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  1. Before 1976, when the US adopted the Berne Convention, US copyright (from 1909) was based around a period of 28 years with a renewal term of a further 28 years if requested. Also, there were a few oddities like actually having to explicitly claim copyright - Charade, an Audrey Hepburn film from 1963, omitted the notice by mistake and immediately entered the public domain.
  2. Bah, Thundercats. You are like a child. 40K BABIES: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/05/21/21st-may-warhammer-adventures-tales-for-younger-readersgw-homepage-post-1/ "Today, children, we're going to visit the Astronomican! Timmy, are you still hearing those voices?"
  3. It's a shame that Lee & Herring get written out of the 'official history' so often…
  4. I have a long-held view that the Imperial architecture department was taken over by the Rebellion a long time ago…
  5. "Shipment arrived at Amazon facility Durham, NC, US" DAMMIT SO CLOSE AND YET STILL 20(ish) HOURS AWAY
  6. Amazon is where I've ordered it from, and they're normally good about getting games delivered on day of release (plus often knock about $5 off if you order far enough in advance). We don't seem to have magic like ShopTo over here…
  7. I think it peaks at World 3 - 'Tom Phan' in particular is so amazing that that the game-end boss just can't compare. And maybe just a few too many 'haha, no, you have to slide the blocks this way, peasant!' puzzles in World 4 that they really started to grate.
  8. The sliding block puzzles can go die in a fire, but Mario War Has Never Been So Much Fun. I love how it's such a different feel than the Laser Squad-linage of turn-based games - it encourages you to do crazy things like team jumps into a stomp jump, setting up overwatch, and then blasting with your main weapon. Also, Rabbid Peach's interactions with Princess Peach
  9. Here's the thing though - Moffat has been pointing out, at great lengths, for the past few years (three? four?) that this wasn't the case. Whether it's the people changing gender *and race* in Gallifrey, or the arrival Missy, you can't say that this hasn't been telegraphed for some time. I remain a touch concerned that we're going to be exploring this with McBlandy McChibnall, but at least I'm interested, which is more I got with the Kris Marshall rumour. (also: ignore anybody who says anything bad about Ace, except that there wasn't more of her and the 7th Doctor ;))
  10. @TehStu Amazon Prime (US) apparently have Switches in right now if you're still looking!
  11. I'm there with you. I finally got to Zora's Domain yesterday, and having spent much of today dying over and over again But before I do that, I probably need to find some decent armour and move myself beyond four hearts. Still, I'm having fun on my first-ever Zelda game
  12. Trying to find one here in the US is an event still. Target and Wal-Mart seem to get a few every weekend and sell out in moments.
  13. Isn't part of the WoS problem that a lot of the waiver notices are specific to WoS itself - so a different site operating from this backup would be potentially leaving itself open to some legal trouble?
  14. Thanks @deKay, @Alexlotl! I've found a very old patch for FUSE that might work for my purposes with a bit of cleaning up…
  15. So, question (a touch off-topic - I've signed up to WoS to ask them over there, but who knows when that'll be approved): Is there an easy way that I can attach to a Speccy emulator (any emulator!) and get it to spit out the contents of memory to standard out? I feel like I'm going to end up modifying FUSE, but if I can avoid that, it'd be great…
  16. Doesn't z88dk mainly cover that ground? Not that I've used it, mind you…
  17. I wonder if it's a perfect storm of events - World of Spectrum's changing of hands (and the on-going 'refurbishment' of the website/database) during this time does not seem to have helped matters.
  18. Really & Truly through a Space Channel 5 lens. (I'll get my coat)
  19. I remember some GTA footage in there. I actually liked the "Chart Show" text boxes!
  20. It's impressive just how wrong he manages to be in that article. And today, he's updated it with sales figures that prove that readers are leaving it in droves because of the new Thor. Never mind that it's still 30k readers up from the previous series. EDIT: He silently removed the sales figures addition after being called out on it, though the correction of Miles Morales not being bisexual is noted…
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