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  1. R0b

    Who is Wow?

  2. Predictive text like what I swore it would be! http://gamesnews.virgin.net/Virgin/Lifesty...hnology,00.html
  3. Wow!


  4. Wow!


  5. Massive Invisible Dog knows that Red Steel is going to be awesome, but he can't come out and say it after saying it was rubbish for so long! So he's gradually going to be more positive about it in the run up to launch. You've gotta respect that.
  6. "He passed with flying carpets." is my favourite. Or when he asks Sam to take out Bubbles tooth "Au gratin"
  7. The Animal Crossing sketch was rubbish without the Animal Crossing music that the Animal Crossing sketches on Youtube have. I was saddened by that bit. I guess it was a licensing issue.
  8. And I have always pronounced it in my head GAYDEN until I saw it pronouced correctly on the show. GUYDAN Lucky I wasn't talking about it at a dinner party over the summer season or something, I'd have looked quite the fool.
  9. I thought the two presenters were smashing and there was the odd funny line but it all seemed a bit depressing, you know? A bit worthy. I don't watch TV to be shouted at by fat jocks. And it was too long. It was a bit like a parody of the game showe that it was! Charlie Brooker does the angry thing but it's like he's on your side. I don't think these Scottish people liked us much.
  10. This online gaming business is really for the hardcore gamers only. They've got the 360 for that. I don't think anybody else is that fussed, certainly not the man on the street, so why throw money at it?
  11. Those cats fucking cry at Link's door all night to be let in and then he lets them in and five minutes later they're crying to be let out and Link doesn't need this shit in his life at the moment. He's got enough to worry about. And cat food fucking stinks, and he's opening a tin and it's got one of those ring pull tops but it only comes off easily so far and LInk really has to tug the last bit off and cat food goes all over his tunic when it pops off.
  12. Idiots. Those cats are for the wolves to eat. And that's good because I fucking hate cats.
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