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  1. He will, he’ll just carry on being on the subs bench.
  2. Ole needs to cut these mistakes out of the team. AWB needs to be dropped. His first touch has been shite and we need players to know if they’re not on form they won’t be playing.
  3. Loool. Good luck getting on ever again, Jesse.
  4. I’m confused why being down to 10 means we can’t keep the ball for 5 seconds.
  5. Ref’s a prick as well.
  6. Fucking hell we can’t put 2 passes together all of a sudden.
  7. Nah I’m happy with this. Keeps us threatening going forward.
  8. Can only assume because a back 5 is more solid and Fred is more experienced in that position.
  9. Yeah it won’t help him but A) Ronaldo won’t give the ball away cheaply and B) Ronaldo might score another. I’m sure he’ll pick up the pace soon enough, just a shame how it’s worked out today.
  10. Had to be, he’s been our worse player, sadly.
  11. Come on, Sancho… he’s giving it away too easily.
  12. Inevitable. I really hope Sancho has a good game here, feel he needs to build confidence.
  13. This is so friggin’ charming
  14. Got some very helpful PMs, thanks!
  15. Played an hour and really enjoying it so far. Usual chilled pace and cutting humour, really intrigued to see where this story goes.
  16. They could not clap the racist fans. They could publicly voice their disapproval of the fans’ behaviour. They could publicly request their fans to stop. None of these would affect their word cup chances. It may not make a difference, but if racists are supporting you then you need to do more than just ignore it. I agree the banning should also happen, and for much longer. But unless the fans feel that disapproval from everyone, including the players they’re so strongly supporting, will it make any difference?
  17. They may not have done something themselves, but have they done anything to change/stop it? I mean they walked over and clapped the ultras at the end of the game.
  18. And now doing monkey chants at Jude Bellingham warming up (and Sterling). Shouldn’t matter whether they’re ultras or not, it’s an absolute joke that this shit is tolerated and accepted by UEFA/FIFA. How many more times does this need to happen? How many more ‘2 games behind closed doors’? Makes me sick.
  19. The difference in noise from the crowd between his goal and Kane’s says it all.
  20. Sterling! Why didn’t the cameras show us what his shirt said?
  21. No one watching England then?
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