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  1. Fucking embarrassing, piece of shit, low quality, second rate, lazy, unfit performance. See you next year lads, unless we complete the signings we need before the window closes.
  2. A glimmer of light amongst the shambles.
  3. Awful, just awful. From everyone. Insta-kill of that new season hope.
  4. Donny sitting there thinking "what the fuck what I done?"
  5. Turned this on for the first time at 7am, not knowing anything about it, and have just managed to drag myself away from it to make a cuppa. What a stunning, funny, fun game. I am in love.
  6. I'll give it a listen, sounds interesting. Spurs about to sign Bale AND Reguilon. Fuck. This. Shit. If we don't sign Sancho I am out. Sick of giving my time and money to those money-sucking pricks.
  7. This made me giggle Conor Coady at Wolves this season
  8. Sweetest free kick from Ronaldo against Sweden. His 100th goal for Portugal as well, making him only the second international (male) player in history to score 100 goals for their country.
  9. 7-3 is all I've seen so far. But yeah think it's supposed to be that.
  10. Thought I'd watch an England game tonight for the first time in ages. 20 minutes in, wish I didn't bother. What a turgid affair.
  11. https://metro.co.uk/2020/09/07/manchester-united-disappointed-with-mason-greenwood-after-being-dropped-by-england-for-breaking-covid-19-rules-13234807/ FFS... this is really disappointing from Greenwood. He's come across as so mature for his age, but this really sets him back. Huge shame.
  12. Are we an actual joke?
  13. Sensible price and wages for a change! Nice Still need Sancho...
  14. This is actually pretty funny
  15. OK so Donny is seemingly a done deal. I'm happy, I am. But Sancho? Still needs to happen. He is the most important signing we need to make this window, and this doesn't change that.
  16. 'Monitoring the situation' FC
  17. Yeah, if this signing is happening instead of Sancho for example, then keep it.
  18. 'Monitoring' I'll believe it when I see it! Fingers crossed though.
  19. Fair play to Harry for doing that interview with BBC, hearing his version of events it sounds terrifying and he must feel very angry at it all. He's clearly visibly upset at how this affected his sister especially. What a shit situation... I hope it all works out and he's able to clear his name. I also hope our fans stick by him, he's going to need a lot of mental support.
  20. Imagine being a Chelsea fan and seeing a new top signing being made every day. Must be nice
  21. Also apparently AWB went to Dubai despite the club telling him not go, and might now miss the beginning of the season due to quarantine when he gets back. Wtf is this club doing this Summer?
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