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  1. Surely that's just the 10NES/CIC chip, which wouldn't be part of a dumped ROM anyhow? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CIC_(Nintendo)
  2. I do like the audacity of callbacks to 27-year-old shows on primetime BBC1. And the ITV franchise prison talk was great…
  3. Play For Today Volume 2 out next month - apparently Volume 3 is in the works too. (can we get the Potter plays on Blu-ray?)
  4. I think, from his Twitter account, he's waiting for a new production run coming in, possibly next month.
  5. "Yeah, there's no way I'm coming back for S2" *1 minute later* "Dammit."
  6. That's fair! It's definitely not like, say a SNES Mini. But you don't have to know much to get it working either*. (* I actually thought about this the other day, and I will say that I have 25 years' worth of Linux experience, so I may not be the best judge of 'it's easy!'. I am also far too old, but that's another problem altogether )
  7. Also, I think it was posted a few pages back?
  8. Yes, it can be a tinkerer's tool. But I also don't think it's that difficult to set up and go. I'm only using HDMI output, and to get things up and running, I didn't do much more than get the Mr. Fusion distro on the SD card using Apple Pi Baker, copy the update_all script to where it needs to be on the card, hook the thing up to an ethernet port and let it go. I only set up the wifi last weekend. Admittedly, trying to get Cannon Fodder (HD installed) on the minimig core still eludes me, but I did get Sensi working!
  9. Used a Mac here as well - no problems, and the update scripts have been painless so far (e.g. pressing a couple of arrow keys). Even setting up wifi was about as painless as it gets with Linux.
  10. Looks like there's a new Spectrum NEXT core in the latest update too…
  11. Bolam is famously really tetchy and seems to hate being a public figure. He didn’t speak to Rodney Bewes from late 1970s right until Bewes’ death due to Bewes talking about fairly innocuous private conversations in an interview. One hell of a grudge. (although from all accounts, Bewes was a bit of a pain)
  12. Plus the original wasn't broadcast for years and years on the BBC, due to BBC execs finding out about the plot at the last minute. (obviously: watch everything Dennis Potter wrote. Even Blackeyes) I'm working my way through The Owl Service right now, which is another late 60s-early 70s children's TV series that's vaguely terrifying. The Beiderbecke Trilogy is oh-so-slight, but so fucking charming. Either this or What Ever Happened To The Likely Lads? is peak James Bolam. But this also has Barbara Flynn. Plays For Today that are readily available
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