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  1. We all knew this was gonna happen today, guys. Just accept fate.
  2. God yes, really need another.
  3. Not sure, they've certainly upped the shithousery this half.
  4. It's yet another example of VAR not being used to actually help the ref. What's the point..
  5. That 'tackle' on Greenwood... how is that not a red? He knew exactly what he was doing.
  6. Yesss! Get in, Bournemouth
  7. it's okay now I've said it out loud it won't happen.
  8. Every result is going our way this weekend, which means we're 100% losing tomorrow.
  9. Look at us, breaking the right type of records for a change!
  10. Was that not a pen on Pogba?
  11. Dafuq did that yellow for Fred come from? Because he barely caressed Grealish
  12. Good. I really don't want him.
  13. Poggers! So happy for him
  14. Watching the second goal again, that started from Martial doggedly winning the ball back. His change in attitude is something else since Ole came in.
  15. I'm just shouting "this kid! This kid is ridiculous!" Such a game changer. At 18. Jesus
  16. Rashford has just not been himself since he's returned.
  17. We can when we need to win every game and this team is in form. Who on the bench is a better starter? We also had 5 days rest for this game, so it's not an issue.
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