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  1. Halloween game sorted.
  2. Yep! PM your deets and a total including shipping and I'll send you the monies.
  3. Did Res Arcana go, @Cosmic_Guru It's crossed but not listed as sold.
  4. It's finally happened. They've announced the next Final Fantasy and I've not even played the previous one yet. My 17 year-old self would be so disappointed with me right now. I suppose I've got a long while yet before this comes out. Anyone else thinks it looks incredibly rough around the edges? For what is supposed to be a next gen title.
  5. Are we still allowed to post about dispatch notifications? Because I have a dispatch notification from the Nintendo store that this is now on its way to me.
  6. £349/£399, and the same in dollars. I don't think Sony will be able to go any cheaper.
  7. Whatever it is, you can guarantee its not what we want.
  8. Oh no! She was fantastic. The sci-fi society at university used to play episodes of The Avengers, in which she had an incredible on-screen presence. She was no less sharp and commanding of your attention when she was in Game of Thrones half a century later. RIP.
  9. I think the idea looks really fun, but not £100-per-kart amount of fun. Also most of the house is carpeted so isn't going to provide a great surface for racing. I love that this thing exists but I'm definitely not getting one.
  10. Looks like a beast. It's not a game I'd heard of before you brought it up in this thread, @Cosmic_Guru. What led you to discover it?
  11. I'm in a group of four who started a campaign back in October, and we stopped playing for obvious reasons in March. This week we got around a table again for our first game in nearly six months. It was great! Although I was unsure if we'd all be a little rusty after such a long hiatus, so we dropped the difficulty down to easy mode for a change. That was probably unecessary as we breezed through the scenario despite my brother spending 90% of the time far away from any of the monsters, hoovering up all the coins we were creating as we slaughtered our way through a sewer. My stats tell me that was our 20th game, and while we've won most of those, it still feels like we've accomplished very little in terms of overall progression. One of us is nearing their retirement goal, but the rest of us aren't anywhere close yet. I'm wondering when we start slapping achievements down on the map. Perhaps we've been jumping around the map a bit too much, not focusing on any one particular storyline. We're all still having fun though, and I've just reached level 5 which means another awesome card to add to my Spellweaver's pool.
  12. Watergate is also supposed to be a very good 2-player game that uses very similar mechanics to Twilight Struggle.
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