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  1. I agree on the player pick front. At nearly 800k there will only be a handful of icons more than the sbc.
  2. Icardi probably isn't the best if you're a pure skiller as he's a bit bulky but he's a really good target man. Wins a decent amount of headers and he's lethal in the box.
  3. Given how many average packs ea are giving away I recon the pack probability for toty will be so low I'll be genuinely surprised if anyone gets one.
  4. I'm on PC so can only speak for there but there is a patch out. I don't know if it's due to the patch but the lag is straight ridiculous just now. It' averaging 80ms and spiking to 200ms plus. patch supposedly mainly fixes. what i will say is that i have played 3 games. it's been 2-2, 4-4 and then 7-3 so a fair few goals scored in div 1.
  5. I'm currently trying to unblock an elevator. I went hacking in system shock 2 and bioshock so I'm hacking again. I just got a head camera. Maybe 3 hours in?
  6. I have the best team I have ever had at this stage. I have 2.5 million, mbappe and inform neymar but I'm just not feeling any enthusiasm to play it. There's a question around is there just too much power creep this year? In previous years people would use son, rashford etc long into the new year but this year its seldom you see a gold player other than mbappe and it's just get the quickest player possible. As much as objective players are nice none will ever make my side. Maybe I've just burnt myself out.
  7. I put this on after reading the above comment as it being like system shock and I can see it. I spent a few hours on it in a row and it's a good but not great game so far. I don't think the enemies so far are great they look poor and lack any real substance but the freedom offered and depth of upgrade system is interesting and I can definitely see the system shock references. I suspect I'll probably complete this which is rare for me just now which is a pretty big endorsement of the game. Given it was free I don't have much to complain about
  8. I actually cant believe this game some times. I made a perfect tackle with neymar up top to put pressure on the opposition. Then the ball took 3 bounces, accelerating more each bounce to literally take out my midfield and go right to the opposition striker. I had to put down the controller I was so stunned by this physics defying ball with a ridiculous bias for my opposition. I literally can't believe it.
  9. K, I think I'll see if I can get them. I don't mind a comic.
  10. It's taken me about 6 months but I finished season 1. Do the books follow similar story, are they books etc? I find the source material engaging but this is really enfuriating me with how incomponent the people on the show are. Are the books genuinely much better?
  11. If you haven't already I'd take a look at silver stars. Its a prem french cdm who as it's silver stars 74 rated but he is in no way that rating. He's medium high, 83 pace, 80 defending 80 shooting. He's remarkably similar to flashback kante who was nearly 300k. great card for like 30 mins work.
  12. I like bluey and hey duggee, both are good enough to be decent for adults as well. You can watch them without feeling like you're suffering.
  13. I went 5 and 5, then gave away 10 wins. I'm happy with a few packs so I just like to give away the rest of the wins afterwards. Not got the patience to play into the higher win levels.
  14. Mine was Shaw, 1 84, then 6 83s. Anything less than an 85 is basically discard just now?
  15. I have a ton of untradeable stuff and a lot of it won't touch my team. Even new stuff like I packed ww Tierney but I don't play prem so useless to me. I did do aouar to be fair and he's good but tbh I still play fekir and I've struggled to find a better plYwr to put instead of him. I might try alessandrini in his place.
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