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  1. We'd be here all day though, Fernandj not Fernandez..
  2. Yep, it's pronounced Pep, not Pepey.
  3. Yeah, I just think if you're commentating on National TV the least you could do is learn how to pronounce first team players' names. Minor gripe I know, just bugs me how often I hear it. "Yosé"....
  4. Huge Ronaldo miss. Portugal should be at least 2-0 up.
  5. If I hear "Yota" one more time...
  6. So much for having too many RBs in the squad.
  7. Embarrassing level of booing at taking the knee there. Well done the other fans for then clapping loudly.
  8. Lingard starting today - I'm struggling to understand the point of that if he's not going to the Euros?
  9. Kanté is probably the best player in the world.
  10. City we're abject tonight. Congrats Chelsea, well deserved.
  11. Commentator saying Tuchel shouldn't be revving up the fans shut up you boring old twat.
  12. Chelsea have been excellent tonight. City just powerless.
  13. What a block by Rudiger
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