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  1. Just bought this on the PS4 and finding the input lag really bad. My Samsung TV has low input lag but this feels bad to me, anyone else finding this
  2. Anyone else had any game freezing I have had a couple today on the PS4
  3. Yes playing it on the pro. Runs well I would say around 50fps so smooth enough. Graphics are ok to nothing amazing but it's good fun.
  4. Anyone else getting Ghosting when turning. Its like the character has a body that drags. I have removed motion blur but its still happening on ps4
  5. Anyone on PS4? Online not working for me anyone else?
  6. anyone got toki, just want to know if its any good ?
  7. Just a quick question does anyone else insert there game card's and two in ten times the card isn't readable ?
  8. Nevermind don't it now Jesus Christ
  9. How the hell do you get to level 3
  10. Do it the gold rush console is lovely and the pad looks class
  11. Must say thanks for answering all my questions you have been very helpful.
  12. The ASUS is a 120hz monitor and I haven’t noticed any screen tearing
  13. in ran prime95 for 10 mins with a cpu temp of 75 seems ok to me. Does the GSync make the picture look better at all?
  14. I’m not that tech savvy what’s Optimus? And what’s the benefit of a g sync screen
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