends as I've no real time to get into anything else so I'm just going to clear them out I think.
  14. I'm not sure what to say about this. It feels like season 8 of game of thrones again. What were they going for? Half the stuff going on made no real sense. It's like you've told your kid this big long bedtime story, you've put hours into this thing but now you're tired and they still ain't sleeping but you've just had enough. So you start cutting bits out and just spouting stuff to finish so you can go to bed. Doesn't matter if they're sleeping or not. "They just fucking teleported home James, go to fucking sleep, the end". And you storm out.
  15. Long shot This appeared on Netflix and I know it had been out at the cinema to alright reviews so the wife and I thought we'd give in a bash. My god this is awful. It's looked at other films and thought wow, they did all right with gags like that we should use the same gags but dial the stupidity and crassness up to 10. It's not funny, stupid juvenile and it probably makes Freddy got fingered look like a well directed film. 0/5. Don't subject yourself to this and Charlize Theron who has been in some right good films just lowered her stock with this garbage.
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