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  1. It's the GT cycle, all these manufacturers will come back we'll get some amazing racing for a few years and then it will all fall apart and need to be rebooted again. But this time I get to see Ferrari, so bring it on, just a shame there's no Aston Martin.
  2. There was talk of live service and seems to have been to varying degrees. I think it was supposed to be more like Assassin's creed, but some did say Anthem with dragons. I actually thought they'd dropped it already, but I'd probably just lost track it's not been a smooth process. Good to have it confirmed it will be a Dragon Age like all others though, well less 2 the better.
  3. Anthem wasn't a complete failure then.
  4. JPR

    Formula One 2021

    You mean the hype around the return to F1 of the greatest energy drink Rich Energy is bullshit? At least it will be entertaining bullshit unlike the car launches, it's already delivering.
  5. JPR

    Formula One 2021

    The MCL35M:
  6. This time tomorrow we should have details on the next expansion.
  7. When I removed my external HDD from the PS4 I could see what I assume are the contents of the other folder. I seem to recall mine growing quite a bit when I got the DLC for AC Odyssey and it was on an external drive, almost seemed like the whole DLC was put in other.
  8. JPR

    The Division 2

    Next gen 4k 60fps support is coming on Tuesday along with a Resident Evil cosmetics crossover. Looks like it's time to finally start Warlords.
  9. You need to turn the gear score back on to enter the raid but it still goes up in the background as you progress in immersive mode. So it's not like you complete the game and then face grinding up to 150 for the raid, I think you'll be there or thereabouts, it's been a while since I did it.
  10. JPR

    Formula One - 2020

    Let's get Valencia back and you can have both, one of the few tracks to put me to sleep.
  11. JPR

    Formula One - 2020

    I never liked the 2pm start so happy to see a return to 1pm. Lunch, race then rest of the afternoon free, instead of the race sort of being in the middle of the afternoon.
  12. Happy Christmas all, always enjoy reading on Christmas Day.
  13. I think I hear a noise in the chimney, so close, Merry Christmas all.
  14. Still not working and no response from support so I've declined all the credit sent, so it will have to be PayPal or bank transfer which I hope works for all. If you're reading this and want to send me a PM for which you prefer I'll send you the details and I'll be PM'ing those who aren't.
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