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  1. DDG would've definitely tried to punch that cross out rather than the tidy catch Henderson just did.
  2. Is Martial EVER first to a ball in the box?
  3. He jumps early and high for the header, defender doesn't move, presumably ref expects Victor to stop all forward momentum mid air?!
  4. I'm actually enraged. Absolute joke. Feel so sorry for Axel.
  5. How the hell is that a foul? Lindelof simply jumps a lot higher!! The defender doesn't even jump! I think that's absolute bullshit, and now Axel's moment is gone.
  6. AXEL!!! So so happy for him, first goal, at OT after all that racist awfulness against him.
  7. I'll take... FIT! (He's excused the odd moment of insanity)
  8. Bailly is so good *please stay fit* *please don't do anything stupid*
  9. Ahhh Bruno hits the bar! That would have been a lovely goal. Yeah we seem to have woken up a bit now.
  10. Well, we've certainly not started well. They are really up for it (obvs) and we... can't string 5 passes together.
  11. Well, not a pretty performance by any measure but it's 3 points.
  12. Shola! Only 3 mins to play but so nice to see.
  13. Swear Fred tries a shot with his right foot every single game
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