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  1. I wonder how many people have watched this but its on prime just now and doesnt outstay it's welcome at a lean 80 to 90 mins. I can heartily recommend this. It's good fun, Pedro Pascal is great in it as well. I haven't seen color out of shape or pig but I kind of want to now
  2. I just do not understand how a game can stay in the state of this game. I played maybe a dozen games over a week or so to use up the last of my ea play pro sub. I played maybe 5 in 2 days and annihilated players winning 5 1 and stuff. I then played another 5 and I literally couldn't make a 5 yard pass I wasn't lagging or that but it felt a totally different game. I played last night and each game felt totally different. My opinion is the game servers are just literally diabolical and it totally depends on what you land on. The last game I won 3 0 against a player with 3 reds and govou up front. With 3 reds he has to be at least decent he was the one who couldn't string passes together so the servers favoured me this time. I hate that this is what fifa 23 is you either land on a server that makes you feel unstoppable or you can't play the game. It's like 2 totally different games. I turned off cross play and that stopped all lag so my ping is a constant sub 20ms but I think that's just a lie and the game is masking delay and 'filling in' which is what happens when you cannot make 2 passes.
  3. I didn't renew my Pro sub. I didn't hate the game but it got to a point where every game for me was really delayed, laggy and button delay etc. I was having lag spikes into the 200ms when no other game than fifa does this. I just didn't want to fight the poor gameplay anymore.
  4. I might try some of the older star wars games like dark forces and jedi academy, I don't think i've ever played those. Thanks for the suggestion.
  5. I played a fair bit of total annihilation back in the day. I seem to remember it advertising all these units but in true rts style half a dozen were actually of use so you spam those. I played unreal tournament but not much beyond that. I might break that out and it's my first real sniper rifle memory although it's probably bleeding awful now. Freelancer which I like a lot I believe is from the original wing commander designer? Try that if you haven't given it a bash previously.
  6. I'm on a bit of a PC retro kick just now, installing win98, getting out the old games etc. What are the best late 90s to early 2000s PC games that everyone remembers as there maybe some i don't know and haven't played? I've noticed some things haven't aged quite as well as I remember. I've found i still love xcom apocalypse and freelancer but i remember loving conflict freespace and it's struggled more with age. The controls are really quite loose and it's hard to direct yourself exactly to the point you want. It's also early 3d and it looks pretty blocky. I've found i can emulate a pretty decent pentium 2 with PCEM and a voodoo 3 for graphics so I don't even need the old hardware which is good. System shock 2 is also pretty good but it had a remaster not that long ago so it's fairly easy to get now i think. I'll update when i try some more stuff.
  7. Tell your mum there's 5 grands worth of stuff in the photos and she'll stop calling it shit .
  8. I haven't read any of the comics so can't comment on what's meta based on comics or not but I was a fan of early marvel and I've been less of a fan of more recent marvel. I absolutely hated the finale. It would put me off watching more marvel shows. Would be interesting to see how the general public felt about it and if it impacts viewing on the longer term. I should say that I don't own the decision on whether these are good or not. Happy for anyone to enjoy this, just saying as a more general viewer that I wonder if I'm in the majority or the minority and if it impacts people's perception.
  9. I'm on the fence if I like this or not. It certainly feels different than 22 for the most part. It's more about passing and speed isn't as critical. It's still useful as a really quick player can get away from a really slow player but a big guy with strength can do some nice holdup play. At the moment I don't hate it so I suppose that's a good thing.
  10. The next issue is that the new anti cheat software mandates that secure boot is enabled on your device. My laptop supports it but its disabled and nothing i seem to do enables it. I'm totally stumped as no bios setting I make at all stays, as soon as I exit the bios it reverts to disabled. Bit of a mare......
  11. Apparently its a 'visual issue' the UK timer won't make a difference either as that timer doesn't count. If you go to the collection apparently and hover over it all version regardless of country show unlock at 4pm UK time tomorrow and that's the counter that matters. Bit of an ea fuck up if you ask me.
  12. I think you can but the xbox date is 27th for access and pc time is earlier I think? Worth looking up as I'm pc only I'm afraid.
  13. if you're on pc you can change your timezone to seoul and it sets the unlock time to 4pm today (dunno if the game will play or not) if anyone is wanting a blast today if they have game pass or ea play/pro. I bought a pro key for 12 quid on gamivo and it worked for registration so i get a 12 quid month trial so we can see if it's a good or a bad. game.
