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  1. Super 8 is getting a 10 year anniversary 4K steelbook release in may. Can’t seem to find any uk retailers selling the pre order. It’s on a few American sites but the shipping is far too much. Any idea if this is getting a uk release?
  2. So got my new Xbox wireless headset and find the side tone not working at all. Anyone else finding this. I have it set to high but nothing at all
  3. Im in the same boat and now using the hyperx flights for the Xbox. Lovely sound that comes out of these and a 30 hour battery life to go with it is pretty good.
  4. I haven't used them much of late but my headset also had the crackle thing going on but not now. Have you installed the app on the xbox that lets you customize the sound out of them? You can turn mic monitoring on too using the app. Glad you like them they sound amazing
  5. Did you end up getting these, and if you did what do you think?
  6. I think in the uk these just didn’t sell well. I didn’t know anyone with one at all.
  7. I have to say i never stick with racing games but god damn i'm loving this bad boy. The game is so fun to play and finding the race difficulty on hard really fun. The races are always neck and neck on the finish line and the graphics are amazing even on framerate mode. The only problem with the game is the online mode. I find it very very basic and needs some work. Is there plans for an update at all online or is that it?
  8. I go back to the new geo pocket colour and hand full of clamshells. How I miss them days sad face
  9. Bloody hell that takes me back wow I got the free games I remember
  10. I have had bad fps too like you say it must be a known problem. But like I say I have had it shut my Series x off a few times now. I'm sure modern warfare did the same when that first came out.
  11. Yes the same exact problems. I have had a few freezes that shut my Series x down too. Has yours shut down at all when playing?
  12. Wish my Mrs would let me get both new consoles. I'm so under the thumb damn, have fun tomorrow all.
  13. Nice one hope you like them. I find them very nice to wear and don't pressure my head like others I have used. The side tone is hard to work out how to turn it on. You have to go into the app on mic settings. Click listen button so you can hear yourself and then press start( 3lines button) and exit the app. It saves the mic monitoring to the headset and works perfect. Let me know what you think to the headset and hope you enjoy them.
  14. I have had a steel series headsets in the past and just liked the look of the razer Kaira pros. I like the fact you have an xbox app on the console to customise the headset too. When you purchase from Razer you get a 2 year warranty and if you subscribe you also get £10 off. Also the side tone for me is better than my old steel series. I can't comment on the new steel series side tone but it's definitely better than there older headsets.
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