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  1. has anyone with anything sent a 4k120 FPS signal into an LG OLED yet? ive been looking at 3080 reviews, but not seen anything.
  2. Admittedly, it's pretty hard for me to now die in Tartutrus (though I've not finished the game, and imagine that I'll start dying again once I have done so). Think I'm only missing the occasional line from Hypnos though. The through storylines don't rely on where you finished your run.
  3. the 1080, everything at launch was founders: created by all the third parties. Not sure after that.
  4. I think we hope for late October. There’s Hades to play till then.
  5. Overclockers were very open about the fact that if you didn’t get in in the first two minutes they were overselling their allocation, to the point of never actually having anything but a preorder button. But then they’ve always done that for graphics cards (I was lucky with my 1080 FE order four years ago, but it wasn’t quite as frantic). not sure about scan.
  6. there’s fuck all interest to go round, certainly not enough to make taking even £200 to £400k of preorders and having that debt on the books to be potentially fucked over by exchange rate swings (400k, 3 months, 1k interest). You balance that by pricing the cards higher, of course.
  7. profit margins, as mentioned. But you’ll usually be able to pick up a watch or iPhone from John Lewis’s website easily enough at launch. the major difference being - sheer amount of stock, lower demand (because there’s a load of phones, and they’re released yearly).
  8. set in the 1800s because goblin slavery and rampant drug use was more acceptable then, and homosexuality was punishable by prison sentences?
  9. We’re not resetera, are predominately U.K. based, a load of us have multiple years of game pass built up, we can reuse controllers, etc. that we already have making the cost of entry far lower than previously. It’s also worth considering that the exchange rate used in the U.K. on the series S is very favourable (1.43, if I calculate by adding tax to the dollar price - compared to the 1.33 used for the other three consoles). it’ll all sell out, regardless. I'm not particularly excited by either console till something more interesting than better hdr backwards compatibility turns up. The 3080, on the other hand...
  10. Corrected (assassins creed black flag was PS4/Xbox one only). From a messaging, if not financial, standpoint, issuing miles morales on PS4 is not great. The one game that really couldn’t be done on previous consoles is apparently the lucid games driving thing, which will have an initial sell through of about 2%.
  11. until their entire briefing leaked last week.
  12. @Wiper I wouldn’t worry about it. You’ll die to both eventually, and the commentary works non linearly.
  13. 1% is silicon lottery numbers. I don’t think a single review comparing one sample of each can be that accurate.
  14. averaging over 5.5km/hour for 8,5 hours? Good luck!
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