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  1. I know it is, and mostly blame Nintendo, but do you have any more theoretical background as to why three is the magic design number?
  2. And finished. I suspect it’s much more polished on PS5 than PC, but still had two UI crashes requiring a reset.
  3. Story/Characters - you have to read. There’s quite a lot of exposition in the opening mission until you kill Julianna for the first time, then there’s a reasonable amount of backstory for each - but the problem might be that you start to forget it it before you get the next bit if you’re not careful. got most of the way to a clear run half an hour ago, and then got killed just as I killed my last visionary. Quite annoying
  4. I get killed in the mansion every time, but I’m generally trying to wipe it and haven’t really followed the clues much. There are a few other visionaries who are occasionally a pain to kill, but aren’t if you deliberately counter them. If you end up with multiple visionaries in one place, I imagine it might get harder rapidly.
  5. It feels like a very polished 1960s dishonored, but with more complex levels (which they have to be, because you return again and again to them) which vary over the course of each day. There’s only one hack where I feel they’ve put an invisible wall up.
  6. look up - it’s usually hovering In the air over the body
  7. menu -> tutorials main menu -> documents main menu -> L3 (for information on what you’re currently pointing at)
  8. hasn’t got the flashy graphics and rote gameplay of R&C, or the balls hardness of Returnal, so falls between two stools and a load of PC settings chat.
  9. the PC is an Xbox, unless you’re running Linux I suppose. (I don’t think there’s any guarantees of performant Proton compatibility)
  10. It’s ok, we’ll make your first day (ha) playing hell as we rush through and start julianne ing you. no idea how to handle one running havoc.
  11. One half of your loadout is on the dpad (powers, grenades). the other half (weapons) is on the right - hold down triangle?
  12. There’s an inventory, but it’s just your weapons. Everything else is held until you finish the mission (return to the campfire). If the AI was a genuine threat then i think the game would become tedious with each loop: you’re meant to get to the point where you can go into each world at a given time, complete a couple of tasks and move on. It isn’t really an FPS, but a playground puzzle box.
  13. if you liked prey or dishonoured, and you have a PS5, it’s got good haptics and great use of the speaker in the controller. That’s stuff you won’t get in the inevitable Xbox version.
  14. you can’t spend it if you’re not between missions, so no need to hunt. But julianna is a good idea, and it’s probably helpful (if not strictly necessary) to have her turned on to complete. It’s just she’s no fun when you have no idea of the level (and hence alternative routes) and your opponent is camping you. Once you’re powered up it presumably becomes a damn sight easier to compete.
  15. Friends only time I think. Don’t know the levels well enough yet to manoeuvre.
  16. You mean really mix it up? reverse grid, each position gains you an additional 0.1s card off your qualifying times. You can play your cards in any of the qualifying rounds, but only play any one card once. So you get 20 cards - 2 seconds for first, 19, 1.9 for second and so on. then before the start of each qualifying session everyone has to decide how many cards to play. you could adjust the time per track.
  17. I’ve had it freeze on me twice on PS5.
  18. On a purely mechanical level, sure. As an interactive experience, it’s great.
  19. well it could be. On the other hand there’s far more repeated motifs from Fractions run than there ever was in the Loki trailers, and it doesn’t appear to be faffing with multiverses etc. Don’t know how you’d fit Yelena in though.
  20. Stuff waiting. Digital purchases are easy, and it’s somewhere under £50 with shopto credit.
  21. footle


    “Have you any words for the crowd?” ”yeah they’re a bunch of tossers”
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