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  1. 4 minutes ago, JPL said:

    I’ll have a proper look into it today, but I agree it’s a bad situation and I don’t think Ronaldo could have made himself look any worse. I wonder who advised him to to a public interview, rather than discussing all his issues directly with the club.

    Yeah he’s certainly taken bad advice, that’s for sure. We did see him invite Jordan Peterson to his house…

    Such a disappointing end to an admirable career. I know he believes the fans are always by his side but I’m not so sure that’ll be the case once he leaves. And that’s the biggest sadness of it all, his whole legacy at the club undone in 90 mins (off pitch).

  2. 9 minutes ago, JPL said:

    Thanks, but that’s not convincing in any way. If anything he came across as though he was put on the spot and was struggling to find an excuse to get off the subject.

    Okay. Well there are other accounts out there from Portugal players eg. João Mário who say the same thing (because they heard the exchange) if you want to Google it.

    The situation is shitty and disappointing enough I believe, without the need for fake news.

  3. 30 minutes ago, JPL said:

    Have you got a link to it? The video I saw makes it look completely different, and to be honest I wish it was. Ronaldo knew what he was doing with that interview; making it all about him as usual. His ego knows no bounds. As much as I think his first stint at the club made him a legend, I honestly think the way he’s handled his return has been nothing short of pathetic and he deserves to have his contract terminated and his legacy tarnished. He could and should have handled it with a lot more maturity and humility.

    Here’s Bruno explaining it.

  4. On 16/11/2022 at 11:03, JPL said:

    Thinking about it, the fact that Ronaldo has decided to speak to Piers fucking Morgan, of all people, on GB News or whatever right wing channel he now works for should be the main reason he never plays for United again. No wonder Bruno refused to shake his hand.

    Bruno didn’t, just for clarity. The audio from that interaction was released by the Portuguese FA and they were all in on a joke about Bruno turning up late (Ronaldo: “Did you come by boat?!”). 

  5. I had tickets to watch Brentford vs Watford this Sunday at the new Stadium, but cracked my ribs playing football on Friday and ironically had to miss the women’s football because I was a woman playing football 😭


    Will try to get tickets to the next match asap. Really disappointed I couldn’t be there ands show support, but I know other people who did and loved it which made me feel better!

  6. Indeed. Although some of what he said (from quotes on Twitter, no way I’m tuning into Piers fucking Morgan) clearly needed saying re: state of the club and the facilities. Whether the Glazers will give a crap is a different story.

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