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    RIP, Mimi.
  2. In fairness, I don't think that scene was ever transmitted - though an edit of Nasty with the scene included did make it to a VHS release. Hopefully it'll be included as some of the deleted scenes on this set!
  3. So, with this box set, it's supposed to be the definitive versions, and I'm not sure if Blu-Ray tech is that much better than the old DVD 'branching' technique to make that sort of editing possible. But I think there is something to this, despite what everybody else has been saying. My first exposure to The Young Ones, Kenny Everett, NTNOCN, and Python was CBBC's Boxpops series, which in retrospect was an "Adam Curtis for 9yr olds" before Pandora's Box was even a glint in his eye: (Kevin Turvey clips, even!!)
  4. All the previous releases have been weird in some way (as you say, some missing SHB and other music cues), so this has the potential of being a Restoration Team-tier release, especially with the rushes footage…
  5. They're saying it's completely uncut. And the suggestion is also that the flash frames that were cut for original broadcast will be in the extras. (the 25th Anniversary edition does have SHB on it)
  6. So annoyed with myself that I sat through that dreck, incredibly pissed off with Chibnall swiping material from Dennis Fucking Potter's last interview in the Doctor's final scene. It's like he watched Day of The Doctor and attempted to cargo cult an episode from it. The only redeeming part of the entire thing was Ace using the Hand of Omega-charged baseball bat, and that's because I am of A Certain Age. Still, I won't lie, seeing Tenant going "I know these teeth!" has already got me counting down for the return of RTD…
  7. I still have no idea how Shadowfire is actually meant to work. (my collection was about 2/3 legit, 1/3 copied - there was a group of us in primary school that shared our games between ourselves via my dad's audio equipment!)
  8. I think a lot of people got it via the Magnificent Seven comp: https://archive.org/details/uta_Magnificent_Seven_The_1987_Ocean_Software_Ltd_6992
  9. If you were playing on a C30 C60 C90 Go! special, though, things like the dead body were something of a surprise
  10. I mean, yes, if the copyright holder wants to pursue things, then you have to argue it in a US court, which is not fun, but it's absolutely fine for filing the counterclaim itself.
  11. It's enough to get a DMCA counterclaim filed, though, which is my point. Otherwise I agree with your points! And I'm not defending any of the pair's behaviour from the moment they got the DMCA strike…
  12. It can also, in US law, be justified in terms of comment or criticism. It's a higher lift, but it is possible.
  13. I never said it was; if they were doing a documentary on Harryhausen though, they'd be able to at least file a counterclaim. In an Altered Beast video? No such luck.
  14. Almost certainly not - but I am being charitable in that a copyright strike is something that will (rightly) cause YouTubers to panic, given that they can quickly get them banned from the platform. However, once he did reach out and offered a reasonable payment, and the pair were given good advice in the discord, what they did next was not on at all.
  15. If I'm being totally honest, a DMCA strike (before contacting anybody involved - yes I know he couldn't find a contact address until after he issued the strike) is a bit of overkill. He's fully within his legal right, naturally, but as somebody who isn't a copyright maximalist, I do find it a bit much. (To state the obvious, though - whatever I think of that, it in no way absolves the pair in any way of what they did in response)
  16. Well, it does matter a touch, because if it was about Harryhausen as a subject, they'd have a fair use leg to stand on (at least in the US with the DMCA).
  17. The idea that it's a cartel when the barrier to entry is so low is absolutely laughable.
  18. I have always wondered about this game. As far as I know, Denton didn't have that much input from anybody else, but they managed to make the most ZTT/Paul Morley game ever, and it's simply glorious, although I remain a little sad that there wasn't a 128K Speccy remix that included AY music and the missing room/game types from the C64 version…
  19. I'm confused by that. Kim was one of the first of the "YouTubers" to actually speak out (yes, yes, on Twitter and apparently that doesn't count because of reasons) over a month ago, and Cropper's main complaint is that that she links to the Time Extend article rather than his videos. And while the article could use a short paragraph crediting Cropper a bit more, it links to all the pertinent information and doesn't require sitting in front of somebody going through all the variations for 'fat' across 2+ hours.
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