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  1. I believe you can mimic the PS4 behaviour, there's an option for sharing in the main menu
  2. Hopefully, the update will get rid of that annoying blurry-for-an-instant effect in some menus
  3. Already mentioned, but Crackdown. It wasn't in my radar at all, but the demo converted me. The accelerated growth rate was key, allowing you to test your powers in the allowed time at a much faster rate than in the final game. Ironically, I couldn't care less about the Halo 3 beta included with the full game.
  4. A few months ago, mine suddenly would cold start in 480p, so I had to restart it to get 4K. That's no longer the case, I assume it was fixed in an update.
  5. No. After beating the final boss, you'll be asked if you want to start a new journey (NG+) or continue the current one.
  6. My Harmony remote controls the Series X fine with the Xbox One IR codes, even with the Eject command that is not available in the original remote.
  7. No. My Series X is in energy-saving mode as well, and I don't unexpectedly get that prompt on my CX Isn't exactly that what the energy-saving mode does?
  8. While I agree on the Xbox front, it's not all roses on the PC front with Microsoft. I've just built my new PC and turns out that I have to redownload EVERY single game from the Windows Store, it doesn't matter if I have a copy on the HDD. Steam can do it, Origin can do it, Ubisoft Connect can do it, even Epic Launcher can do it with some tinkering. Hell, the Xbox does it seamlessly, why this is different on Windows I don't know.
  9. That door is supposed to connect with the bridge where you fight the Cleric Beast, but can't be opened.
  10. I agree, at low fps count, a 10 frames difference is a world. However, I find the "30fps is now unplayable" stance in this thread way overstated. Of course, I prefer 60 fps when available, but I don't think twice about a game being 30fps, I just play it without problems.
  11. No, it wasn't, it ran at 30 fps. Years later, they included a 60 fps version with Ridge Racer Type 4
  12. Interesting. I don't use HMDI-CEC on the PS5 with my Harmony remote and my LG TV precisely because of the lack of a PS button. However, if the Home button of a Bravia remote worked, I could copy the Home command from my mother's Sony remote, and it wouldn't disable the access to the LG TV settings Looks like I have some "work" to do.
  13. I finally finished this last year and found it a great Zelda game, but hated the waggle all the time, so the news of this release are music to my ears. As for the price backlash, well, I don't see the difference with people buying Wii U conversions for the Switch at full price.
  14. I bought Halo 3 and PGR4 the same day, and let's say Halo 3 went untouched for weeks. It's the best PGR and one of the best non-sim racing games ever. My only problem with it was the lack of a HUD in the internal view, that drove me nuts.
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