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  1. There is not enough MARTIN TENBONES in this thread, btw.
  2. TMK is the alternate name for the 5YG years - Tom/Mary/Keith. I think it might have been more of a name used in USENET at the time…
  3. 5YG! 5YG! 5YG! Imagine, if your first ever LSH issue was #25 of the TMK/5YG period. No explanations, impenetrable plots, dense nine-panel grids and text pieces style nicked from Watchmen. It was amazing.
  4. Modern recolouring of older comics almost always look terrible - the pencils and inks weren't done for it in mind, and it just looks wrong. It's like adding a film effect to 70s VT sequences. Sure, you can do it, but why? *steps off soapbox* Eh, Sandman always has an explicit link to DC - it's just Gaiman getting to grips with it. He does much better by the time he gets to Lyta Hall…
  5. And the "jailbreak" instructions are now out there: https://github.com/spiritualized1997/openFPGA-GBA
  6. The criticism of "another popular FPGA emulation device" in that interview is a bit much. In terms of sideloading new games to it, is "clicking on something in the menu" really that much harder than "patch it so it pretends to be a GB Studio game?"
  7. One quick glance at the docs later, I think the main points are: You only get access to the larger FPGA (so about 50% of the gates that are available in "another popular FPGA emulation device") It doesn't look like there are any restrictions/central store to go through - you can sideload new cores, so I guess creating a core that accesses a universal cartridge with an SD card in it would be possible.
  8. Yes! Shagging his son! (assuming you meant Izzy, not Sarah)
  9. It's a sweet goodbye, nothing at all like the amazing "crash, burn, and salt the earth" finality of Brookside:
  10. Honestly, I am actually preferring the 'straight' ending, which having not seen the show properly for over ten years, is people moving on (including, possibly, Toadfish!) and one final go around with 'Susan having to deal with Karl sleeping with his secretaries…but now one is doing her son'
  11. Hmm, maybe this? https://web.archive.org/web/20130826014226/https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/comedy/features/comedian-lenny-henry-richard-pryor-will-always-be-my-hero-8780074.html (though Henry is keen to point out that he didn't steal the jokes themselves)
  12. Saturday morning TV is just bonkers. I showed my partner this clip and she's still horrified: "So your Saturday morning TV gave a generation a sexual fetish with gunge and night terrors?"
  13. Another thing about that era that gets lost today is that there was more scope for things in some ways even within those limitations. You don't get a lot of sketch shows these days because it's expensive to have all those sets, all those locations, all those extras. You don't get complicated visual stunts like in Some Mothers… or The Brittas Empire for similar reasons. You don't have crazy experiments like the Play For Today episode (The After Dinner Joke) that is essentially an hour-long CSO-fest that makes Doctor Who look tame. You also don't have slots like Second City Firsts, Centre Play, etc for up-and-coming writers and actors, both in regional or London-centric versions. (basically: there's some great and amazing TV in every era, I guess )
  14. Or they might just say that it was a bit overlong and not half as good as Edge of Darkness.
  15. All of which are great, but also a huge strain of misogyny, blackface, and homophobia present in all four (seriously, there's a reason that John Lloyd keeps a tight lid on NTNOCN and all you get these days are his edits*) (* Still, the American Express parody is in my mind every time I use it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZF-U9nL9Ios# )
  16. So I've watched this twice now…and I can't help but think that it would have been much better as a straight 90m documentary.
  17. Series 3 was really uneven, and suffered quite a bit I think from having two of the cast members fading into the background (Siobhán McSweeney being on crutches throughout, and Nicola Coughlan being in Bridgerton). But - damn, that finale was really good. Every Irish Catholic family has a Colm
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