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  1. ! I can't unsee it as an advert for Just Eat now.
  2. Do you reckon they'd make good pizza toppings? My wife and I are phasing a lot of meat out of our diets, but we both love putting pepperoni on our homemade pizzas and haven't seen anything we'd consider a suitable alternative. Chorizo-style sausages sound like they might fill the bill, if sliced thinly.
  3. All the ships in this are great. Except for the Imperial vessels, those that pilot them are slaver scum. I'm coming back to ED after a break. The last time I played was when the Guardian modules first became a thing. I love the new exploration and mining mechanics. Cracking open asteroids for void opals is super satisfying. I need to get myself into some AX combat.
  4. Today I learned the Muslim day of rest is Friday.
  5. Nah, it totally makes sense in the show. She's been on the Cant and with Holden since we first met her, amongst non-Belters primarily but between series 2 and 3 she left the Rocinante and went to hang out with Tycho's crowd of Belters. It totally makes sense that she'd change her accent after changing who she spends her time with.
  6. I have started watching this recently on Netflix. Don't like Andy Samberg really, but I find the rest of the cast pretty good. Captain Holt is genuinely hilarious, and I love Boyle's foodie adventures.
  7. Watched a few episodes. Some of it I really liked. But it was outweighed by the stuff that fell flat for me. A strange obsession with toilet humour.
  8. The Girl with All the Gifts has appeared. Supposed to be good, I heard.
  9. revlob


    Just put what you like on your food. I won't judge you for it. Unless you're one of those savages that thinks Salad Cream belongs on anything.
  10. The Quacks of Quedlinburg. You've probably heard of it, because designer Wolfgang Warsch is so hot right now (also, it won last year's Kennerspiel). If you haven't, then it's a push-your-luck bag-building game about brewing potions. You pull ingredients one by one out of your bag, and pray you don't pull enough 'cherry bombs' to cause your cauldron to explode. It's really fun! While a lot of PYL games are quick filler affairs, this has just enough going on to elevate it to being a properly satisfying board game experience. I immediately wanted to play it again after finishing our first game. It has some clever catch-up mechanics to ensure you don't fall too far behind the leader, and it looks great on the table, with some really nice and colourful pieces.
  11. A friend of mine has it, and I've played it a couple of times. It's okay. I prefer my board games on the heavier end of the complexity scale, but I'd never turn it down if someone in our group wanted to play it. Despite being about taking a lovely walk around Japan, it can get fairly cutthroat, as there can be strong competition for the limited spaces on the board. It has lovely artwork and pieces.
  12. There was a thread about these not so long ago: Consensus seemed to be that they are pretty good. I'm looking to get one at some point.
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