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  1. I hadn't seen Gerry before that interview and had absolutely no idea of what the story was. Cheers, Gus!
  2. Seeing this a week Friday at the BFI, followed by an interview with Van Sant. Gonna be well good.
  3. No Country for Old Men, The Dark Knight, There Will Be Blood and Vicky Cristina Barcelona have been highlights for me. I only saw There Will Be Blood recently and felt a little bit gutted that I didn't see it in a cinema. Synecdoche, New York would probably have gone down as the biggest disappointment of the year if it wasn't for the absolute turd that was The X Files: I Want to Believe. I still can't quite believe that it turned out as bad as it did.
  4. I know you're talking about new shows, but I would absolutely love a third season of Carnivale.
  5. Does anyone know what the surprise film was? Edit: nevermind, just read that it was No Country for Old Men.
  6. That video's missing a couple of minutes. There's a WMV download link on the IMDB forum. If you don't have an account there and want a link just PM me and I'll send it to you.
  7. I've filled out an order form for tickets for I'm Not There, Chaotic Ana, Jetsam, The Darjeeling Limited, Reservation Road, Fay Grim and Rescue Dawn. If I end up getting all of those I'll be very happy. I can only really afford to take one week off work so I'm a bit gutted that I won't be able to see Silent Light, or any of the other films showing in the first week of the festival.
  8. Those Ivan's Childhood and Days of Heaven covers are absolutely beautiful. If my multi-region DVD player wasn't quite so awful I'd buy both of them.
  9. Does anyone know when or if this is being repeated? I couldn't find anything in the listings.
  10. She didn't cut it. She wrote a note in red pen on her hand to remind herself to buy a grass skirt.
  11. Best price I've seen is £24.99 on hmv.co.uk at the moment. I wish I'd waited a week or two and ordered it from there myself - would've made a saving of about £8.
  12. I was a bit unimpressed that HMV didn't get my preorder to me today - it's the first time they've not done so. Very much looking forward to watching it.
  13. It's not really in the same vein as the films mentioned in the first post, but I saw The Andromeda Strain a few days ago and thought it was pretty good. Really enjoyed this as well.
  14. True Romance Halloween Assault on Precinct 13 Escape From New York Do the Right Thing 25th Hour Suspiria Lovers of the Arctic Circle Before Sunrise Before Sunset Happiness Mystery Train Lost Highway Taxi Driver Badlands That's in no particular order. And I'd probably come up with a different list of 15 if you asked me a month later.
  15. The trailer didn't immediately grab me but the review in the latest Sight and Sound has got me looking forward to it now.
  16. Converge, Rise and Fall and Animosity tour in July. The full list of dates is as follows: 02.07.2007 UK Brighton Concorde2 w/ Rainydayfuckparade 03.07.2007 UK Newport TJs w/ Rainydayfuckparade 04.07.2007 UK Nottingham Rock City w/ Rainydayfuckparade 05.07.2007 Ireland Dublin Voodoo Lounge 06.07.2007 UK Edinburgh Exchange w/ Omerta 07.07.2007 UK Sheffield Corporation w/ Omerta 08.07.2007 UK Reading Fez Club w/ Omerta 09.07.2007 UK Stoke On Trent Sugarmill w/ Omerta 10.07.2007 UK Manchester Music Box (Jillys Rock World) w/ We Are Carnivores 11.07.2007 UK London The Electric Ballroom w/ We Are Carnivores 12.07.2007 UK Kingston The Peel w/ We Are Carnivores http://www.punktastic.com/news/14023 I wish I'd gone to see Converge the last time someone put them on at the Scout Hut in Canterbury - it's only very recently that I've begun to take an interest in them and I think seeing them play in a 'venue' that size would've been awesome. Might see if I can make it to the London date.
  17. No, I don't, and I'm not entirely convinced I've misunderstood it either. I will admit I wasn't paying attention to the whole of the film but the bits I did see just seemed absolutely shit.
  18. This description is spot on. The attempts at Eastern European accents by some of the actors are simply hilarious. I can't decide whether this movie is worse than The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen or not. There's little between them.
  19. In the issue I got there were features on the tobacco industry in Zimbabwe, 'Pimp Fashion', and some other disparate and largely uninteresting things. I didn't realise at the time they were going to be in there and if I had I probably wouldn't have bought it. Too many adverts as well. True also. I wasn't impressed with the way they rated films. I'm not a fan of the star system but what they were doing just seemed totally unprofessional to me - one of the three criteria they rated the films on was how much they were looking forward to them. The review for The Proposition is a good example of their strange approach: "Anticipation: Aussie films are hit-or-miss affairs. Two." Plus the magazine is really badly put together - pages are falling out of my issue.
  20. The issue I read was an early one, maybe the fifth. It's likely that it's found its feet since then and improved (it really ought to have done). Edit: actually, quite a nice little touch was that it came with a DVD of trailers, short films and few other bits and pieces. I've no idea whether they include one with every issue though.
  21. I would've done but the local Cineworld isn't showing it. Hopefully they'll have it next week otherwise it's likely I'll have to wait another month before the cinema at uni shows it.
  22. I'd warn against Little White Lies. Admittedly I've only read one copy but it seemed like a complete case of style over substance. I've a subscription to Sight and Sound because the writing in it is always very interesting and well-informed.
  23. I think I've missed something pretty major. I saw an episode on E4 today and Max's wife was sitting in a jail cell. Has she been caught out?
  24. It opened here this year so it qualifies for me.
  25. 1)Volver 2)The New World I'm torn between a few others for that third place - Pan's Labyrinth, The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, Children of Men and The Departed were all great movies. I can't decide. 2006 was a great year for cinema as far as I'm concerned.
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