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  1. I just managed to get a 3060ti FE, the 970 can finally retire. I'd given up hope on upgrading anytime soon, the FE card seemed the best card/price but I've not seen them available for ages.
  2. Has anyone else had large amounts of space go missing on their external hard drive, or maybe you've not noticed? There was a large FO76 update yesterday but I didn’t have the space, so I freed up more than it wanted but again it said I was out of space. I ended up deleting/moving multiple games, trying to cancel and delete the update, restarting and rebuilding the database multiple times before I finally got it updated. Once it was finally done, I was down to 1.2TB of games but showing as 1.7TB used. Using the PS4 I could see the Other folder was now 460GB, some will be
  3. Looks like patching is working again, Gran Turismo 5 is currently updating.
  4. I don't know if it covers all games, but this is a list of the updates on the update server. I've been hitting up ebay for some cheap games and will be heading to cex soon. Do wish I'd done it sooner though as some are starting to go up in price, I regret putting off Lollipop Chainsaw now.
  5. Those will be PS4 cross-buy games. Seems like two to three years since we had Vita only sales, certainly on the games I meant to get in a future sale that never came. I think Christmas 2019 was the last PS3 sale, but for some games it's also been two to three years.
  6. There's a 4k port of Timesplitters 2 hidden inside this. The code to access it was lost but it's been found again, to use it "In the mission “Small By Name…”, once you enter the safehouse you're looking for, take the nearest set of stairs up and go all the way to the back. The arcade machine will be there. Use the codes provided in the tweet above on the level select screen in the game."
  7. All PS+ stuff should have the same purchase date, I think based on when you last renewed, for me everything outside of that date is the stuff I've purchased. Annoyingly nearly 400 entries of that is free Uncharted 3 MP skins I bought just because I could.
  8. Halo MCC is now working for the top 10, just got a new achievement and it registered.
  9. JPR

    Jack Charlton passes.

    This is on BBC2 next Monday at 9pm.
  10. Sad news, the voice of F1 and my childhood. One of the moments that always stuck with me.
  11. Looks better without the green mission but not much. I don't think how they've done the two tone works, needs some sort of transition or maybe top and bottom split. Better still full glossy burgundy.
  12. It's the GT cycle, all these manufacturers will come back we'll get some amazing racing for a few years and then it will all fall apart and need to be rebooted again. But this time I get to see Ferrari, so bring it on, just a shame there's no Aston Martin.
  13. There was talk of live service and seems to have been to varying degrees. I think it was supposed to be more like Assassin's creed, but some did say Anthem with dragons. I actually thought they'd dropped it already, but I'd probably just lost track it's not been a smooth process. Good to have it confirmed it will be a Dragon Age like all others though, well less 2 the better.
  14. Anthem wasn't a complete failure then.
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