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  1. sure. I thought this was going to be a thread about Harry and Megan
  2. item 1 killed it. I suspect those of us who had a more positive experience got in via PS Plus or the PS5 game collection down the line. And even then I recall there being a whole lot of trekking around a wilderness and nothing much really happens for quite a long time, so your reaction will depend on how often (and when last) you play this sort of game. But I did play a fair bit. A *long* time after launch.
  3. not really. It just requires you to deliberately turn your brain off when talking about the deal in the deal thread: Microsoft have repeatedly said the point is the combination of activision and king - and mostly king. (some of that will be posturing - but the deal wouldn’t be anywhere near as attractive without king)
  4. It’s not that interesting. let’s take Alan as an example: - doesn’t have an Xbox, so unless he’s really interested in pros and cons of different consoles it’s not relevant to him in the console space because he’s not a console warrior - didn’t have a modern pc, therefore not really as relevant in the pc space - probably doesn’t give a toss about cloud gaming so why would he know the ins and outs. (sorry Alan)
  5. About eight to fifteen games a month? I missed a few EA games when skimming the tweets, so more than that.
  6. He can outrace someone if he has a three metre head start.
  7. Ronaldo having to smile as his international career ends. just think about Portugal’s “movement” if he’d been on since the start
  8. some of the joy is seeing how your day one actions have consequences and how the story develops and deepens over the years, but if you’ve forced yourself through day one and aren’t getting on with it thematically quit now while you still have time.
  9. Gamepass will go up in price soon. They just need their first party (large) games to start launching.
  10. Goal three was great. The penalty was atrocious refereeing; goal four just another example of "don't bother to mark" defending.
  11. That's Thor for you. if you don't unconditionally like what he likes, and have the gall to say so...
  12. Kotaku: This game, and series, has nothing but contempt for you : https://kotaku.com/nba-2k23-2k-review-kotaku-mycareer-impressions-myteam-1849528793 A shakedown disguised as a basketball game that is growing as tired as it is exploitative: https://kotaku.com/nba-2k22-the-kotaku-review-1847662757 this is a full-priced game with the beating heart of a mobile free-to-play scam: https://kotaku.com/nba-2k21-the-kotaku-review-1844993959
  13. Counter-factual: arstechnica's yearly review of NBA-2KXX. "It'd be a good game but OH MY GOD THE MONETISATION". Which is providing a public service. (May be Polygon or Kotaku - can't remember).
  14. case in point... the callisto protocol - which if it was reviewed on anything other than PS5 is...
  15. yeah they should have declared a couple of overs earlier before tea and cut the target Pakistan needed to achieve by about thirty. Given themselves those additional two overs in the light contingency :-!?!?!?! the fact I’m barely exaggerating on the change in target is just nuts.
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