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  1. We’re talking about city and Chelsea. They’re both rich men’s playthings.
  2. Comic spoiler, though so abstract that it’s not actually going to spoil anything. side plots not being well executed is pretty true to the comic, unfortunately.
  3. which other owner in the top six this season gets on the pitch, gets hugs from the players and cheers from the fans?,
  4. So I can’t bring myself to care about Chelsea, one of the big six, losing to a team who the vast majority of folk wanted to win. Hopefully they’ll get beaten again on Tuesday (just because West Ham in the champions league would be great)
  5. The difference is that this isn’t the biggest game of Chelsea’s season.
  6. Just put a bit of leather through it
  7. Preference?! “Which controller is closer and which game am I currently playing”
  8. Never mind the game, think of the trade-in opportunities. Two time sinks for the price of one!
  9. You'll find that Apple, Sonos, Microsoft also have 100% recyclable packaging now. Yes.
  10. We do have a special thread for this discussion.
  11. The difference between the “open box” experience of Apple, Microsoft, Sonos and…. Sony… kit is distinct. though the same applies to Nintendo - some of their packaging (e.g. Mario home circuit) is exemplary. Perhaps it’s just Sony who phone it in?
  12. All very well twittering Nate, but I almost missed your edge slay the spire time extend because you didn’t post it in here. (which was a fun read, obviously)
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