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  1. IGN Interview Enjoyed the Toukiden games so interested in seeing how this turns out.
  2. Maybe the patch notes will say we've added a hundred events so you can actually use all these cars and get decent rewards, yeah probably not. Maybe we'll finally be able to sell cars if we're lucky and get another mystery handling/physics change.
  3. Apart from the broken Tomahawk I don't think I've used the any VGTs outside of the cafe menu, just don't see the appeal of them. The Nations race today was fantastic, the Supra GT500 was a joy to drive around Suzuka, a perfect match for the S curves. Almost a shame I had a good result first time out so I didn't race again, would be a great daily race. A bit early but I'll take it, daily roulette had trained me to expect something cheap that I already own, saying that I did get 1m credits today.
  4. That's the weak old light side Palit, they've brought a new level of brillance with absolute dark power this time, it cares not for mothers, just to crush other cards dreams and your foot if you drop it out the box.
  5. Bionic Shark fans, Dark obelisks and heat sinks that affect gravity itself don't come cheap.
  6. Scaffolding sold separately. Looking at these prices I think I'll forget about swapping a 3060 Ti for a 4070.
  7. On the dashboard go to the Playstation Plus section scroll down and there's a "Last chance to play.”
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