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  1. It looks pre U.K. world update. That’ll annoy everyone on console if they’ve got all those to download separately too (and they probably do have)
  2. Sometimes. Extreme weather tends to break stuff, and It certainly used not to properly stream in
  3. It might stutter a bit. If you’ve downloaded the full version though it’ll just fall back to the offline map.
  4. Too many trees in cities is an AI issue on the backlog. The severely forested Manhattan after the collapse of civilisation is a particularly obvious example.
  5. YouTube compression doing no favours there.
  6. There are various bowling rules in limited overs cricket that don’t apply in tests (wides mostly). certainly in the laws of cricket, it’s “over head height”. Over the waist is a no ball if the ball doesn’t bounce.
  7. Nothing is locked. Unless it’s behind a third party paywall, but you’ve no need to buy anything at all you don’t want to. but start in the Cessna, then continue flying in prop planes because there’s less madness.
  8. there’s not been enough content to make time travelling back twelve months to watch Apple TV worth sitting through 2020 and 2021 again.
  9. I’m not even sure that’s true - you’ve got your small companies with the cult of the founder: particularly in the tech space we’ve seen a number of those which go way beyond dysfunctional.
  10. Standard. there’s some training flights, landing challenges, bush trips where you try to follow a preset course using visual navigation in a chosen plane. After that, you’re on your own: there’s not objectives, though our resident flight sim nuts have apps that they can run on their laptops/tablets give them objectives. It is a sim, not a game. It’s not quite as bad as train sim world though. for me, it’s choose somewhere to go and look, then faff with the weather to see the pretties. But I’ve barely touched it for six months while waiting for the pc performance patch and the various console quality of life updates next week.
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