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  1. I’ve played 18, have a 100% win rate, but my current streak is only 17?!?!
  2. Mine was almost identical. Wordle 213 6/6 Was worried I was going to have my first failure.
  3. Another alternative game, this one allows to to play words up to 11 letters. http://foldr.moe/hello-wordl/ Quite pleased with my first effort. ️️️️ Edit: removed the screenshot of the actual game so as not to spoil it for anyone!
  4. Managed yesterday’s in 2 goes: Wordle 201 2/6 Which made today’s 3 a disappointment Wordle 202 3/6
  5. POSSIBLE SERIES 13 LINE UP REVEALED Someone posted the supposed S13 line up on Reddit the other week (they started filming the studio segments). Presumably they will reveal the cast at the end of the current series. Spoilered below, with the caveat that it might be wrong. (The post on Reddit was deleted shortly after it was posted, but not before I screengrabbed it).
  6. Innocent until proven Gylfi.
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