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    Formula One - 2020

    Let's get Valencia back and you can have both, one of the few tracks to put me to sleep.
  2. JPR

    Formula One - 2020

    I never liked the 2pm start so happy to see a return to 1pm. Lunch, race then rest of the afternoon free, instead of the race sort of being in the middle of the afternoon.
  3. Happy Christmas all, always enjoy reading on Christmas Day.
  4. I think I hear a noise in the chimney, so close, Merry Christmas all.
  5. Still not working and no response from support so I've declined all the credit sent, so it will have to be PayPal or bank transfer which I hope works for all. If you're reading this and want to send me a PM for which you prefer I'll send you the details and I'll be PM'ing those who aren't.
  6. Thank you all, annoyingly it's still not working. I'll give it to the afternoon to see if I get a response or anything changes as I've got things to do this morning. If not I'll cancel the top ups and will sort out an alternative, just bought some gifts via PayPal so I can still send gifts.
  7. Yeah, not the most fun place to be in people sending you money to do something and it's not working. Makes you wish for the simple times of spending all evening sending gifts one by one. I can't see any changes to gifting and a few others on Steam forum mentioning similar issues, hopefully it will be sorted.
  8. Paypal or bank transfer, both have worked already. I just hope I can wake up tomorrow morning and it all works.
  9. I type too slowly, but hold off on buying the digital cards for now, as I can't buy gifts with my wallet at the moment. I've only accepted one lot so far which I will cover if needed. Everything else has been left unredeemed and if needed I can decline and you'll get a full refund to your payment method. I've already done it once tonight as someone sent the top ups to my old gift account by mistake. I can make purchases with other methods just not my wallet and the funds came from someone whose been friends for years. I'm hoping it's just Steam servers playing up at the
  10. Bugger, yes and it's three days, sorry we won't be able to use the gift cards.
  11. Yes, sorry missed that I hadn't added you, accepted now.
  12. Yes, passing on keys is fine.
  13. Yeah should be no problem.
  14. JPR

    Formula One - 2020

    I retained the title. I got a little nervous towards the end thanks to Hamilton and constantly questioning Stroll. You definitely kept me more honest than Bottas did Hamilton.
  15. After 50 odd hours this felt a very Souls way to get the platinum.
  16. Has anyone tried Project Wingman, an Ace Combat inspired flight action game that looks pretty promising and a decent price?
  17. It's that time of year again the 10th Steam Secret Santa; 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. As with the last few years I need to buy the games to send them directly to keep everything secret. The easiest way is to use the Digital Gift Cards to send me Steam wallet funds that I can then use to buy the gifts. One limitation is there's no option to send a specific amount, it's multiples of 4 and 10, you also can't use current wallet funds to buy them. We can also use PayPal gift or bank transfer, as these will require some more organisation would be
  18. Yes, yes it is and for our 10th year.
  19. Great news, I knew I should have collected the rest before moving onto NG+.
  20. Yes, I'm finding it a bit too big and bulky. It doesn't sit in my hands as perfectly as the DS4 does, sticks and L1/R1 aren't as well placed or comfortable. It's also pretty solid and heavier which I don't think helps, especially if I'm holding it tighter. My hands do ache after using it, tech side is great but comfort wise it's a disappointment. Also does anyone else's rattle under strong vibration? I think it's the buttons moving in position, just played a bit of Borderlands 3 and it's quite loud and not really what you want to hear.
  21. It's a video of what you're doing before and after the trophy, so the final moments of a boss kill in Demon's souls. Much better than the endless black screen shots when nobody thought to time the trophy pop. It's just they could quickly start to add up and space is at a premium, would be fine if you could set media stuff to be saved to the external drive.
  22. Have the trophy video clips been mentioned? Just noticed that it automatically makes a 15 sec clip when you get a trophy, I like them but they take up a fair bit of space. My Astro's playroom media folder is nearly 500MB and I've only got 15 trophies. You can transfer them to USB or turn them off via Captures and Broadcasts in the settings.
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