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  1. I find it a useful resource explaining in simple terms why I shouldn’t be anywhere near it.
  2. can someone please write a thread specific add-on?
  3. I’m certainly judging myself, but I did like Miles and Deathloop. Days Gone I think I just skipped off at some point as it continued to stretch out and out and out.
  4. Apparently I've played 99 total hours in total (or a small fraction of my Slay the Spire time). Definitely not played very much Ratchet and Clank then. Occasionally loaded up the likes of UC4, GoT to see what they looked like for an hour at a time. No call of duty though (I've put 15 or so hours into Returnal since the start of 2022, though I bought it in 2021).
  5. You mean like they purchased a software company known for cutsy 3d platformers in 2001 and then from 2007 onwards redirected them to create a whole two IPs that very much weren't: * Uncharted * The Last of Us Number of IPs and history isn't everything! (I'm sure Microsoft would have liked Rare to produce either of those two - but that's clearly never going to happen...)
  6. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2022-geforce-now-rtx-3080-review-is-cloud-gaming-finally-a-viable-alternative Check those Destiny 2 and Outriders values. Hit a 120fps rate, and latency of 60ms is clearly not what you'll get locally: but the wider audience you can address won't give a shit.
  7. I'm struggling to see how that's different from any other server from a client perspective, other than that it's probably using gRPC for messages across HTTP web-sockets (pros/cons) rather than something else over UDP. At the backend, you can do all sorts of interesting stuff, but I'd be looking more at the likes of Improbable.
  8. I suspect it’s an area bound up in patents. Didn’t Microsoft have some kind of predictive example?
  9. A datamine from last summer, that didn't get shouted about all over here? It'd be interesting, from the point of view of a PS Plus and Netflix subscriber...
  10. There was the avatar thing. Kinect Sports was interesting though, even if it wasn't a "core" game. Also, he's rewritten Nuts and Bolts, Viva Pinata out of history, for some reason.
  11. This is an interesting viewpoint: Returnal being an IP that was owned by Housemarque for a start, before they were bought out; Demon Souls being a point-by-point remake; their most popular game in the last two years being Miles Morales - based on someone else's IP; "will probably try and do that with with one its older series on the PS5 as well" doing a lot of work (perhaps Driveclub?!). While simultaneously ignoring the likes of Ori from the previous generation, or in the last couple of years the reinvention/modernisation of the Flight Simulator IP, the work that's gone into the Age of Empires franchise - including a new game as well as a set of Definitive Editions, the fact they're building a Fable game, the bit where Forza Horizon was supported from a relatively niche game at the end of the 360 era to a full on console pillar with far more players than GT... etc. Banjo is dead. Live with it.
  12. there's a few things: - You're never going to sell a console into 200m homes. Particularly one that goes out of date. You can upgrade datacentres more easily, and you can replace the hardware at your own cadence without people feeling like they're missing out. - We're getting to the point where TVs can run apps, and people are used to using them to do so. Reducing barriers to entry will be more effective than who has the most powerful console, and people happy with that will eat the latency hit. - And most importantly, the latest Geforce Now tier is competitive on latency with a local Series X console in carefully selected games... Google could perhaps have done it, but didn't have the content library for Stadia and went with a more traditional approach. Microsoft are solving that problem by the application of large sacks of money. Sony and Nintendo would either have to build out datacentres (not happening) or rent space from datacentre providers who are also potential competitors to do the same, which changes the economics somewhat. They are also already consumer focused brands, which is apparently one of the reasons Microsoft are going in hard here. Worst case, it all falls in a heap, the IP goes on a firesale, and a whole load of new studios spring up around the States.
  13. Not sure Sony needed to stump up the money for a Square Enix published game?
  14. it’s not as though they’re even slightly shy about talking about it, either. The position where they’re dependent on third parties (say EA) to provide content into their streaming service isn’t sustainable if they end up in a bidding content war with Tencent, Amazon, Google, Apple.
  15. i like the way the melody in Bruno doesn’t repeat for longer than a verse, but I’m not subjected to a four year old.
  16. footle


    Raducanu blew her opponent away, then lost multiple games in a row when her blister got worse. It was kind of weird seeing her adapt entirely, then just occasionally throw a giant forehand in to screw with her opponent.
  17. sony aren’t the only competitor, or even the major competitor if we look at the gaming market as a whole. You’re defining the market in the smallest possible terms, and opening Sony up to questions about their own exclusivity practices. I’d be quite surprised if that went anywhere, but I suppose that’s what we’ll see over the next year.
  18. you can buy activision but you have to make call of duty free in perpetuity for all PlayStation owners is a take that would be too hot even for resetera’s diehards. Or CrichStand. it’s a videogame. A monopoly commission could deny, or require them to spin off a studio, or sell the call of duty ip. I don’t think they could force them to publish the game on PS5, but not also switch, stadia, playdate…
  19. Asobo have been partially bought by some French private equity house.
  20. Useless without the IP, and you're not getting that for $6bn.
  21. I dunno. If you're a 40-something like me you don't have the energy or reactions to play CoD multiplayer any longer. I do wonder how much life it has outside of Warzone though. And there's zero chance that Warzone is going exclusive, ever - any more than Candy Crush or Minecraft. It's the nearest thing Microsoft or Activision have to a Fortnite competitor. (It would be a very bleak metaverse).
  22. Flight Simulator - has always been, and arguably they're not microtransactions. Halo - is only so because... the relevant bit is free to play: no game pass required. Forza Horizon - where's the microtransaction?
  23. I’m sure that guy enjoyed writing his script, and the various conflations, misconceptions, etc. are there for the clicks and nice advert money.
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