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  1. Yes, I'm finding it a bit too big and bulky. It doesn't sit in my hands as perfectly as the DS4 does, sticks and L1/R1 aren't as well placed or comfortable. It's also pretty solid and heavier which I don't think helps, especially if I'm holding it tighter. My hands do ache after using it, tech side is great but comfort wise it's a disappointment. Also does anyone else's rattle under strong vibration? I think it's the buttons moving in position, just played a bit of Borderlands 3 and it's quite loud and not really what you want to hear.
  2. It's a video of what you're doing before and after the trophy, so the final moments of a boss kill in Demon's souls. Much better than the endless black screen shots when nobody thought to time the trophy pop. It's just they could quickly start to add up and space is at a premium, would be fine if you could set media stuff to be saved to the external drive.
  3. Have the trophy video clips been mentioned? Just noticed that it automatically makes a 15 sec clip when you get a trophy, I like them but they take up a fair bit of space. My Astro's playroom media folder is nearly 500MB and I've only got 15 trophies. You can transfer them to USB or turn them off via Captures and Broadcasts in the settings.
  4. As if delivery changing to Yodel couldn't get any worse.
  5. JPR

    Formula One - 2020

    Red flags are bad enough but it often feels like race control are sat there constantly saying just five more minutes and conditions will be perfect.
  6. Currently playing Prey as it's my only backlog game not listed as compatible, it got an update yesterday and is now listed as compatible. I've read before patch it was crashing on load but it's now playable with only minor flickering on some materials. Everybody's Golf has also received an update and is now listed as compatible.
  7. I don't remember seeing the free yesterday, might send a message to ask why free delivery costs £9.99.
  8. The order I got from GAME for my brother has now turned to Yodel and mine's coming from Amazon, this could be a fun launch day. I just hope Amazon have learnt from today.
  9. Someone on Resetera made a site that uses something in the new store to check how a game is listed with regards to backwards compatibility. Games are either compatible, bootable and non compatible. Ace Combat 5 is showing as compatible.
  10. JPR

    Formula One - 2020

    The race is 12:10 and qualifying is at 13:00 this weekend, not going to get caught out by the earlier times this week.
  11. JPR

    Formula One - 2020

    You've got me digging in the cupboard for my Mega Drive F1 games, now remembering school snow days spent playing F1, (obviously after sledging, I like F1 but not that much. )
  12. JPR

    Formula One - 2020

    I was hoping Mick would replace him, just so he could replace the driver who replaced his dad for some circle of Ferrari life.
  13. JPR

    Formula One - 2020

    It's a good job there's no environmental concerns at the moment or worries about forests in Brazil. Otherwise a plan to move the Brazilian GP to Rio for a new track that requires the felling of thousands of trees would be a really bad look. Replace a great track for a Tilke track in felled forest, that certainly sounds like F1 management.
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