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  1. typical hilarious reaction from José
  2. What a win! What a win. Determination in that second half, Cavani was outstanding, Pogba was excellent. So satisfying.
  3. This is THE SWEETEST FUCKING VICTORY! After all that shambles in the first half, justice has been served. Beautiful. I'm so hyped guys, we've absolutely bossed the 2nd half. Fuck you José, fuck you refs, fuck you VAR officials!
  4. Henderson's catches from crosses are just
  5. They are with 12 players.
  6. I love that big beautiful bastard. Great clearance
  7. 1. FernandeS 2. What was a foul? McTominay on Son? Grow up.
  8. Right on cue. Load of usual shite
  9. Good save by Henderson there.
  10. You know who else in an embarrassment?! Rashford, Cavani, Fernandes, Shaw, Pogba, Maguire, etc
  11. Fred is an embarrassment man, why is he still in our midfield? His left foot is as bad as his right with any pass.
  12. If Ole doesn't get a red for punching the ref in the face before the end of the game, I'll be disappointed in him.
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