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  1. It’s an LG tv menu. On that page that comes up, click on the hdmi entry.
  2. I probably would have except I was looking for the antagonist in the ranks cliche Aside, it’s worth occasionally having the “tell a tale” mode turned on during sailing trips.
  3. Dag was set up in Norway as an antagonist in cutscenes / in the story, pretty much when he was first introduced. A peer of Elinor’s that thinks he should have been left in charge and that Elinor has been getting too big for her boots. During raids and the like it isn’t as though arbitrary Viking number two is any different from arbitrary Viking number three anyway. (I think I’ve got to the Basim bit mentioned above in oxfordshire? If not, then it might be the story plays out differently depending on order, because I can see perfectly well why there’s a conflict brewing
  4. I don't believe that I'm the only one to buy a console and a graphics card (admittedly the console was because I didn't think the graphics card would actually turn up for most of october).
  5. You're not going to be able to pay scallies who think it's ok to nick highly in demand games consoles they can resell on Ebay for scalper prices enough to stop them from doing it. Particularly if they think there's no chance of being prosecuted (try proving they nicked it, and not someone else in the chain). They're casual labour who can also go and get a job with Yodel, Hermes etc. If you're not tracking and accounting for deliveries sufficiently, scallies (wherever they are in the country) will grift.
  6. PC audio is its own special world of shit, particularly if you don't connect each channel separately to an amp and go via hdmi via ARC. You can plug a pair of headphones in and use one of these types of processing though. It's probably worth pointing out that Sony (in particular) and Microsoft have both included significantly more hardware support for 3D audio than there was in previous consoles.
  7. The “switch it out of performance mode” advice seems quite important. I was massively underwhelmed with it on.
  8. There’s a pretty good reason why you’d skip the last three books, and it is plausible to wrap up at the end of book six if you know you’re going to. Not sure if that’s what they’re referring to.
  9. First professional thing Overclockers have done since early September.
  10. The PS3 CPU was massively exotic once you had the SPEs (also used to support activities that otherwise would have happened on the GPU).
  11. The games press didn’t have any new games to play. quick resume works well some of the time. when it does it works really well. It just isn’t consistent enough yet.
  12. Your hope is to catch a Scan drop of FE cards. Requires some planning and luck.
  13. It's pretty normal. Microsoft reckon they won't be able to fulfil demand till April, so god knows how long Sony think they'll take. Nintendo have spent large parts of the year unable to manufacture and ship enough Switch consoles. The Wii was out of stock for months and months - probably the first console I remember that for; the PS2 was hard to get without a giant bundle of shite; the PS4 was golddust that Xmas. Consoles that were easy to get relatively quickly... the Xbox One.
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