  14. Well I hope this is the start of my year. I just got vini Jr in my welcome back packs.
  15. Has anyone tried ea play pro? I'm still not convinced with 23 but as I play on pc you can buy a play pro code for like 12 quid so I can try it out for a month and I think you get 1600 fifa points for the first month. Almost like a rental for the game for a month. Just wondered if anyone had tried the 1 month pre paid codes and if they had any issues.
  16. I've got my boat now and I'm off. I quite like this so far other than the massive difference between like a single level and the number of map icons is a bit overwhelming.
  17. I've started playing this since it showed up on game pass. It's pretty decent but the scaling on levels seems mental. I fought a level 5 at level 3 and I was doing like 15 dmg per hit. 15 mins later at level 6 and he went down in 3 hits. I haven't played an assassins creed in years and I hope their isn't much time hoping stuff cause tbh I couldn't care less. I just want to run around ancient times fighting mad people that are not remotely the same time line but wth why not.
  18. I'd add final fantasy 7 to this. It's a good game but it's got so much tedious shit in it. The bit where you fall in the mako and have to go through memories just drags and ff7 was in my top 5 games ever. Starfox is pretty bad on the snes as its not a good frame rate and its pretty hard to make things out. There was a pc game rated highly called outcast about I think early pentium 2 a d it was pretty diabolical even 6 months after release. Basically 3d developed pretty quickly in the late nineties so if 3d was your selling point you were out of date fast.
  19. My wife put this on for the boy and it looks absolute garbage, something about all the characters is really off puting they just look really detached from their environment. Absolute waste of money by disney.
  20. I feel the op has a bit more of a point than just an opinion thing. Mario kart has far more market penetration that other cart racer so is the one always picked up and spoke of but that doesn't mean its the best. Far smaller offerings which didn't have advertising or such might be better. I know a lot of people love Diddy Kong racing for example but it didn't have any of the marketing love that mario kart had at the time. Personally I prefered mario kart 64 but subjectively it may not be the best.
  21. I found I had a usbc adapter and I have a hub and keyboard and mouse so they work but I just feel that defeats the overall purpose of this. It feels like a computer trying to be a handheld. The more I move beyond steam the more I feel like I just prefer my laptop. I have been installing ea origin via bottles and I've got it working but this is the next thing I have found issues with. Because bottles is emulating windows everything shows as but it only seems to have permissions to the local block ssd and I can't find the sd card. I suspect you can do it but I just want to play a game. I also had issues adding my sd card in general. Put in a brand new 256gb sd card, a SanDisk ultra which was recommended for the deck. It passed testing but failed formatting. Happened multiple times after multiple restarts. I ended up taking it out, putting it in the tablet to test it worked. I then erased it, put it back in the deck and the format completed. I feel this evening hasn't been very productive.
  22. K having this in my hands is an interesting experience. I feel like the hardware is pretty good, feels solid. The software is finicky though. As with most users I suspect, my library is not just steam but epic, gog, ea, game pass etc. Installing all these has proved difficult with the touch screen and the touch screen seems to like to miss characters occasionally, although this might be a screen protector issue as I've seen that in the past. Heroic launcher made epic easier but I've yet to try bottles for ea. I feel like yeah I could do it but I'd like valve to manage this a bit better. They may not want to put an overlay on top or manage access to other launchers but I feel they'll need to do something to extend out adoption to mainstream.
  23. Is there a technical limitation where installing to the sd card rather than the ssd is worse? I'll be leaving steamos on it so no windows or that. No scsi addressing issues there. Is there a Linux limitation where the 64gb is an issue? I just wondered as from a speed perspective the reports are no obvious difference between the 2 in load times etc. Does the sd card show up in lsblk and dev? I'm thinking of just getting an sd card initially rather than upgrading the 64gb ssd.
  24. I had no kids today so knocked out everything everywhere all st once and top gun maverick. Top gun maverick is like the John wick of plane films. Its got no preconceptions of being high brow it delivers quickly ,lots of planes and lots of adrenaline. It's not winning any acting awards, exactly what you thing is going to happen is going to happen but its just enjoyable. Its like your fav takeaway when you really want one, just makes you feel a bit better. 4/5. Eeaao I'm struggling with a bit more. In no sense was it bad but it wanted my attention a bit more maybe at a time when I wasn't really willing to give it. I think you need a bit more focus and it doesn't want to sledgehammer home every point like top gun. There's a bit more subtlety. I'd give it 3/5 I like the idea and it might have scored higher on another day.
  25. Looks like it's a 2230 nvme drive I'm looking for . That should be do able. Just need to source the drive cheap enough. Cheers. Didn't see that you could change the drive.
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