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  1. I've had a few games on this and I'm still liking 5 star skillers although they're not immediately as essential as on 21. Ousmane dembele is the best player I have, he's better than Rashford in my opinion. Although I did play against someone who subbed on mbappe and he's different level, he's lightning quick and so hard to defend. Feels a bit pay to win if you can get to the proper top tier players.
  2. I got a 2080 super locally for a good price so after selling my 2060 it cost 65 quid to upgrade. People must be using some hefty big screens as I'm 1080p everything right up and my fps went from 80/90 to 120 ish which is good as I'm 144hz but tbh it's not that noticeable. Also I though of selling on ebay but put a couple of things up for trial and ebay fees were like 15% so I decided I'd rather sell it for like 20% cheaper than ebay so someone else felt they were getting a deal as well. Ebay is too expensive.
  3. Did the turkey 1 year there to renew my gamepass for another year. 32 pounds for 13 months is a good deal, although i appreciate you can go longer if you want to
  4. After Lithgow died the show was dead, S4 was good but it just plummeted after that. I don't think I watched beyond season 5.
  5. Would they have to be 5th choice though? Liverpool have given first team places to an under 20 in the last 3 seasons in TAA, Jones and Elliot. Firmino and Mane in particular could do with some competition to kick them up the backside. I would have spent money on a younger decent sized attacker. However I don't think they're going to be ringing for my advice any time soon though :).
  6. I don't understand the Henderson deal. He still had 2 years to run until he's 33 and we've signed him up to 4 years until he's 35 when we've no idea what his drop off will be like. A lot of players drop off in their early 30s and to me this seems like a gamble offering a contract like this. It's not like he's Messi or Ronaldo and he brings massive marketing deals unless head and shoulders or nivea are planning on splashing the big bucks only if Henderson fronts the deals. The money should have went elsewhere in my opinion.
  7. I saw this had a budget of 125 million which really baffled me as I don't really know where the money went. There wasn't really a buig obvious set that had to be built. There were only ships at 2 points and they were both mainly cgi. I don't know about the source material but this was I suspect not the adaptation book lovers would have wanted.
  8. I had a child free day so spent a chunk of it watching a mixed bag of films rather than the things I probably should have been doing. Shadow in the clouds It's an alright film. It knows its a film and throws all sorts of nonsense, feels a bit like snakes on a plane in that regard where it's just what next . Some of it lands, some of it doesn't and it throws a lot of ideas at the screen in it's runtime. 2.5/5 Blood Red Sky I hadn't heard of this but I saw some people saying it was better than the aforementioned film so gave it a watch. They're right that it's a better film, it sticks to one thread mainly. The acting is debatably better. If asked to pick I'd watch this one again so 3/5 Chaos Walking This is just a boring film with a boring premise. It's got some good and some really good actors in it so I dunno what happened but it's boring. I don't feel Tom Holland can carry a film on the back of this and Mikkelsen (sp?) who I usually like is woeful. Avoid I see this tanked at the box office, It deserved to. I try to watch sci-fi in case it's got any interesting ideas. This had none.
  9. I watched and liked the 2000s version so maybe I'll watch this but netflix are starting to bug me with stupid stuff like put 26 episodes of inuyasha on. It's got like 170 episodes and is 20 years old. It's can't be a lot of money to just stick the whole thing on for anyone wanting to watch it. Does this really need remade? Is the 2000s version on netflix?
  10. Rare golds are selling for 4k per item on pc. It's nearly a 100k sbc :D.
  11. Yeah I can't get on with traore, he's ridiculously clunky. I'm just trying to keep atal in my team tbh, he's the best card about just now.
  12. I skimmed jolt. It was below average and right stupid. I'm assuming its a comic series or that? It felt right comicy at the end with some right ridiculous government contrived nonsense. I seriously wouldn't bother. 1 out of 5.
  13. I just watched the tomorrow war. It was stupid but entertaining enough. It was a 3 out of 5 until the last 30 mins, fuck me the ending fell out the stupid tree and hit every branch. I have to deduct a point for the ending.
  14. It's a tough road to go down. You're not going to get 100+ million for a no name star so you have to look for someone who looks young so maybe can't pass for 16 ish but can be a Paul. Who else could you choose other than maybe Tom Holland? TBH I'm looking forward to this. I really liked arrival and blade runner 2049 so I've high hopes for this and they're all good actors in my eyes.
  15. I've given up now. It's beaten me down. I played maybe 10 games last night, half of them I didn't even get a 3rd player in, already a disadvantage so you're odds on not going to be competitive. Two the other team members DCed before touchdown. So you're at 3 out of 10 games where you're going to get a fair stab at it against other teams. That's like 60 mins of a ninety minute play session spent being annoyed or just plain wasted at a loading screen. Thats just not good enough. The core mechanics of this are a good game when it comes together but respawn have no idea how to make it accessible for casuals.
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