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  1. If you've a lot of coins I say try some players. I tried cr7 but didn't like him. Mbappe is good but I just can't see the 1.3 million in him. My current fav is inform neymar. I can't afford r9 or cruyff but I'd like to try them as well.
  2. Current flash sbc has high rated non rares for mad money. You have about half a hour to cash in. 3.5k for ward prowse
  3. Market feels quite low to me. I just paid 1.1 mil flat for inform neymar. I'm sure he would have been closer to 1.5 to 2 mil on previous years.
  4. I have sunk about 250k into ligue 1 upgrade packs and if I see another volland or icardi all game I'll need committed. I don't think it's possible to get anything else.
  5. I know what you mean, you look and say how many high low 4 star players are there. Not many, if you need high low for example then you pay what you need to pay. Draxler was overpriced but if you want decent 5 star weak foot midfielder in ligue 1 then you pay what's required.
  6. Is the new benzema card genuinely fantastic? The reason I ask is that its 120k odd and that's no small money at the momment when son and mane etc cost less than that. I think that's my problem with sbcs just now. They are all at least 100k and there are only like 3 players more than that now so you have to say would I pick the over a top tier gold.
  7. My luck has been terrible tonight. I have done about 50 to 60 packs of varying quality. I have 83s and 82 informs to show for them.
  8. I've given up. I was genuinely angry and shouting at the game :D. Why bother for having wasted 50 quid. I'm playing halo infinite just now.
  9. I just had a major rage at this game. I'm on pc and the last few days I have been getting major lag spikes that are like pure packet loss. I have the connection indicator and its going from low 30s up to like 150ms latency in bursts and the game becomes completely unresponsive during it. Its mega frustrating. I'm assuming it's a fifa server issue as nothing seems to happen in apex legends. How can they make such a bad job of this game when it's their biggest earner.......
  10. Ry and I seem to have similar tastes as I went from red notice a few nights ago to harder they fall tonight and I don't know if it's just how bad red notice was but I really liked this. It had decent acting for a start. I really like lakeith Stansfield in everything I have seen him in. I'd probably go 3 out of 5 rather than 4 as it's hyper stylised to over the top. Buck and nat love were actually the least interesting characters, which says a lot for how good the cast are.
  11. It's mbappe, he looks like one of the turtles.
  12. I trued the weekend league with my untradeable team of guff and I really hated it. I've gone back and bough some players in that I sold :D. Son is just a great striker, good movement and 5 star weakfoot. I tried players I had like politano, but no comparison. Even if he drops 50k I'd still rather have him in my team.
  13. Tbh bud if you were competitive you're probably better than anyone who posts here regularly.
  14. I've sold up pretty much everything so 2.8 million. It looks like a few interesting players incoming. I like 5 star skills and if possible 5 star weak foot. I did draxler to link in neymar and I'd like to get the liga nos link for corona and play them both up front. Could be an interesting week. I also have gravenberch so could do neres but the 3 star weak foot really puts me off.
  15. I've played a few games of champs. First one was a normal team, 2nd one was uel son, r9, mbappe etc, 2nd one was inform mbappe, inform neymar, mid Maldini etc. I got one normal game before the 10 mil teams :D.
  16. Red notice, fuck me this is bad. How, just how can you spend money on Ryan Reynolds, the rock and gal gadot and put them in this absolute shite. I could have wrote a better story. It's criminally bad, it must be some mad tax scheme where you can claim back more tax on how bad the films you are in are. 0/5
  17. You really want to get mid gerrard in there as he's the only liverpool midfielder with any pace at all i think. I'd be tempted to play adidas jota upfront and inform firmino in midfield if you have the coins for that.
  18. Good and bad on this for me. Good, I went liverpool, got mbappe on a free at the end of the first season and used interact with board to get haaland at the first transfer window so mbappe haaland upfront after the first season Bad, I'm on gamepass and it's crashing for me on a fairly regular basis, just hard crash to desktop. No previous FM games or any other games does this which makes me think it's an FM22 issue.
  19. He was 575k on pc. He's at 505k already so maybe there will be price parity soon
  20. Anyone used that mid beckham? He seems a good CM and he'd strong link in taverner who is a good card. I have enough fodder to do it and I'm tempted but I don't know the card at all. He's half the price of the card off the market.
  21. They do start to drop off after a while though. Dembele was full meta until recently but I find his finishing is a mare just now as everyone is onto better keepers and defenders. I've been subbing him out after 15 mins to bring on 84 David :).
  22. If I could link him easier he'd stay in my team but I'm not a massive fan of rulebreaker bamba and sanches was great at the start but he's not cutting it against better teams.
  23. I have 111 goals in 110 games with 84 David.
  24. I had perhaps the worst game I've ever had. I had 7.9xG and my opponent 2.8 but I lost 5-1. I had a clean through player hit the post twice and somehow miss an open net on a cutback. These games hurt more than a plain loss as you feel the game is against you......
  25. I know what you mean. I look at eder militao who on a promo day you can get for 700 coins. To me that is mental after like 6 weeks. His stats are very similar to base Sol Campbell or rio. He's better than 75 percent of the icon CBs
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