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  1. wicked post. i was pretty much thinking at the time of the guy's mention about the hips and the elbow in that second video, that it's a very mechanical sport at its core. almost like chess. dope you posted the Mir - Nog submission to, I remember seeing that during the event and just thinking "what the hell did i just watch?". i'm really stoked! judo seems a good move, too. the physicality, weight distribution. great stuff. thanks a bunch man.
  2. on that note double O, i like that there's a great deal of sportsmanship involved - i've heard it keeps your ass in check. the thought of taking another person's joints to that extreme however . does seem quite noble in its intimacy, mind.
  3. ah, link to the video Nathan Wind posted - wouldn't embed. it just so great man. i've grown up scrambling out of awkward positions fighting my brothers, just reminds me of that mess and scrambling into a position when you see an opening - i know that's not the half of it, no where near a 1/100th of the fucker but i just remember the quick reaction to the opportunity. i think it looks like a brilliant sport. will check those vids, ta. do you practice it monkichi?
  4. that jiu jitsu video is dope! i'm going to learn jiu jitsu, it's so amazingly technical!
  5. Wow! That bird is brilliant! Such a good shot showing off its features.
  6. http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/audio/2012/apr/20/fathers-knaussgaard-noah-hawley-podcast Just found this, I expect it to be interesting.
  7. his work on fable and good will hunting was dope. i think i want something a bit less contemporary though.
  8. 'f you don't mind, anything with that waltz to-and-throw swing
  9. on point with Danny Brown. heard this on radio 1, been killing it since http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CY_Ki5tvaQ
  10. mate's friend's band, saw them in guildford last year and ended up in a party with 'em. bigged em up, they were good - sounded great live, wicked vocal shit and the brass was dope.
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