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  1. Sucks if true. They seem to be putting priority on the History of Sonic book because of all of the fan interest - even got Udon on board. Could it be likely that they're just going to go through Udon from now on?
  2. Xbox Classics version of Splinter Cell had the 3 DLC missions on a separate disc.
  3. I'm in the same boat. Normally once the credits roll the game's out of the machine and back on the shelf, but I've not been able to put this down. I've logged up 60 hours so far and have done most of the post-game stuff, now I'm trying to fill the National Dex, but it looks like I might have to sink time into (or possibly even finish) Sapphire, Fire Red and Diamond to get that done, and I don't think I can be arsed.
  4. As someone mentioned earlier in the thread, Phil Harrison's early work was with Mindscape. He was a designer on Outlander (which for all intents and purposes is Mad Max 2 without the license) and The Terminator (SNES version). Pretty sure he was farting around Sony Imagesoft after that.
  5. Hellgate: London was one that I'd been looking forward to for a number of years. You had a number of blokes behind Diablo and Diablo II on board, promises of something that would combine the clickity click gameplay of Diablo with first person shooters and an interesting setting. All we got in the end was a bug riddle hunk of shit full of sodding fetch quests that hardly tied back into the story and a stupid subscription system. Honourable mention to Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops which was renderred useless by crappy controls. Can't say I enjoyed what I saw of the plot either. Will have to force myself through it in the New Year.
  6. Right now, I'm inclined to just skip it. However, I know that there will be good titles in time, so I'll just wait til they're all a tenner
  7. Novemberish for US/JP and 2005ish for PAL.
  8. Leaked on the Game Informer boards and confirmed by the editor. 1. RE4 can be played in first person or one of two new views. They are basically slight variations on a close third person camera. 2. It must be viewed in widescreen. If your TV doesn't support the 16:9 aspect ratio, the game will feature black bars on top and bottom of the screen to make sure you experience the game to its fullest on a 4:3 monitor. HDTV users, the game supports 480 progressive scan. This is needed because... 3. In 3rd person, Leon fills the far left side of the screen. It feels like you are playing a first person shooter even without Leon on the screen. 4. Controls are the same as before. However, health and ammo will now be onscreen. 5. Even with the old controls, the new views make it feel like an entirely different game. The following points may contain spoilers 1. RE4 takes place in 2004, 6 years after RE2. 2. Umbrella is gone and the zombies with them. 3. Leon is hired by the president to guard his daughter. Before he can take the job, she is kidnapped and taken to a village in south america where all the villagers hunt him down in an eerie trance. 4. The worlds are completely wide open. 5. No more door animations or pre-rendered cutscenes. Everything is done in-engine. 6. Areas feature a few very brief loadtimes. 7. Enemies will react to damage done to them in places. Shooting an enemy in the foot will make them hobble. 8. Villagers are armed with sickles, axes, pitchforks, and many more sharp objects. Which they can throw at you. These are not mindless zombies. 9. You can shoot the thrown objects out of the air. If you time it right. 10. There is an action button. For instance, you can shoot an enemy and then quickly close the gap and kick them in the chest. Also to move objects in front of doors to keep villagers from you. Also to push a ladder full of enemies off from you and more. 11. In a later level, you are in complete darkness and unable to see anything until the moonlight illuminates the villagers. 12. The villagers are smart. In later levels they get smarter. For instance, if you shoot at one, it won't continue to go towards you. It may run away and if you follow him, it could purposefully lead you to an area where 6 more await with bow guns. They are more human.
  9. ~$AU13,600 (£5,650). Keeping in mind the differences between the Aussie dollar and pound over the last few years. Over half of that is from this generation, mainly because I have some form of income now.
  10. I'd start up an information archive not too dissimilar from the IMDB. As much as I like Mobygames, I think it's lacking quite a few categories, and there's a few things I don't like (the voting system, for one). I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to documenting things like games. Actually I was thinking of doing it despite the fact I'm not a billionaire
  11. It'd actually had the name changed to First Strike: Grant City Anti-Crime (at least at one stage), but eh, too late now. I enjoyed Dead to Rights, and was interested in this - guess the sequel alone will have to do.
  12. stonedwal


    I do believe I saw something in an interview with Peter Molyneux late last year that he didn't expect Fable to ship until June 2004 - so I'm not suprised that it's set for summer. While the game is supposedly set for a "when it's done" release, most of the fan sites I've read recently suggested a February-July window.. Sudeki must be in a bit of trouble with so many delays - wasn't it due out about 2 years ago? Hopefully it will appear a little more refined...
  13. According to my latest THQ schedule (Asia/Pacific), it's set for release on April 9th.
  14. The old man used to drag us out to the arcades while we were on holidays, and go through quite a bit of money. Mum used to get up him, so he went out and bought a Sega Master System, and claimed it was a combined Christmas present between Dad, my brother and I. Wasn't until we got the Megadrive the next year that I became hooked, and settled in for a life of being a bum.
  15. Hard Drives have a high failure rate after a couple years of life (being a mechanical device), sooner or later you'll see more and more people complaining that their hard drive has died...unless, of course, Microsoft have used some form of alien hard drive which doesn't utilise moving parts. I was under the impression that they might replace it with some sort of flash RAM, but they say they want to keep costs down.
  16. i'm sure i'll find it cheap enough somewhere (although surprisingly no luck on the usual online stores). But out of interest what stores ship ozzy stuff to here? DVD Crave is your best bet. They ship overseas, and I believe a few people around here can vouch for that.
  17. That woosh sound from the last level of Doom 2, which was also used on Fox's staff on Starfox Adventures. The voices from Banjo-Kazooie are a close second.
  18. If you could be arsed importing from Australia, it'd be about £20 + post.
  19. I believe the correct term is "invitation to treat", but I've forgotten all of my consumer law, despite the fact I was only studying it 6 weeks ago. There's all this shit about the difference between an invitation to treat and a proper offer for a contract, and I believe catalogues are an invitation to treat.
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