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  1. Get off the The Scum/Daily Mail bullshit train, @MikeBeaver
  2. Yeah but Pogba sub! He's confident at the moment. Hope he's fit for it.
  3. Ahhh crap, Martial, Matic and potentially Pogba all injured for Sunday.
  4. Martial is just shit at the moment, isn't he? Edit: injured, I guess.
  5. Shaw did really well there.
  6. I bloody Love Bailly! praying hard every day he stays fit
  7. Fucking hell, clearest foul ever on Cavani there. No wonder he's up in arms
  8. Second goal pleeeeease so my heart can rest
  9. Seriously though, Rashford?!
  10. This is a game that could path the way to our future, they need to show a bit more bloody fight and desire! Pass the ball quicker, get more bodies in the box.
  11. Either, or! Just change something.
  12. Get Greenwood on for Rash, he's just not at it today. We need quality delivery for Cavani
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