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  1. Tagliatelle (shop bought, sorry!) with braised ox cheek ragu.
  2. mirodo

    Pokemon Go

    Loads of these in my area as well.
  3. mirodo

    Pokemon Go

    A cursory glance of Reddit suggests some places are seeing reduced spawns, others are seeing increases. Looks like the reduced spawns are in urban areas, whereas rural areas are seeing more.
  4. mirodo

    Pokemon Go

    Does it? I thought it was a permanent thing.
  5. Great reveal, awesome kit.
  6. Bruce is on a surprisingly high 10%.
  7. mirodo

    Pokemon Go

    These are the task stages: Step 1 Add 1 new friend (5,000 XP) Catch 3 Pokémon with Weather Boost (5,000 XP) Hatch an Egg (5,000 XP) Reward: 15,000 Stardust, Dratini Encounter, 2 Lucky Eggs Step 2 Evolve a Dratini (10k XP) Earn a Candy with your buddy (30 Dratini Candy) Take a snapshot of Dratini (30 Dratini Candy) Reward: 15,000 Stardust, 1 Raid Pass, 2 Lucky Eggs Step 3 Power up a Pokémon 10 times (15,000 XP) Battle a trainer in the Great League (15,000 XP) Battle in a raid (15,000 XP) Reward: 15,0
  8. Alan Partridge to front an epic history of Britain  Alan Partridge's forthcoming series is a Simon Schama-style historical documentary of Britain, Chortle can reveal. Production has begun on the BBC One show, provisionally titled And Did Those Feet, With Alan Partridge, with filming set to begin in May. http://www.chortle.co.uk/news/2019/04/05/42703/alan_partridge_to_front_a_sweeping_history_of_britain
  9. The "new" badge was being used as long ago as the 1940s (with the Latin motto Pretiumque Et Causa Laboris in place of the club name).
  10. mirodo

    Pokemon Go

    They’ve switched from using Google maps to OSM for the visible display in the game. Whilst they’ve always used OSM in the background for determining where spawns/nests/etc are, the skin used for the map was Google up until a couple of days ago.
  11. You mean he’s not a proper Scouser?
  12. Fools complaining about the ad breaks. It’s the perfect opportunity to nip to the kitchen for another cuppa and biscuit/slice of cake.
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