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  1. I got an apartment a few years a go but that's about as far as my interest went, glad I didn't manage to get a house that I initially tried to do. I left them some food at least.
  2. I was never really one for all the RGB but it has started to grow on me recently. Some in my new build, not intentional but I was OK when I realised the RAM was also RGB. I thought the trident RAM was awful when it was released but I think I'd happily have it in a system now, would never pay the price though. I do like yours, no half measures, it's coordinated, plus pink and white look great. One question, do you leave it on all the time or just for show, looks like it's on the desk next to the monitor? You so often see these RGB setups on the desk next to the monitor and I wonder how many keep them on all the time, I just imagine playing Elite at night in a dark room next to a lighthouse.
  3. Any excuse to post some random Pumpkin pictures and more in the cat thread. You called
  4. Though most importantly Yakuza 0 has cat approval. My old cat Squiggles would sit behind me staring at the screen most of the time I played, only thing on the TV he really took interest in. Pumpkin though, no interest in Yakuza, Path of Exile is more his thing.
  5. That's pretty expensive compared to Baldur's Gate II, I'd get about .08p an hour. No cabaret club though which is worth that price of entry alone.
  6. It's that time of year again I give you the 11th Steam Secret Santa, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011. First a few stats from the last 10 years, 917 gifts have been given, 284 entries, the highest in 2015/16 with 41 each and that's when I had to send the gifts manually on Christmas Eve ; 92 different members have taken part with one taking part every year, no pressure @layten. As usual I need to buy the games to send them directly to keep everything secret. The easiest way is to use the Digital Gift Cards to send me Steam wallet funds that I can then use to buy the gifts. One limitation is there's no option to send a specific amount, it's multiples of 4 and 10, you also can't use current wallet funds to buy them. To take part please PM me a link to your Steam profile by the end of December 17th. Make sure your profile/game details are set to public so your secret Santa can view it. On December 18th I'll send a PM saying who you're buying for. PM me the games you want to gift and if using digital gift cards send it to JPR before the end of December 23rd. If you want to send money another way let me know in the PM and we will sort it out, please try and let me know as early as possible. I'll then send the games out late on the 24th. The Winter sale looks to start later this year on December 22nd, so a short window to sort the gifts out. Games should be at their best price at the start of the sale, useful for buying gifts, it also means you won't miss out on anything if you choose to wait until the 25th to buy games. My account is a UK one using the UK store, the digital gift cards are converted if sent in a different currency but not sure if you can see the conversion rate. A wishlist is really useful, no limits on what you can buy, I'll include a Steam profile link so you can see what they own. Whilst there's no restrictions the spirit is more thoughtful, you can send a comedy gift, but it's not really in the spirit if that's all you send.
  7. It's the 10th anniversary, we might get to 1000 gifts this year. Might start a bit earlier as hopefully we can get more involved this year, numbers have dipped over the last few.
  8. Time to start dusting off my Santa hat?
  9. JPR

    Battlefield 2042

    Think it's a bug, I had it the other day where I couldn't change anything. Thankfully it was back to normal the next match and I've not had it since, don't think I did anything to fix it.
  10. You can also get it from Scan for the same price with a free heat sink.
  11. Character Configuration > Hotbar Settings > Custom, then under set selection enable auto hotbar selection and choose your sets for sheathed/unsheathed.
  12. You can set it so that out of combat you have set 1 selected and then when you enter combat it changes to set 2. So I have all my travel and out of combat stuff on set 1 and all my combat on set 2.
  13. BRD SAM I try to keep keep a similar scheme across all my jobs so on the R2 face buttons I have the regularly used abilities and builders, then on the dpad it's often used damage abilities or those triggered by the face buttons. L2 face buttons are AoE abilities, then the dpad usually common support abilities. For the L2/R2 double tap I have abilities with a long cool down or that take a while to build up, again support on the L2 side and damage on the R2 side. I also put these on the hotbar on the bottom so I can see when they're ready. Also put them in the order of use where I can, so my song rotation goes from left to right, SAM uses the layout of the gauge, so I know Shifu is needed next. The controller cross bar is quite handy in turning actions into patterns, which has proved useful for Ninja. I couldn't tell you the mudra combinations but putting them on the face buttons I know the pattern for each ninjutsu. I've found most of my jobs so far generally fit within the scheme and it does make them easier to pick up after not playing for a while.
  14. End of Dragons is coming next February. Trailer First Look
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