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  1. This is probably neither the time nor the place, but I still can't accept the Darth Sidious name, or any of the other Darths since the first one. He's the Emperor and that's that. I just can't get past Ben Kenobi calling him by his FIRST NAME in Star Wars when they're scrapping and he says something like, "you can't win Darth". Unless Darth is the Star Wars equivalent of John and there are just a lot of space Johns. But that's unlikely.
  2. I always have my answer ready for whenever this question comes up. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Proof of Life: I saw it at a press screening back in 2000 when I was working at Capital Radio - at the screening it was just me, my senior exec, and the agency reps who we were hoping would choose us for its radio advertising campaign. In the taxi on the way back I just couldn't help myself, and I spent about 20 minutes ranting about how terrible a film it was. We never got the booking from the agency after that and I got a serious ticking off for not keeping my mout
  3. I've got a little Golem Books special offer running at the moment: The February Free-For-All! For the rest of this month, everyone who purchases The Book of the Game of the Film from the Golem Books website will be sent a FREE copy of The 8-Bit Book - 1981 to 199x! That's both books for just £21.99 plus p&p. To take advantage of this offer, head for the Golem Books website and scroll almost to the foot of the page, then just follow the appropriate PayPal link and away you go! ---> https://jerellis1.wixsite.com/golembooks Also, the last few copies of the hardcover limited ed
  4. Done it again! Just got back from seeing Holmes and Watson (currently tied with The Nun as the worst film I've seen all year, and likely to stay there now) which means I've racked up 100 films at the cinema in a calendar year for the fourth year in a row. Here's my 2018 list: 1. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri 2. Molly’s Game 3. Hostiles 4. The Greatest Showman 5. Darkest Hour 6. Star Wars: The Last Jedi 7. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle 8. All the Money in the World 9. The Post 10. Coco 11. Early Man 12. Journey’s End 13. I, Tonya 14. The Commut
  5. Shenmue 3 in just over six months people!
  6. I had a great time with this too, although I'm inclined to believe the daftness was all pretty deliberate. Oh boy did it look lovely though!
  7. Ha, I sea what you did there.
  8. Alan Cumming was amazing in this - I also thought it was the best episode so far, which is saying something as there have been a few really good ones already. Going to miss it on Christmas Day this year!
  9. Am I totally imagining a vague nod to a classic Who monster or do we reckon it was intentional?
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