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  1. I liked the film, but I did feel the hand of a writer who grew up with the Muppets and then stopped paying attention at the beginning of the 90s. Like them or not, characters like Rizzo and Pepe (who at least got one scene with dialogue) have been important members of the gang from Carol/Space onwards, so it seemed harsh to pretty much remove them whilst Walter/Mary Sue got so much screen time. Having said that, I am looking forward to the next one!
  2. Fan service on a level not seen outside of Japan. I'm talking about the Inspector Spacetime gags, obviously
  3. 30 Rock is also pretty much finished at the end of this season too, unless Baldwin has a change of heart. Which will leave NBC down another comedy show; I can envisage a scenario where they keep Community around for another year in order to plug the hole while they try to find something new. But that's probably being a little optimistic.
  4. So it looks like the current DCU wraps up for good (for now - I'm leaning towards the new DCU being set on a different Earth in the multiverse) in Batman: Leviathan some time next year…
  5. They get bigger with almost every new artist…so will we see a reset? (on a slightly more serious note, apparently the new DCU will eliminate upskirts and the more risqué outfits that some superheroines wear - trousers are in!)
  6. Ah, but are they going to reboot Power Girl's tits? (the burning question, obviously)
  7. They're going to get Barbara Gordon out of her wheelchair, aren't they?
  8. http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/Cybermat
  10. I don't see why people are being complimentary to Brooker - that Palin VT was rather patronising and spoke about Palin on the level of talking to primary school kids with added swears. (I love Lauren like chocolate digestives, but she was awful last night)
  11. But do we gain anything from further stories? Was the world clamouring for mroe details about Kane's business deals in Citizen Kane? Or the tales of Jay Gatsby's bootlegging before the events of The Great Gatsby? Sure, it'll make DC some cash, providing they can find a writer who'll go anywhere near it, but it just seems so unnecessary…
  12. Meanwhile, DC are pathetic: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2010/02/03/get...for-watchmen-2/
  13. But that means nothing to the origins of TF fiction - Hasbro simply handed a set of designs over to Marvel and told them to come up with something. And many of the Transformers in the cartoon or comic bear no resemblance to their Diaclone or Micro Man toy (e.g. Ratchet and Bumblebee). The TF storyline is fundamentally American (and British!), not Japanese, despite the toys' origins.
  14. All TF has in common with Diaclone is borrowing some of the molds; pretty much *all* of the fiction from the original Bob Budiansky-penned tech specs onwards points towards the 'humans in robot suits' take on the robots (probably reaching a zenith with the Furman/Wildman era of TF:UK/US in the late 80s).
  15. http://www.worldofspectrum.org/infoseekid.cgi?id=0020071 Apparently a 3D Maze adventure unrelated to the arcade game - listed as missing from the WoS archive...
  16. One slight wrinkle is that Sony own both Blu-Ray and a film studio - this *could* be used as a forcing device if they want to get annoying about it, by only releasing Sony Pictures films on Blu-Ray at some point in the near future. Of course, there would be a huge drop in profit from DVD sales, which if Sony is having problems getting credit, may not help them much...
  17. It's also worth pointing out that John Gibson (writer of Bandersnatch) gave an interview a few years ago saying that the game still wasn't complete at the time of liquidation, but they'd already filled the expansion ROM to its limits. So there would had to have been a few compromises to get it out even if Imagine had kept going...
  18. I don't think Ocean, US Gold, et al were bedroom coders. Imagine's overheads are the stuff of legend (for example, the empty offices and the duplicator incident, plus how much it was going to cost to create the Megagame expansion pack). Add into the fact that from Bruce's own article, the financial side of the company was run rather haphazardly, and it's clear why Imagine failed. I was talking specifically about 16-bit consoles, as most of the companies that survived the 1983/4 period expanded to cover the ST/Amiga fairly quickly.
  19. But Bruce seems to be - and that's what I've been trying to point out (also, the 16-bit console era didn't really start here in the UK until 1990, which co-incides roughly with the end of the 8-bits, so during the interval where Nintendo/Sega didn't have as much pull in the country, it would have been crazy for Ocean to abandon the Speecy/C64 unless they managed to leap in bed with a console manufacturer like the Stampers did)
  20. I'm willing to bet that Ocean made more money from Chase HQ and Robocop than they did from Hunchback and Hunchback 2. EDIT: to expand on the point - my problem with Bruce's article is that the 8-bits were clearly not in the doldrums post 1984. There were a whole host of successful games which sold more than games produced in the early days of the Spectrum, so to suggest that after Imagine & Ultimate stopped producing games, the UK 8-bit market was a budget wasteland is just wrong. Full-price games were still successful into early 1990 (and then the budget wasteland took hold).
  21. It's also true that Imagine had *three* sets of city offices, two of which were left empty (according to Bruce). The overheads on that probably didn't help much, either. But surely, the point that we're trying to put across is that many didn't. And they still had great success in the remaining years of the 8-bits. So to claim piracy as a major reason for Imagine's failure (which Bruce has backtracked a little from, to be fair) just seems incredible...
  22. Or one person is saying that. Obviously, we're a hivemind and everything...
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