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  1. Deathloop: a game that will be better a year in after the inevitable balance patches when everyone has a copy on gamepass to play together.
  2. Someone deleted my God of War 2 quote from the first post in favour of a link to this. I’d suggest you put it back, because at least the Cory tweet in context was good content.
  3. (But not improved texture filtering apparently)
  4. So I didn’t care about this when it was on a console you could go out and buy...
  5. Kena manages to look less interesting than previously. Now a game by Microsoft!
  6. everyone wants a sequel to Strangers Wrath. Here's a 2.5D platformer says SeanR
  7. Sifu - maybe? If they really lean into that age thing?
  8. Knockout City is the thing announced on Switch but with less style in the trailer? Or was that something else?
  9. Is this really only 60fps and not 120fps?
  10. Holes in the universe, better hope this is out after ratchet and clank.
  11. Yes, but the fun stuff that you could get your family to play and that was different - not any longer. (easy enough to argue that you can just use mobile phones now, but the likes of buzz, eyetoy, singstar were different, social and fun while they were supported - VR is primarily a solo experience).
  12. that was all London Studio though, then all that bunch got canned.
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