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  1. First attempt at pizza. Delicious
  2. Scotty is not messing around in lockdown
  3. First time making bread yesterday, decided to go for a garlic and rosemary focaccia with lots of sea salt and olive oil. Delicious! Sorry for the pic overload... I'm just quite proud of myself!
  4. Yeah there's been so much talk about it that it's hard to imagine there's no truth in it. I expect we'll get him. Exciting!
  5. That... isn't real, is it?
  6. Harry Maguire has been supplying food and essentials packages to pensioners in his hometown of Sheffield
  7. #playerstogether has warmed the cockles of my heart
  8. Made this today, it was delicious! Thanks Davros.
  9. Strike Grealish off this list after what he did yesterday. What a prick.
  10. My husband and I (both teachers) have been playing it every day since last week! Definitely helping to deal with the current situation. I'm thinking if we keep this up until we're back to work we'll be super buff?
  11. Who gives one? He's doing more than 90% of players out there regardless.
  12. Rashford is just...
  13. Future captain material right there.
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