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  1. What time will john lewis be letting you pre order them or have I missed it
  2. Anyone playing this on the ps4? Sometimes when aiming down my site with a rifle the aim starts to drift up like I have controller drift. It only happens sometimes though. I haven't noticed it on other games so thought it may be a bug. Thanks
  3. Looking forward to this but is there a physical copy for the xbox? I have seen a pre order for the switch and ps4 physical but not xbox.
  4. I use shopto and so far every game has come a few days early.
  5. downloading now on the uk store
  6. Is this on the UK store? Been waiting for a good online shooter.
  7. I see well sounds like there is plenty to go at anyway nice one. Thanks for the info, looking forward to playing it.
  8. Is splatoon 2 still online? Daughter wants it but thought the online was finishing on this.
  9. I would 100% get one. There is one in the trading thread some nice guy is flogging off haha
  10. Purchased thanks
  11. Sorry if this is a silly question but I'm thinking of buying Monster Hunter World Iceborne Master Edition and want to know if this is the full game and the add on? Or is this just the add on and I will still need to buy the base game? Thanks
  12. It's not that my console is overheating it's like an error or something. My Xbox turns off and then turns on but no over heating sign.
  13. So is everyone having the shutdowns on Xbox one X or just a few. It happened to me twice last night.
  14. Just bought this on the PS4 and finding the input lag really bad. My Samsung TV has low input lag but this feels bad to me, anyone else finding this
  15. Anyone else had any game freezing I have had a couple today on the PS4
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