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  1. I've played a few more games and the netcode is all over the shop. I've had both great and laggy games. The spawning also needs sorted out as half the time you're getting dropped in no man's land.
  2. First game was a disaster. Was sprinting and trying to slide etc. But that's just not what you do here. Second game slowed it down, back to check your corners and avoid open spaces. Got 3:1 kill to death so it feels like proper old COD which is good for me.
  3. What's everyone's gamertag on this as it would be good to try it out with some other rllmuk players. Going to play some this evening.
  4. Booksmart. 3 out of 5 It's good but not amazing. I feel it retreads on other ideas a lot, but likeable characters carry it through. I suppose it hard to find new ideas for teen movies when they come out every few years.
  5. Another racer but the ridge Racer series was popular in another thread in here this month so I vote for that.
  6. This had some fantastic action in it but some right iffy stuff, primarily towards the end. I feel it's lost its way a bit now. He was meant to be a super ruthless assassin but particularly towards the end it just became stupid with some of the fights. 1 is the best as it was more consicise, deliberate and a good contained idea. A bit how raid:redemption to give it the now title is better than raid 2.
  7. I don't know when it's cinema release was as I saw it on sky last month but the only film so far this year that hasn't disappointed me was Spiderman into the spider verse so I vote for it. Edit:. I think it was tail end 2018 so it wouldn't even count.
  8. I had another bash but I'm struggling to get below 18 secs per lap on the first course so I barely win. Not sure I could challenge the higher difficulties.
  9. Sounds like ridge Racer would be a good candidate for the monthly retro game?
  10. I like ridge racers absolute nonsense racing and I just picked up ridge Racer on the 3ds for 4 quid so I'll need to give it a go. For 4 quid I couldn't say no.
  11. I missed last month so i'll need to go back and play parodious but I haven't played it or daytona ever so i stuck this on the ps3 to get a shot of it. I didn't really like the first attempt i had at it, improved the next, then the next again,then the next again and i think i was on my seventh attempt there and down about 40 minutes so I'd say that was the example of a good game if you want to keep going back and the graphics which i thought were pretty ropey at the start were growing on me. Not sure how often i would play it but certainly enjoyed my first go.
  12. tenrou

    Nintendo Switch

    I was playing doom 64 last night. The game looks good but the controls using an n64 controller are pretty awful. Switch would be a good option if it came up.
  13. tenrou

    Gaming grudges

    I absolutely hate EA. I'm not certain that's a grudge in the sense your meaning but it's definitely one to me. This recent stuff with 'surprise mechanic' not loot boxes is icing on the cake. What better than to try and hide gambling in children. Games should be about fun but literally the whole reason for EA to exist is to work out a method to sell more loot boxes/ packs. The game is entirely secondary.
  14. I agree skull,. The more accessible it is the more likely people will get involved so went rtype is it's everywhere.
  15. Shadow of war/Shadow of Mordor for me. There are loads of skills which make the game great as you mow waves of orc fodder down but it takes so many skill points that you're 10 hours in before you have the good stuff and it's 2-3 hours before you can even counter.
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