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  1. Which will be entirely sufficient to cover my curiosity about how good it is.
  2. It was great. And even better, The Great is now on Disney Plus rather than squirrelled away in E4.
  3. The following two books are definitely not YA. I can’t decide why the huge tonal shift was left in there, given the expectations of the two audiences^, but she presumably sold a load so it worked for her. ^ well, I can, and it mirrors the change the character is undergoing as she’s released into the world, but it’s one hell of a stylistic conflict and doesn’t quite work for me. Also twee esoteric professors with a dark secret are ten a penny.
  4. Hod King: great, if more fragmented than I expected. Fall of Babel preordered. The poppy war/dragon republic/burning god: has to be the bleakest young orphan goes to posh school story I’ve ever read. Definitely not Harry Potter. Last hundred pages of Book One is not child friendly. Remainder is less graphic, if still decidedly not pleasant. Can’t quite decide if Kuang managed to really nail the characterisation she was aiming for, and there’s a lot of Authors Intent going on, but I did read all three in seven days - and I’ve not really read anything else this year. It doesn’t really hang together, and the twists are predictable, but then maybe it doesn’t need to.
  5. come on. First time round she had at least a fortnight before BoTW blew her game out of the water amongst the cognoscenti.
  6. £20-£25 for an indie game that looks like it’ll really really appeal to me; £10-£15 if not. big budget? it now has to really appeal or be in a gaming drought. So deathloop at £55 was fine; I feel a tad ripped off by R&C at whatever I paid for it.
  7. Depends on: * How much data you've got, and need to persist; * How your load works; * Whether you actually have a capex cost associated with a server, and what your tolerance for failure is. If you've already got hardware, why pay again for it on subscription until it's out of warranty; and if you're ok with it being out of warranty...
  8. Someone must have done a every track by recording date Spotify playlist, surely?
  9. another example of the “problem of doors”
  10. I think, given the reaction to the beta, BF 2042 could underperform. Halo/FH5 - it'll be interesting to see the steam sales.
  11. yes, though I’m coming round to the idea that she’s canonically 35, and then I’m assuming that Rami was meant to be playing a bulked up 17 year old when he first met her at the age of 10 or so: so would be 44 or so. Unfortunate that he doesn’t really look five years older than he is.
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